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June 28, 2023 12:31 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“He who waits to do a great deal of good at once will never do anything.”

–Samuel Johnson


41 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. I can handle idiots who are honest. The combo of corrupt, grifters, and idiots is what worries me most. Cheating and winning at any cost are symptoms of not valuing self, let alone the common good. 

    2. That day Anne Coulter and I found ourselves on the same side of the fence (although she’s as confused as a two-peckered billy goat 🐐 most days).

      But who knows? Maybe one day JFK, Jr. will walk onstage with Trump and Q will be vindicated?

      Sub-par Thinkers implode in Coinci-density

      Unable to win elections or leverage power, the rightist retreat into conspiratorial paranoia is end-stage cancer.

  1. PS I predict Trump is going to work a plea deal. Drop out of race.  VA meds are working especially well this am so thought I would drop that….LOL  

  2. We've always elected somewhat stupid people. Think Reagan over Carter. Bush, Jr. over Gore. Trump over Hillary Clinton. It's just gotten more extreme of late.

    Remember, nobody wants the smartest kid in the class to be president. They want someone they can image sitting down and having a drink with. 

    1. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS, you are on to something, I think.

      Obviously, we need to find the most popular person at a bar — probably a carefully selected one in a battleground state — to run for the Presidency.

      It would be much better than selecting the person popular at a cafe in Western Pennsylvania or Iowa, the people being the sources for NY Times and many other media outlets.

      1. So, what we need to do is find the smartest kid in the class who also happens to have been the football quarterback or the homecoming queen so we can blend popularity with brains.

  3. Is the term "trumped up charges" taking on a new meaning in light of current events? People have been saying that these are some of the best charges they have ever seen before, like no president has ever done before and with tears in their eyes they have been saying this because they have never seen such amazing charges.

  4. Geez, BimBoe, it’s a mystery!! (and likely false if it’s falling out of your pie hole). Maybe ask the Keystone Cops at Mar-a-Lardo how this works the next time you’re there? (unless Marge has had you blacklisted?!?)

    How quickly you’ve moved on from your New York wood-fired pizza rabbit hole.

    1. Well, I’m pretty sure Bimby’s name isn’t showing on any of the White House visitor logs? . . . 

      “. . . Which, wait, oh my dog, which can only mean one thing, that, wow, she’s a, oh my doggy dog, who’s secretly working for the . . . . . . “

      [FOXNews Bimby audition tape transcript number 12,763, take 28 — “Cut!!!! I said breathlessly. Jesus. Try it again more breathlessly this time, honey. Now, nod your head, I mean up and down, if you understand what breathlessly means.”]

      1. Her GED scores ( which she took in Spring 2020 after being urged to run for office following her "Hell No Beto" moment) were pretty decent. I've seen them. No, I can't share or link to that data.

        I don't agree with the prevailing notion that Boebert is stupid. Ignorant, narrow-minded, and bigoted, yes. But…She probably knows what "breathlessly" means.

        I just think she is selfish, attention-seeking, and a RWNJ.

            1. I do. I was two elective credits short at the end of my junior year and said “Screw it. I’m not coming back for that”. I wasn’t a social kid. I’d just come out, and was ready to get on with my life. I took the whole battery in one day (no prep) and said “See ya”. That was back in the early ’80s. I’m told they don’t score it that way anymore, but it ought to mean something to Kwtree that I got a 58 composite. Now, who here thinks I’m dumb?

              1. The only dumb thing in this thread is KT’s strained attempting from high atop her pedestal of seriously serious sensibilities and enlightenment to transform and twist my original less-than-serious Boebsie satire comments into a broad and biased full blown attack against any and all GED holders? But, she is, admittedly, so regularly still good for a chuckle.

                  1. SSDD


                    . . . like I’d be one to gratuitously dump on anything Britney Spears ever did, just for a cheap laugh???!!

                1. I teach GED and workplace preparation to formerly incarcerated people. My students dropped out to help their families, because of family trauma, or  for  their personal safety, or because of institutional racism or homophobia, or because of mental illness and drug addiction. As I said- a spectrum of reasons. 

                  Most were told , explicitly or implicitly, that they were stupid every day of their young lives. They say it to themselves now.

                  It’s my job and my joy to help them move beyond the constraints of the past, get that high school credential and open up possibilities in their lives.

