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October 12, 2023 12:25 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.


18 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

    1. It's a good idea, LB, so they'd never do it. It could be an audition for the people who have their hands up for the job, and just maybe, someone else might emerge as a better choice. 

    1. Disastrous Biden border crisis, big city Dems turning against him. Inflation unabated and gas prices rising. Continuing gaffes clearly evidence serious cognitive decline. Recent poll of Democrats 67% don't want him to run.

      Stevie Wonder could see that coming.


      1. Completely disagree with you it's almost like you are trying to sell a narrative. Inflation is down and compared to other nations low. Gas prices are down if they were really bad people would stop buying jacked up trucks and SUVs. Did you watch Bidens most recent speech? Stop being a bedwtter Biden is going exceptionally well. 

        1. How’s BoBo’s #GoWokeGoBroke thingy working out?  

          You probably have read a lot of stuff about how the right-wing boycott of @budlight has destroyed Anheuser-Busch's buisness.

          So you might be surprised to learn that the companies stock prices has gone UP 19.3% over the last year

    2. It is amazing other polls have Biden and Trump running within 2 points to each other and Emerson has Trump up 9points. It also has Casey winning but by a significantly lower margin than others show. It's almost as though outlier polls are being put out to draw down the average of all polls to affect coverage? 

  1. Nobel Prize for Economics goes to Claudia Goldin for her work on women's economic role. Noah Smith.

    In any case, Claudia Goldin’s Nobel is richly deserved. She demonstrated a new way to do economics — bringing together a large number of different methods, theories, and data sources to attack one very big, very difficult question. As she puts it, this is economics as detective work

    But Goldin’s research is about more than just understanding the past; it’s about changing the future. There’s a pretty universal tendency to attack social problems like gender inequality head-on — to shout about them and lament them and march in the street. Sometimes this works very well, sometimes not. Goldin showed that this direct approach can be complemented by a coolly intellectual one that attempts to understand social problems at their functional level. By understanding how that technology and supply and demand and incentives complement things like social norms and laws, we can improve our ability to reshape the world to our liking. Knowledge, after all, is power.

    his sort of integrated, eclectic approach is important because the phenomenon of women’s changing role in the workforce is a highly complex one, with a lot of moving parts. There’s the impact of broad “structural” shifts in the economy — the change from agriculture to manufacturing to service industries. There are policy changes like expanded education that affect women’s opportunities in the workplace, and there technological innovations like the birth control pill and home appliances that affect the tradeoff between work and family life. There are social movements like feminism and political changes like anti-discrimination law. All of these things happen at the same time, and they all interact. 

    If there’s a simple story that emerges from Goldin’s body of work, it’s that the main thing that affects women’s economic situation is the tradeoff between the workplace and the family. If the economy is one that forces people to choose one or the other, it’s going to be harder for women to work. The industrial age, when working meant long hours in a factory far away from home, housework was a huge chore, family planning was difficult, education was rare, and families passed on traditions of separated gender roles, made it uniquely difficult for women to go out and earn a living in the marketplace. The new service economy, with all the new technological and cultural innovations of the past century, has made it more possible to take care of a family and still go out and have a job. And thus it is that we live in a much more gender-equal age.

    But “more gender-equal” doesn’t mean that inequality has been conquered. One of Goldin’s most famous papers, a 2010 study with Katz and Marianne Bertrand, found that women still face somewhat of a choice between child-rearing and careers. Following the careers of MBAs from a top business school, they found that motherhood was correlated with interrupted careers and shorter working hours — factors that statistically explain most of the remaining gender wage gap. 

    1. "Nattering nabobs"!

      Hat tip to someone who can actually quote Spiro Agnew! The full alliterative insult was "nattering nabobs of negativism."

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