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July 14, 2023 2:50 pm MST

Scott James Launches CO-08 Campaign Into Brick Wall

  • by: Colorado Pols
Weld County Commissioner and new CO-08 candidate Scott James shown here trying to hold in a fart.

The Colorado Democratic Party today announced a new campaign effort — dubbed “The Horizon Project” — to protect incumbent Democratic Rep. Yadira Caraveo in CO-08 (Northern Colorado). According to a press release:

The Colorado Democratic Party, in collaboration with Attorney General Phil Weiser, is launching an unprecedented new effort to train and deploy organizers in Colorado’s Eighth Congressional District (CO-8). This unprecedented investment of resources and training will put skilled organizers on the ground over a year ahead of the 2024 General Election, and in advance of this fall’s critical elections across the district…

…Despite our great successes in 2022, thousands of registered Democrats who typically vote in every election did not vote that year. This program will be especially dedicated to ensuring that these voters are reactivated in time to participate in local elections this fall, and also prepared to vote in 2024’s election.

This is a well-timed kickoff considering the recent movement that we have seen in CO-08 on the Republican side of the ledger. Earlier this week, 2022 Republican candidate Barbara Kirkmeyer announced that she would NOT be running for Congress again in 2024 despite losing to Caraveo by less than 2,000 votes last November. Kirkmeyer decided to bow out of the race in part because Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams threatened to find a Libertarian candidate to oppose Kirkmeyer if she had decided to run.

Kirkmeyer was the second of the several 2022 Republican candidates to decide not to run again in 2024, joining Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann on the sidelines. Kulmann provided a particularly lame excuse to Colorado Community Media regarding her decision to skip the race in 2024:

“I am not doing it because I am not a partisan politician. That is the lesson I learned running for Congress,” Kulmann said…

…“I thought being a mayor, I could bring non-partisan politics to Congress and I was wrong. Nobody wants that. They wanted a show and that’s not who I am. So I enjoy being the mayor because it has not been partisan.”

There will be no Caraveo/Kirkmeyer rematch in 2024.

This is, of course, very silly. Kulmann is the very definition of a “partisan politician” — she finished behind Kirkmeyer in last June’s Republican Primary, for crying out loud — and there’s no way she actually believes that nonsense line that SHE could bring “non-partisan politics to Congress.”

Anyway, all of this brings us to Weld County Commissioner Scott James, who announced this week that he is running for the Republican nomination in CO-08. As Ernest Luning reports for the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman:

The veteran radio personality and chairman of the county GOP filed paperwork for the seat hours after Republican state Sen. Barb Kirkmeyer, who narrowly lost the election to Caraveo last year, announced that she won’t seek a rematch and will instead run for reelection to the legislature.

“I am running for Congress because I believe in my fellow Coloradans,” James said in a statement. “I believe in our rugged individualism and the dreams we have for our families. I believe in our commitment to freedom and the rule of law. I believe we deserve a government that is as good as the people it is elected to serve.”

James co-hosts Scott and Sadie, a popular weekday morning radio show on Big 97.9 FM, a country music station that broadcasts in northern Colorado. He won reelection last year to a second term on the county commission after serving four terms on the Johnstown town council and one term as the town’s mayor. [Pols emphasis]

Make sure you read that last paragraph before we move along any further…

Got it? Okay, here’s what James said next:

“I’m not a politician. I’m just a guy who has been given a gift to communicate and a calling to serve.”


James was elected to the Johnstown City Council in 2002 and was re-elected three more times before winning a race for Mayor and then running for Weld County Commissioner. He won a second term as Commissioner in 2022.

This is a ridiculous statement to make, but James is quite skilled at saying stupid crap.

As Luning continues:

Caraveo’s campaign declined to comment on James’ candidacy, but Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Shad Murib didn’t hesitate to lob some attacks.

“Scott James has said that women having the freedom to make their own health care choices caused ‘the rapid decline of civilization,’ and even supports sheriffs skirting their responsibility to enforce life-saving gun safety laws,” Murib told Colorado Politics in a text message.

Murib was referring to remarks James made as a talk radio host more than a decade ago and James’ support for a resolution declaring Weld County a “Second Amendment sanctuary,” allowing its law enforcement officers to refuse to enforce certain state gun laws. [Pols emphasis]

You are cleared for…gah! Abort! Abort!

