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October 12, 2006 09:45 PM UTC

Voting your conscience. 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats from whom to choose to vote in 5th CD race.

  • by: DemoGirl

Hey!  Maybe the Big Line needs adjustment in the 5th CD for the other candidates that are running. 🙂

But, guys like John Wesley Anderson, Republican, that don’t want to and will not vote for Dirty Doug Lamborn have options on voting their consciences.  Ditto for any Democrats not wanting to vote for Fawcett but want to vote Democrat.  You can vote a straight party ticket (Republican or Democrat) and be honest about saying you voted a straight party ticket and do so without voting for either Lamborn or Fawcett.  You just vote for a write-in candidate from your party.

There are the following write-in candidates:

  Write-in; (Republican)  Richard D. Hand
  Write-in; (Republican)  Gregory S. Hollister
  Write-in; (Democratic)  Brian X. Scott

Republican Hand even has a website: http://www.whoisrich…


4 thoughts on “Voting your conscience. 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats from whom to choose to vote in 5th CD race.

  1. Brian Scott attempted to get on the ballot at the assembly. I heard his speech and thought he was at the wrong state assembly. I was just sure he meant to the GOP assmebly instead. I don’t remember all of his rant, but I do remember he is anti-choice, anti-equality, and anti-labor.

    1. It’s a good idea to let each party’s members know who they have as alternatives for whom to vote for within their own party if they’re not satisfied with their party’s primary winner.  There are a lot of Republicans, for example, who cannot bring themselves to vote for Fawcett and will vote for Lamborn . . . but only because they’re not informed of the candidates running as write-ins as Republicans.  It’s a conscience soothing alternative that gives them honor in voting for their party’s candidates even though not their party’s winner in the primary. 

    2.   card-carrying union member for 6 years.  I’m no longer in a field that’s organized, but my wife is a union member.  How does that compare to other candidates ? 

        And I’m pro-equality.  I’m also opposed to calling gay relationships by the name “marriage,” but that is not an equality issue. 


        Colonel Fawcett is campaigning now as a “moderate.”  He made the switch after his polling said that an extremely progressive liberal could not win in this district.  He won the assembly by supporting gay marriage and greater access to abortion.  He took down his positions on abortion and gay marriage from his website when he saw his own polls in May, positions fairly characterized as extremely progressive liberal.  You can fool some of the people …

        You might have mentioned that I’m the only candidate of the 5 who is not for “stay the course.”  This election could have been about leadership, integrity and stopping the war.  But it didn’t turn out that way. 

        I’m running because I can stop the carnage in western Iraq.  Stop it cold.  I’ve got a plan, and it’s to turn over control of local communities to local leaders, and do it now.  They’re ready.  But they will end up being anti-imperialists, and “stay the course” pushes that eventuality down the road.  So thousands more die so that certain politicians can deny responsibility.  A vote for Jay or any other candidate is a vote to stay the course. 

        A vote for me is a vote to win the best outcome that’s still possible in Iraq. 

  2. http://www.gazette.c
    See above article in full, excerpts are below:

    “I think it’s devastating to what’s his name, Lamborn,” said Paul Talmey, with Talmey-Drake Research and Strategy, Inc., of Boulder.

    “What he’s really saying is don’t vote for anybody in the 5th Congressional,” he said. “I don’t know if (Fawcett) needs Republicans to vote for him, but if he has Republicans that are not voting for Lamborn, that could make the difference.”

    Saying he was “astounded” by the statement, Talmey added, “That statement is painful for Lamborn. That reduces the pool for Lamborn, and they can have quite an effect, if it happens in large numbers. By saying, ‘I can’t endorse Lamborn, I’m really 50 percent endorsing Fawcett.’ The effect is the same.”

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