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June 09, 2023 12:06 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“There is no wind that always blows a storm.”



18 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. Oh, bless your heart. The thought you could read “thousands” of pages and comprehend them is laughable … unless they’re blank Have you noticed that despite these theoretical “thousands of pages” that not one member on your GOP Judiciary Committee has yet to identify a single crime?

    As for influence peddling, would you care to explain a certain million-dollar contract given to your six-inch thumb?

    See you and your band of ragtags in Miami on Tuesday?  Word is you got nothing better to do. 


      1. Given she managed to secure “the thumb” a million-dollar consulting contract there must be a GED class on influence peddling? 

  2. This is where we are, ‘Merika: a reality TV show starring the dumbest twats on the planet. 

    Oh-So-Mature Trump Aides Want Him to Focus on DeSantis’ Penis

    Now, some of Trump’s longtime advisers are even urging him to continuously make reference to the size of DeSantis’ penis, telling him such insults could stick with GOP primary voters and mess with his rival’s head, two sources with knowledge of the matter tell Rolling Stone. Trump’s team discussed having Trump refer to the Florida governor as “Tiny D,” Bloomberg reported in March. While some understood it as a shot at DeSantis’ height, the sobriquet was specifically intended to suggest diminutive genitalia, four people familiar with the topic say.

    1. Coming from the guy whom Stormy Daniels once described as being "small, but not freakishly small," that takes some (figuratively) big cojones

  3. Blood is thinner than bullshit?

    Speaking with his usual lack of credibility, Santos claims that the people that signed his bond are “family members”, not lobbyists or donors, but that these family members would bail on him if their names are released.

    The judge said that she would release the names anyway, but gave Santos until today ( Friday, June 9) to appeal.

    If the guarantors do back out on Santos’ $500,000 bond, he will go to jail on at least some of his 13 criminal charges.

    Here’s hoping!

    1. Lemee’ guess, Santos is the adopted son of the rightful heir, until just recently living in temporary exile, to the Nigerian throne??

    2. "the people that signed his bond are 'family members', not lobbyists or donors"

      Maybe not actual family but family-ish.

      1. Santos’ lawyer, Joseph Murray, was part of the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6. 

        Murray appealed the judge’s order that Santos’ bail guarantors must be identified. 
        But hell, yeah, take Murray’s word as an insurrectionist that nothing shady is going on with Santos’ donors, including to his bail fund. 

  4. Just wondering,

    but, do you suppose it’s possible that maybe Donnie might have been hiding . . . er, “safely guarding and protecting” . . . those missing classified documents very much in plain sight all along??

  5. Don't know why the public announcement was delayed, but attention ought to be paid:

    James Watt, the Reagan administration’s sharp-tongued, pro-development interior secretary who was admired by conservatives but ran afoul of environmentalists, Beach Boys fans and eventually the president, has died. He was 85.

    Watt died in Arizona on May 27, son Eric Watt said in a statement Thursday.

    I'd agree with one person quoted in the AP story.

    “While no one’s death should be celebrated, he was the worst of MAGA before it was invented,” tweeted David Doniger, a senior strategic director at the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council,


    1. I remember his explanation for his pro-development stance being Biblical: he said that no one knew how many more generation God had in store for the Earth so we should deplete its resources.

  6. With all the focus on the Trump indictment, this slipped under the radar ….

    Wife of Lauren Boebert’s former chef claims Rep ‘seduced’ her husband (

    Granted, it doesn’t come from what I would consider to be the most reliable source, but remember, the NY Post is the newspaper of record for Magadonians.

    Demonic Whore! Move over Klanny Oakley and Bimbobert. She’s got a new name.

    I wonder how big Archambault’s thumb is? (Asking for a friend.)

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