                  Condescending a*holes like yourself still constantly put down anyone who does not have a diploma. It’s not a good look- definitely doesn’t make you smarter to put someone else less fortunate down.

                  Eventually, you’ll make the mistake of telling your “hilarious” anti-GED jokes to a boss or valued friend who graduated with a GED. That would be amusing. I’ll hope that happens.

                  1. FFS, and FU.  You, along with your perpetual and omniscient self-righteousness, are the one who made any of this all about G.E.D recipients.   If you will look — you probably won’t, because, why bother, you’ve already writ this story in your imagination, likely long before any of this happened — you might just notice I made no comment about G.E.Ds until you began your crusade, and the comments I have made have not been disparaging, except in your fevered imagination.

                    (And, well, of course this, and any comment ever made about anything, is all about you — like, what isn’t in this your universe?)

                    Boebert acts moronic and is reprehensible, despite any grade or certificate she may have ever received for anything.  Critically poking at her does not equal critically poking at all, or any other, G.E.D. recipients. (Nor is it a poke at: zebras, kumquats, the color mauve, toaster pastries, kittens, Italian automobiles, thermostats, or Will Ferrell and his movies (which almost all do suck, horribly, btw), etc., etc., etc., etc., . . . ). And Boebert, this one person, has been stupid (meaning, that is, acted stupidly) her entire life (mostly). But, that stupid preceded, and has persisted after, her certificate. Her G.E.D. is irrelevant to her stupidity and bears no relationship to it, neither cause nor effect, symptom nor disease.

                    But, you’re right about one thing, your acting stupidly by accusing what didn’t happen doesn’t make me or anyone else smarter here.  Find another windmill to hang your hopes and bile upon.

                    1. "along with your perpetual and omniscient self-righteousness"

                      Is it possible that "Washoping" is actually "Voyageur" communicating with us from the Beyond?

                    2. This is to LB:

                      If you have issues with me, man up and own them yourself. Voyageur and I were cool before his passing.  I doubt that he’d appreciate your continuing to bring up our old, resolved feud. 

                      I usually ignore your repetitive baiting, but did want to suggest you own your own biases. I could care less if you like me or my opinions, but I do value civil discourse, and trying to bring a dead person into an argument is not that.

                      As for “washoping”, my guess ( based on writing style and his bizarre feud with me) is that it’s Dio.

              2. In BoBo’s case it’s the “package deal”: hypocrisy, Q, every Tweet written as if she’s a clueless, middle school valley girl picking a fight, Magadonian all wrapped up in one. Mama’s list was impressive, yet that’s a list for which BoBo will never make the cut.

                She gives a bad name to the community, akin to what the White Prosperity Jesus crowd gives to Christianity and what Trump University gave to legitimate academics. Also, that “Dr” promoting the South Dakota Mt Rushmore loon I apologize if I’ve offended you; the two of you are simply not in the same league.  

                1. No problemo, Michael. And I’m not saying that Boebert is some kind of genius. . She isn’t, but she had at least the average intelligence to pass the GED tests respectably.

                   If anything, it’s even more reprehensible that Boebert probably has an inkling that what she is doing is harming the country, and doesn’t care. 

                  And no, GED exams aren’t equivalent to a good well-rounded education that prepares students to be informed citizens in a democracy. 

                  They’re not. She might have gotten that kind of education if Mom had stayed in Autora and Montbello. Less memorizing dates and battles, more discussion of causes and effects of wars and social movements.
                  But….Lauren’s family didn’t stay in Montbello – they moved to Silt, Lauren met Jayson, and the rest is, unfortunately, history. 

                  If I had had 17-year-old Lauren in class pregnant with 23 year old Jason‘s baby, I’d have tried to help her, ( either to stay in school or to take the GED) because that’s what teachers do. 

              3. A 45 composite would have been passing the tests, so a 58 was pretty decent for the entire battery with no prep! 
                And congrats for not dropping out and just disappearing, “ out of sight, out of mind” as so many gay and trans kids did back in the day. 

                These days, a passing score is 145. 
                Nobody here would say that you’re dumb.

