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July 12, 2023 03:37 AM MDT

Kirkmeyer Out In CD-8 After Williams' Friendly Fire

  • by: Colorado Pols
Sen. Barb Kirkmeyer (R).

Breaking news this morning from Colorado Public Radio’s Caitlyn Kim and Bente Birkeland, reporting that 2022 CD-8 Republican nominee Barb Kirkmeyer will not be coming back in 2024 for a rematch:

“My passion has always been for Colorado. In 2024, I believe the best way for me to serve our great state is to run for reelection to the State Senate,” she said in a press release. Kirkmeyer added that despite encouragement from supporters to run for Congress again, she made the decision after “careful consideration and deliberation.”

CO-08 is Colorado’s newest, and most competitive, congressional seat, with Democrats only holding a one point advantage. In 2022, Caraveo won by just over 1,600 votes, or .69 points. A Libertarian candidate in the race snagged over 9,000 votes, and was considered by many Republicans, including Kirkmeyer, to be a spoiler who contributed to the Democratic victory…

The 2022 CD-8 race, in which Libertarian candidate Dan Ward pulled in multiples of the margin of victory but Kirkmeyer also arguably lost on her own after running a dishonest and mean-spirited campaign, was cited as one of the biggest reasons why the Colorado Republican Party’s much-ballyhooed “deal” with Colorado Libertarians to cooperate in avoidance of spoiler situations was necessary. But it didn’t take long after the deal was publicized for Colorado Republican Party chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams to make it clear that it would only be operative with Republican candidates Williams personally approved of–and that doesn’t include Barb Kirkmeyer.

Yesterday, Williams once again turned his party-branded ire on Kirkmeyer yet again:

Kirkmeyer’s announcement comes only a day after she publically butted heads with the controversial and combative leader of the Colorado Republican party, Dave Williams.

The two got into a back and forth on Twitter after she retweeted a letter from the Colorado Log Cabin Republicans that criticized Williams for his homophobic and transphobic comments on Pride month.

“Here’s to finding a more constructive path to reach our goals!” Tweeted Kirkmeyer.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Kirkmeyer denies or downplays the hostility of the Colorado Republican Party’s chairman affecting her decision not to run for CD-8 again in 2024. That’s going to be the story. The 2022 nominee in one of the nation’s most competitive congressional races who lost by a very small margin was just bullied out of another run by the chairman of her own party.

Dave Williams claims he is intentionally not raising money for the Republican Party, and so far in his time in office has spent the undeniable majority of his time–and almost all of his earned media–attacking fellow Republicans instead of Democrats. When Williams does focus long enough to not eat his own, his outlandishly extreme appeals over wedge issues embarrass fellow Republicans to the point of apology.

If Williams was a deep-cover Democratic plant on a years-long mission to wreak maximum havoc within the Republican Party, we’d think we’d know about it. What we can say either way is the destruction Williams is accomplishing could only be done from inside.

Today, the biggest obstacle for Colorado Republican candidates is their own chairman.


16 thoughts on “Kirkmeyer Out In CD-8 After Williams’ Friendly Fire

  1. Williams just pushed out the Republican candidate with the best chance of winning CD-8. Rep. Caraveo thanks you Dave!

    Remember the last purge and what happened with Rep. Priola? How did that work out?

    Never interfere with an enemy when he's in the process of destroying himself…

    1. Kirkmeyer knew that Caraveo would be stronger the 2nd time around and decided to stick to a public service job that she could hold for another four years. Losing to Caraveo the 2nd time around would pretty much stick a fork in her aspirations to continue to make money off of organizations she hates.

  2. This is fantastic news! Dave "Let's eradicate Republicans from office" Williams will most definitely run an extremist who will get obliterated in a very competitive district.

    Thanks Dave!

    1. Colorado Sun said

      “Weld County Commissioner Scott James, another Republican, is now expected to enter the race.”

      If he does get in, I’m going to be interested in seeing how he translates his current statement on “Fiscal Responsibility” to a run for federal office:

      In almost all cases I believe that public debt is bad government and an undue burden on ourselves and future generations.

      Governments should manage their money like responsible families, living within their means, balancing their budget, saving for future wants and needs, and scrutinizing every expenditure to ensure it is of maximum benefit for the family. 

  3. This really is good news.

    I was going to have to split my in-state congressional donations between CD-8 and CD-3 but with the GOP conceding CD-8, I can send more to Adam Frisch instead of splitting it.

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