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July 10, 2023 12:20 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“A vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team.”

–John C. Maxwell


32 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. If they are going to freeze out 76% of the state from participating in their primaries, then they should not expect us to pick up the cost of running their primary.  Get the government out of their club elections.


    2. Rather than waste the taxpayers' money on a closed primary or even their own money on a closed primary, here's a much cheaper and MAGA-accurate way to select candidates in the Party of Trump.

      Everyone who wants to be the candidate for each respective office submits a letter of intent along with a certified check payable to Donald J. Trump or the Make America Great Again PAC in an amount which the candidate chooses to submit as a sealed bid by the deadline set by Mar-A-Lago. (We can call that deadline date the "primary date.")

      On primary night, the letters and bids are opened and FDFQ announces who won the GOP nomination for each office for which candidates were vying by declaring "You're nominated" or "You're a loser."

      Saves the taxpayers and the local party a lot of money.

    3. Extremist Republicans will try anything to make their minority views into regulations. This shows they're even willing to screw over other Republicans to do so…

      The amendment would make a nonvote by a member of the central committee an automatic “yes” vote on any action that requires the approval of at least 70% of the committee’s support to pass.

      No means no. Silence also means no. This is not hard.

  1. It is my sad duty to report that Dano died yesterday. His roommate found him unresponsive in his room. He'd had a heart valve replaced a couple of years ago, and he began walking with a cane last year. He was, at one time, the Secretary for the Denver Dems. 

      1. He was a judge for quite a long time. It was he who got us involved in politics and we, too, were judges back in the old days when we still had precinct elections. 

    1. Very sorry to hear this. Dano was a very reality-based poster on here, and, though we frequently disagreed on people or policies, Dano remained civil.

      1. Yeah, we're stunned but unsurprised. He'd been in a steady decline for a while. Karen was asked to be his personal representative, so she has a lot to do to settle his affairs. .

        1. Blessings on Karen for agreeing to take on the tasks of a personal representative.  I hope Dano was tidy in pulling together the details and left clear instructions. 

      1. That poor kid. Later on in life it will be Biden is bad because my parents told me Biden is bad. Not that I came to this conclusion after any independent careful thought, fact finding and research. Just pure indoctrination. Way to disadvantage your kid and start them on the road to fantasy land. Shameful.

    1. Now I have Lil Jon's "Get Low" stuck in my head with "He kicked me in my balls" replacing some of the lyrics.

      "From the windoooooow to the wall!"

  2. I got a free ticket to Sound of Freedom and ventured to see what beat Indiana Jones at the box office. It's a total con.

    While the movie itself does not directly tie to any political message outright, it's very much a part of the reactionary wish-fulfillment genre. I'll discuss the politics, distribution, and marketing after discussing the movie. Also, spoilers! Though if you've seen any movie in the last year, you know this plot: kids need to be rescued (Thor, Avatar, GoG vol 3).

    Spoiler: This movie stinks.

    The movie starts with a couple of Honduran kids who are kidnapped by a beautiful woman who had convinced their father they have a future in the entertainment business. We see them taking photos (if you've seen Toddlers in Tiaras, you've seen worse). The movie is PG-13 and relies on the audience's own imagination. This transitions to Ballard in the US, a DHS case officer working on child abuse cases. This is where the movie falls apart 15 minutes in. Jim Caviezel has… a very… whisperish, halting way of… communicating. We are given this brief glimpse of his family life where he intensely stares. That's the rest of the movie: intense staring and halting dialogue. We see his first brush against the underworld and the Byzantine, feckless federal government that employs him.

    This movie feels every bit of its 2 hours. In fact, if you need to go to the bathroom, get a drink, have a smoke, etc., you can! You won't feel like you missed much. The tone of the movie is uniform—no ups or downs—just a slow pace that is whispered, pause, whisper, intense look. This is… I think… I… I feel… because of Jim Caviezel's… acting ability… or lack thereof.

    He locates one child, the boy "teddy" we had seen earlier, and reunites him with the father but the sister is still missing. Ballard feels the US should have worldwide jurisdiction. DHS wants to pass it off to the Hondurans, but Ballard convinces his boss to let him act extrajudicially in Colombia to work on the case. There are two scenes with Mira Sorvino, one line of dialogue.

    It's been one hour into this two-hour movie, and we get the title. Vampiro, a cartel guy who buys kids and keeps them in a "safe safehouse," helps set up a sting. We see kids clapping on pillows and with their hands. Vampiro: "That is… the sound of freedom." Ballard: "Amen." Rather than mic the kids and hear the children's joy of being rescued—the so-called sound of freedom—the music soundtrack is turned up. It makes the scene about "amen" more than the kids being rescued.

    Ballard is unsatisfied having not rescued the right girl, so he goes further rogue. Vampiro and Ballard pose as doctors and find the girl. We then watch, along with the girl, as he brutally murders a man in front of her. They then escape the jungle camp with the girl, bringing her back to her Honduran home where she is left with a drum.

    The movie then ends with title cards: "There are more slaves than ever" and conflating all human trafficking with child sex abuse. "gods children can't be sold"

    Badly written, poorly paced, with bad acting and music of a woman wailing. Though I don't think that criticism goes far enough, if only because propaganda should be better…?

    Which brings us to why I called it a con and why I wanted to talk about the distribution. The film is from Angel Studios (you know, the totally not religious studio). They were the ones who beat "Black Adam" at the box office. Remember that? It wasn't really true then, and it's not true in this case either. Rather, the distribution company sells the idea to "pay it forward," convincing religious groups and churches to buy hundreds of tickets and individual consumers to buy extra tickets to give to others. Similar to NYT "Best Sellers," if you write a book, you find a rich person to buy loads of books to show it's popular.

    The other element is marketing by flooding right-wing media. The movie is right-wing propaganda and an entry into more extreme viewpoints. Of the YouTube reviews online I found only one person who talked about the film the vast majority talked about how the liberals don't want you to see this movie. 

    The movie itself is poor and a bad communicator of their political message rather it is the manipulation of the box office that allows them to pump the movie which is the opening to whisper andrinochrome, pizza, basements, think of the children. 

    Two stars JohnNorthofDenver says check it out. Then watch Triumph of the Will

  3. #Bidenomics 

    Biden’s Unheralded War on Poverty

    In classic Keynesian fashion, that bill greatly boosted the public’s purchasing power. It delivered a cash payment to citizens, and a monthly prepayment of a Child Tax Credit to families with children, which reduced the nation’s rate of child poverty by 40 percent. It loaned or gave money to businesses to keep their doors open and their workers employed. And with so much very needed money suddenly traversing the economy, the rate of unemployment dropped quickly to historic lows (it’s currently at 3.6 percent), far faster than in the previous two sluggish recoveries. As a result, workers in jobs that were unrewarding found a host of offers from employers desperate to staff up. Autor, Dube, and McGrew document that the workers who quit their jobs didn’t just quit; they overwhelmingly found new employment that paid better.

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