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November 29, 2023 10:29 AM UTC

We're Slowly Becoming Less Broken

  • by: Colorado Pols

The past few weeks since our switch to a new site design for the first time in ten years have been challenging to say the least, and we appreciate our loyal readers’ patience and help troubleshooting as we continue to finish building the proverbial plane in mid-flight. We continue to work through a long list of needed fixes and enhancements with our developers, who have been working primarily during the overnight hours to make changes–which may explain certain errors some users have received during those hours.

Commenting: After several weeks of wrangling we believe the comment editor system signed in users can see below is functional in all browsers with a greater range of features than before. Comment “threading” or reply indentation now also works in all browsers. If you’re not seeing these updates, please shift+refresh to ensure you’ve got the latest version of the site loaded.

My Account/login issues: Many users have had trouble logging in over the past few days due to changes in the code for the login page. This should be resolved, but there is still an issue with logged-in users being directed to pages where they don’t appear logged in. In this case, shift+refresh has cleared up the problem temporarily and we’ll have it permanently fixed soon.

Site periodically loading broken: We apologize for this side-effect of updates to the live server that take time to be recognized by all browsers. This should decrease over time, should you encounter a visibly broken page please take a screenshot and send us a message, then shift+refresh to ensure you’re loading the latest version of the site.

Homepage navigation and categories: The “Top Users” sidebar on the homepage will soon be replaced with category indexes about 2024 races and issues as soon on the old site. The “Recent Posts” feed will be expanded to accommodate this additional navigation, as well as changes to the footer navigation to allow easier access to more content from the homepage.

Search: Slowly improving the format of the search results page. This is a top priority.

Slow page loads: We are continuing to restore traffic management which was in place on the former site, and slow page loads are mostly confined to the homepage itself which we are working to address.

Still need your feedback: Readers are overall doing an excellent job in helping us troubleshoot, and please continue to provide feedback as we work out remaining issues. It has taken longer than we originally anticipated to solve the many unexpected problems we encountered switching to the new design, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We–or at least our hardworking developers–won’t rest until they’ve all been addressed to your satisfaction.

It’s not true, they get to rest. But you know what we mean.


7 thoughts on “We’re Slowly Becoming Less Broken

  1. When we're in a post - like this one (We're Slowly Becoming . . . ) - on the old site we were able to connect directly to another post in the right side bar, instead of clicking Home then another post. Will that feature return?

    1. Yes. Once we have those navigation "widgets" set up for the homepage they'll be in the side column of individual posts as well. We recognize these were heavily used for navigation. 

  2. The color contrast for links in post content is way too low. #d7bf89 on a #ffffff background is a contrast ratio of only 1.79. It should be at least 4.5 : 1 for AA accessibility requirements, and better is 7 : 1 for AAA compliance. Also, it’s usually not best practice to have content links that are not underlined, especially if you’re using a non-standard color for the links. 

    Also: I second that the site is not working properly on Firefox on a MacBook. On Firefox, when I log in and try to submit a comment, I can never get past the anti-spam ‘request’ field and recaptcha (which, btw, feels very user-hostile since supposedly I’ve already logged in). 


  3. Welcome to Apple 1990 PTA Newsletters!

    Check out the new options for decorating my posts!

    I can click on all kinds of mysterious icons, make flags and mountains and little grids. I can even do an Omega, and insert malicious code!


    1. Commenting is still kind of haphazard. “Leave comment” doesn’t work unless one also picks either text or visual. Even then, sometimes the comment box does not appear.

      What I was going to say before all that:
      Hal ( from 2001: A Space Odyssey):

      HAL: [on Dave’s return to the ship, after he has killed the rest of the crew] Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

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