James has had a long career as a radio host, and he is currently a morning DJ/host on Big 97.9, a country music station in Northern Colorado. As former Republican candidate George Brauchler can tell you, running for office after spending years spewing idiotic statements on the radio normally ends up biting you in the ass.

Here’s what The Colorado Sun had to say about James in its “Unaffiliated” newsletter:

We’re sure plenty more will come out about James as the 2024 election cycle heats up. Democratic consultant Logan Davis posted on Twitter, in reaction to James’ campaign announcement, that Republicans “still haven’t figured out how to vet.” Some Democratic leaders were already starting to circulate opposition research on Thursday.

From what we hear (and what everyone else hears, apparently), James is gift from the opposition research gods. This alone would be bad enough news for Republicans, but James’ kickoff statements seem to indicate that he is always more than willing to say whateverthefuck pops into his head.

This is not would we would call a recipe for electoral success for Republicans. Then again, neither was selecting Dave Williams to be the Chair of the Colorado Republican Party.

Perhaps the Colorado GOP can go with a new slogan for 2024: “Together, Into the Abyss!”


14 thoughts on “Scott James Launches CO-08 Campaign Into Brick Wall

  1. With Dave Williams as COGOP chair, vetting isn't a priority, unless it's vetting for the true believers in fascism.  Not their record, nor their electability.

  2. Even as we speak, I'm betting someone is turning all of the podcasts of Scott and Sadie into searchable text.  Someone else will be looking at all of the votes he's cast as part of the county commission and Johnstown town council, and his actions and statements as mayor.  Personally, I was struck by his website's statement that government budgets ought to be like a family's budget. Wonder if anyone will ask if Social Security recipients ought to be like some grandmothers, dependent on charitable donations.

  3. I guess it's a sign of the current state of the Republican party in Colorado, that James' twitter announcement and his website don't share his party affiliation. 

  4. we must assume that any republican, national or local, is some kind of crook, criminal, pervert, or insurrection loving russian dupe…republicans are the enemy of our nation…I am pretty much done talking to magas…all they want to do is lie, then fight about it…they can fuck off and die, or they can leave America…their choice…

    1. “they can f**k off and die, or they can leave America…their choice….”

      How do you propose to force them to leave America? Asking for a friend.

      1. I was at our county fair today and dealt with some individuals who came by the Dems booth to insult. I asked one person if she wanted to have a conversation instead and she just went on spewing beatitudes for her beloved leader. Hard to have a conversation when there is no intent to actually listen. This causes hardened attitudes on all sides. It's easy to talk to people who share your values but talking to people who worship another human is virtually impossible.

          1. Thanks kw. I was really unprepared to deal with Trumpers showing up at the booth and wanting to 'own a liberal'.

            Polite requests for them to go down to the Republican booth were ignored.

            The central focus of their actions was to get into a Biden/Trump comparison with Biden being the senile bad guy.

            I have thought about it a lot since yesterday and my take away is that you don't want to go there with them. They are robots with memorized 'facts' and beliefs and it is impossible to have a genuine conversation with them because all they want to do is promote Trump as their messiah.

            Next time, I'm going to ask them about their dogs or how they want to protect the earth from a changing climate. Probably won't work either but better than getting involved with a bizarre Trump vs Biden comparison.

            1. I did similar  table work at county fairs in CD4 in 2015-17. Perhaps the political climate was a bit less toxic then, ( pre-or early Trump presidency), but most people were not actually hostile, even if they disagreed. We Dems had a fabulous, active chair who excelled at grass roots organizing. It helped that everyone around knew her and her family, and I probably taught their kids at one of the schools.

              It's the same small-town dynamic that keeps people from being really rude on the road or in stores – you probably know each other or families somehow. I kind of miss that now that I'm back in the big Anonymous.

              The guy in the booth next  to ours taught me to polka…sort of. blush He had amazing moves.

  5. “I’m not a politician. I’m just a guy who has been given a gift to communicate and a calling to serve.”  Translation–I'm an arrogant prick and need to be loved by the masses. 

  6. I'm guessing the oppo researchers are going to find a treasure trove of comments by James regarding immigration and immigrants in his podcasts. This in a district that was created with minority representation in mind.

    1. Maybe there is something in the Weld County water. One would think the IQ level there should be higher, since there is a major university in the county.

        1. Spot on, westslope. My brother wanted to teach, so he did his BS in Greeley. Then he moved to Pueblo for his MA. It ain't just the livestock creating that stench.

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