                1. I knew you’d know what those scores were, kwtree. I took the tests as soon as they were offered in the fall after I turned 17 (the eligibility age then), so as to have done with it. As for the prep, one of the proctors asked if I’d taken any. I looked at him and said, “I just spent 11 years in this school system. If I can’t ace these tests, someone did a piss-poor job of teaching the classes (they mostly hadn’t). The look on his face was priceless. Then, he LAUGHED.

                2. Until we had the opportunity to highlight BoBo’s imaginary world with those in this one, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a conversation about GED. My own grandfather had only an eight grade education but was wildly successful.  Many farmboys in my generation chose Northeastern Junior College and came home. In those days (I’m dating myself) we had a strong emphasis on FFA/Vocational Agriculture and 4-H.  All of those gave us great life skills and taught responsibility to yourself and others. Boys had to take “family living” our senior year so we’d know how to sew, cook, balance books, etc. I feel like we all left high school with the ability to be successful in whatever path we chose. Boebert, while being a poster child of ignorance, buffoonery, willful and staged stupidity, and grifting gives a bad name to every student, like yours, who are looking for a better path and to reclaim their lives. 

  5. It has been 34 years since Yusef Salaam and four of his friend were accused of raping a woman in Central Park. It has been 34 years since Donald Trump took out a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for Yusef and his friends to be put to death. And last night, Yusef won his primary (and the race) to join the city council representing Brooklyn. 

    Exonerated member of ‘Central Park Five’ takes lead in New York City Council primary

    Salaam likened his youthful imprisonment to being “kidnapped,” but he also called his nearly seven years in prison a gift that allowed him to see a racially unjust criminal justice system from the “belly of the beast.”

    “I am here because, Harlem, you believed in me,” he said.

  6. Still no "Ukraine fatigue" in sight

     A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans back continued military aid to Ukraine, with majorities of Republicans (56 percent) and independents (57 percent) joining 81 percent of Democrats in favor of ongoing assistance. Two-thirds also say that they’re more likely to support a presidential candidate who backs military aid to Ukraine as well.

    Global opinions about America are largely positive

    Pew released a major new studyassessing global opinions of the United States across 23 different countries. Overall, they find largely positive views of America—59 percent of people across these nations hold a favorable view of the U.S. compared to only 30 percent with an unfavorable view. 

    Hungary is the only country surveyed where unfavorable opinions outweigh favorable ones.

    1. The Ukraine poll numbers are not good.

      Generally, "Independents" fall between the D and R numbers. So, if 56% of Republicans and 81 % of Democrats favor a position, "Independents" will generally come in around 68%. That indicates an issue that cannot be readily electorally exploited. In this case, the "Independents" are nearly identical to Republicans on support for Ukraine, which indicates that this is a potential wedge issue, and that Republicans can run on a light anti-Ukraine platform and possibly pick up "Independent" support.

        1. The likely Republican nominee for President is actively pro-Russian and anti-NATO and anti-Ukraine, so it is hardly implausible that the party will tack in an anti-Ukraine direction. The polling just indicates that they might not pay an electoral price, and actually might pick up "Independent" support, if they do.

          Or maybe you mean the polling results are implausible. They do seem strange to me.

  7. Who’d have thunk?!?

    The alleged whistleblower from the IRS against Hunter Biden isn't a whistleblower. He's a former  disgruntled IRS auditor that was passed up on a promotion. Attorney General Garland and IRS both confirm their allegations aren't true. That U.S. Attorney Weiss was given full authority to investigate and indict. 

  8. Bravado!

    That's Trump's latest defense explanation excuse whatever for the audiotape recording of him bragging about the secret plans to attack Iran.

    What the hell …. locker room bravado worked when the "Access Hollywood" tape came out.

  9. This is to La Pomposa a/k/a kwtree ….

    Since you did not allow for a reply to your attack on me, I’m posting it here.

    So now, in addition to being the schoolmarm for what is politically incorrect language in this forum, you are also the arbiter of what is “civil discourse.” (You must live a very busy life.)

    So, quoting, paraphrasing, or referencing some of Voyageur’s scathing critiques of your pomposity is verboten? I can just imagine how he would call you out once again for arrogance and self-righteousness. After all, I’m not the one who came up with your nickname, Pomposa.

    BTW, Ralph Nader and Jill Stein gave us the affirmative action decision today. 

    Cue the Ride of the Valkyries.

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