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November 27, 2023 11:27 AM UTC

End-Stage Election Denial Grips Colorado Republicans

  • by: Colorado Pols

As Colorado Newsline’s Sara Wilson reported before the holiday break, the Colorado Republican Party’s Chairman of the Ballot and Election Security Committee, a position originally offered to indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters now held by no-less infamous election denier and January 6th insurrection spectator former state Rep. “Raging” Ron Hanks, sent a letter to county election canvassing boards urging them to refuse to certify the results of this year’s elections.

But wait, you’re rightly asking–didn’t Republicans win the top-line measure on this year’s ballot, Proposition HH, by a wide margin in a fairly typical conservative-friendly low turnout off-year election?

In an email sent to GOP supporters on Nov. 22, former state Rep. Ron Hanks, who now serves as the party’s Ballot and Election Security Committee chairman, wrote that certifying the election would imply the party’s “acceptance of a disastrous process and declare we acquiesced to their systemic fraud and personal corruption.”

Coloradans voted on two statewide propositions and various local issues in the Nov. 7 election.

County canvass boards are made up of members from both parties and look at data to check for accuracy of election night results. They are in charge of certifying the official abstract of votes by reconciling the number of ballots counted with the number of ballots cast, and the number of ballots cast with the number of people who voted. It is typically a non-controversial and simple process…

In his letter to county canvass boards, Rep. Hanks makes it perfectly clear what’s driving his grievances over the 2023 election: that is, the 2020 election.

Nothing has changed since the 2020 elections. The voting equipment is the same, uncertified, Chinese-built electronics with built-in internet capability. They are not “secure” by any national security definition of the word. [Pols emphasis]

Colorado’s voter rolls remain a playground for election-manipulators, despite Judicial Watch’s lawsuit and victory over Soros-funded, partisan-hack Jena Griswold, Colorado’s dismal Secretary of State. As an example, please consider the 30,000 non-citizens who were sent notices and instructions on how to register and vote by Jena Griswold and her team…

Nothing has changed to make elections more accurate and transparent, and the canvass board has been made irrelevant. So why should any Patriot certify such a rigged system?

But again, Proposition HH went Republicans’ way. Isn’t that the most important proof point there is?

Some citizens suggest since Proposition HH, the attack on our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights authored by Jared Polis and his tax-and-spend socialist friends failed this election cycle, we should not pursue or press the issue. In their eyes, we won, so we should not “rock the boat” – even though our grievances have not been adequately addressed for several election cycles.

And there we have it, folks–even though the 2023 elections in Colorado (unlike much of the country) were on balance good for Republicans, because the “Big Lie” that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential elections has not “been adequately addressed,” no one can trust the results of elections ever again–even elections they win. We’ll concede that this is a somewhat more logically consistent viewpoint than the usual practice of only accepting favorable election results. If Kari Lake had come out on top in the race for Arizona governor last year by a single vote, we’re pretty sure she would have clung to that one-vote victory to the bitter end. But not Ron Hanks, who has now so totally convinced himself despite any evidence that American elections are rigged he cannot, as they say, “take the win” when his side earns one.

Now that this has been announced as the official position of the Colorado Republican Party’s “election security” department, every Republican running for office in 2024 needs to answer some hard questions, and not just whether they plan to accept the election results even if they lose. The bar is now, will you dispute the results even if you win?

If you still believe the “Big Lie” three years on despite the lack of any evidence ever having emerged, it’s the only principled position–even if it means you can never accept an election result again. If you’re a Republican candidate in 2024 hoping to “move on” from 2020, however, be advised that the Colorado Republican Party is not going to let it happen.

It’s 2020 yesterday, today, and forever.


8 thoughts on “End-Stage Election Denial Grips Colorado Republicans

  1. Interesting, tried to log in on the home page several times, and it wouldn’t go through. Frustrated, I gave up and just clicked on this story as a visitor. And now, I’m logged in. Also, when the site first came up, it looked like something still under construction.

    Guess you’re still working on some bugs?

    1. Yes, this is a known bug in the login page we are working to correct. It does not appear to affect all users, and the solution is to shift+refresh once you've logged in. Sorry for the inconvenience and we'll get it fixed.

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