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December 05, 2023 12:56 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

–Aldous Huxley


13 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. We’ve deployed a large number of fixes to the site in the last 24 hours which users should notice from faster performance to restored navigation options. Please shift refresh to ensure you’ve got the latest version and continue to complain vigorously until everything works to your satisfaction.

  2. Yesterday, the site wouldn't even load, got a "server has stopped responding" message, thought I didn't try Chrome yesterday. And while the site does now come up using Safari, I can't sign in. I had to go through Chrome to get here and be able to sign in and comment. Not my preference as it would be so much easier to just use Safari but this site doesn't seem to like Apple devices or the browser.

    I haven't tried to reply to a comment or to post a link or photo on Chrome, so don't know if that's fixed for me or not.

    I realize a lot work has gone into the redesign and continued operation of the site and I thank you for giving us all a place to connect, vent and discuss all things political.

    1. I had problems commenting yesterday but did a command-shift-r refresh-type thing and it started working. That's probably not optimal every time there's a problem but it has helped me a few times recently.

  3. RUN, LIZ, RUN?

    Liz Cheney weighs third-party US presidential run, says Trump threatens democracy (

    I usually don't endorse third party or independent candidates because more often than not, they take votes away from the Democratic, not Republican, nominee. Ross Perot in '92 was one of the rare exceptions when he took votes away from the GOP candidate.

    But I'm guessing that if she acts as an outlet where those few remaining non-MAGA Republicans can plant their votes, then maybe she can help Biden get re-elected.

    Maybe our resident non-MAGA Republican, CHB, can weigh in on this question. What goes through the mind of your typical non-MAGA Republican these days?

    1. I have no idea how Cheney running would NOT take away some anti-Trump voters who could swallow hard and vote for Biden. 

      She could use her time better with a general endorsement of Anybody But Trump and then going after members of the House who voted against certifying the 2020 election. 

      1. Liz Cheney, interviewed by Rachel Maddow, dropped like an asteroid into the ocean of cable chatter. She was promoting her book "Oath and Honor", about events leading up to January 6, and the shameful GOP CYA that followed. And the ripples of that impact  are still spreading. 

        It's worth watching, if you missed it last Monday. Those readers who are allergic to Maddow's lengthy lead-ins can skip the first 5 minutes of Rachel gushing about how weird it is that she and Cheney are united against Trump Reloaded. Said Cheney," It's pretty weird."

    2. I have no idea how Cheney running would NOT take away some anti-Trump voters ….  

      This is odd … I couldn’t comment on Firefox, so I logged in on Chrome. Good news was I could comment.
      Bad news is that the comment loaded twice.  

    3. I prefer your shorter name of Repeal and Replace. Takes less time to type out. What goes through my mind as a non-MAGA Republican is keep on truckin’. Stay in the trenches and keep up the good fight. As I have time, I post replies on Yahoo threads. Now that the MAGA nonsense is coming to Jefferson County, I’ll be examining ways to get more engaged here. As I see it, our R county chair refusing to certify election results is an attempt to dis-enfranchise Republican voters who don’t support Trump and election deniers.

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