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October 17, 2023 03:10 PM UTC

Colorado GOP: No On Prop HH Or The Terrorists Literally Win

  • by: Colorado Pols
It sounds crazy, but hear Colorado GOP chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams out.

After several days of controversy over newly-appointed Democratic Rep. Tim Hernandez’s initial refusal to condemn violence perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli civilians at a pro-Palestinian rally a week ago last Saturday, Hernandez offered what’s generally been accepted as a thoughtful and sincere apology acknowledging the pain his omission of Israeli suffering had caused and promising to do better in the future.

Rep. Hernandez was deservedly criticized on both sides of the aisle, and his apology didn’t make any partisan distinctions about who may have been offended. Although Hernandez’s apology seems to have been accepted among his Democratic colleagues, Republicans have continued to demand Hernandez’s resignation or expulsion with no acknowledgment of his apology whatsoever.

In fact, it’s pretty clear at this point that an apology is the last thing Republicans wanted from Hernandez, having found a better use for him as a vehicle for much broader political demonization. In an email blast today, Colorado Republican Party chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams somehow managed to turn Tim Hernandez’s view of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict into…we have to let you read it for yourselves, because you wouldn’t believe us otherwise:

How can you trust Colorado Democrats on Prop HH if they can’t get right something as basic as opposing political violence? [Pols emphasis]

Here’s the deal, if Colorado Democrats don’t have the honesty or integrity to condemn something so plainly evil as terrorism against Israel and their own party members who support it like “Hamas” Hernandez, then you can’t count on them to shoot straight with you about any other issue… especially Prop HH.

Unfortunately, this is the result of unchecked one-party rule from radical Democrats in Colorado…

This could be the first time in the history of Colorado politics that a property tax relief measure has been equated with actual according-to-Hoyle terrorism. We’re pretty sure not even Doug Bruce himself, who made a career out of being as offensive as possible, could have managed this wild-eyed free-association crackpottery with a straight face. Which continues:

We need balance in government now, and a good first step is voting “no” on Prop HH. We need to reject Jared Polis and Colorado Democrats’ attempt to deceive you… otherwise they will do it again election after election.

After this November, we then need to unify and defeat all the tax-hiking terrorist sympathizers like “Hamas” Hernandez, and all the elected Democrats who enable them, before it’s too late.

Please get your ballots in by November 7th, and encourage your friends and neighbors to reject Prop HH.

And there you have it, folks. The Colorado Republican Party has just turned the fight over a property tax measure into a proxy for the global war against terrorism! In a business where lunatic hyperbole is too often the rule and not the exception, this jaw-dropping leap of illogic still somehow manages to stand out. They’ve taken a justifiable point of criticism and overstated it to the point of blathering nonsense. Why would anyone take Colorado Republicans seriously regarding Proposition HH–or Hamas–ever again?

A textbook example of punching one’s self out.


13 thoughts on “Colorado GOP: No On Prop HH Or The Terrorists Literally Win

  1. A few factual points of order – "Colorado Democrats" didn't put Hernández in office, that was 39 votes from a vacancy committee. Plus, Hernández wasn't even in office when Democratic legislators voted to put HH on the ballot.

    On the other hand, Hernández did commit sort of an unforced error last Saturday, handing Williams who is…not actually a genius…double alliteration points on a messaging Scrabble board.

  2. This is stupid layered with stupid with nonsensical stupid on the side.

    It's like saying "If you've ever enjoyed any Johnny Cash song then you celebrate the killing of people from Reno for no good reason (stupid) therefore you're probably lying about the last time you got your tires replaced on your car (layered stupid). Can we really trust murder sympathizers who put the public at risk by driving on bald tires?! What else are you hiding? (nonsensical stupid)"

    What makes this EVEN WORSE is that it's not just some random newbie Republican saying this. This is the leader of the Colorado GOP saying this!! FFS!

  3. I’ve explained Williams like this to people:

    A GOP chairman has four tiers competence

    Tier 0: Don’t say anything insanely stupid that embarrasses GOP nationally. 

    Tier 1: Ensure party performs all statutorily required tasks to make clear it will be on ballot

    Tier 2: Invest in items like polling/data analysis/fundraising so that party is able to compete with Democrats in longterm 

    Tier 3: Invest in items like polling/data analysis/fundraising so that party is able to exceed Democrats in longterm 

    Of these tiers of competence, what tier do you think Dave Williams is at?

  4. "result of unchecked one party rule from radical Democrats……"

    Maybe Dave's time might be better spent in trying to figure out why so many Republicans don't support him and his MAGA / Putinista ways. Lots of Rs sitting on the sidelines these days.,

    1. It's truly gobsmacking, CHB.  I know many "traditional" Rs who are done with the MAGAs, and are keeping their checkbooks shut.  They miss the days of reaching across the aisle and compromise, and respectful disagreement.  


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