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June 07, 2023 09:57 AM UTC

Dave Williams' War on Lamborn Doing Nonpartisan Damage

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Doug Lamborn (R).

As we first reported last week, Colorado Republican Party chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams has ramped up attacks in his official capacity as party chairman on Williams’ 2022 CD-5 primary opponent, Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs. Before and especially after Lamborn’s vote for the debt ceiling compromise bill brokered between GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the White House last week, Williams slammed Lamborn in email blasts from the state party as a “say anything” politician and vowed to hold Lamborn “accountable” at some unspecified point in the future.

Today, Williams took another contrarian step in his friendly-fire campaign against Lamborn, and as The Hill reports, this one could land Williams in bipartisan hot water:

The Colorado Republican Party is urging President Biden not to take abortion access into consideration if he decides to base the Space Command headquarters in Colorado Springs — a move that would reverse former President Trump’s selection of Huntsville, Ala., as the prime location.

Instead, Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams wrote in a letter shared with The Hill, Biden should make that decision based on merit…

“As a political organization that is unwavering in its support for the pro-life movement, the Colorado Republican Party, and its leaders, implore you to ensure that the decision to keep Space Command in Colorado Springs be made solely on merit, rather than being entangled with the issue of abortion access,” Williams wrote.

On Twitter publicizing the story this morning, the state party went even further, stating flat-out “the Colorado GOP would rather have Space Command stay in Alabama.”

Colorado GOP chairman Dave Williams.

The awarding of the U.S. Space Command’s permanent headquarters to Alabama in the final days of the Trump administration is considered basically everywhere outside the state of Alabama to be a political reward to that state’s Republican lawmakers for abetting Donald Trump’s attempts to steal the 2020 presidential election. Rep. Doug Lamborn, whose loyalty first and foremost is to the military-industrial economic driver of his district, broke with Trump to fight alongside Colorado’s Democratic majority delegation to keep Space Command and the jobs it brings in Colorado Springs. Abortion laws of course have nothing to do with Lamborn’s support for keeping Space Command in Colorado. For Lamborn, it’s about representing his district.

In short, in order to spite Doug Lamborn and pander to Donald Trump, the Colorado GOP just come out in favor of costing Colorado Springs a thousand jobs and billions of dollars. While GOP chairman Williams is no doubt enjoying his campaign against Lamborn under the official aegis of the party, we can’t see how this is going to help with the party’s increasingly dire financial situation. In terms of helping Williams in a future primary rematch against Lamborn, it’s tough to see how killing jobs in CD-5 fits into that strategy either.

Between running the Colorado GOP into the ground financially and spending the bulk of his time attacking fellow Republicans, Dave Williams is doing more to damage the party’s already bleak prospects than any Democrat possibly could.


7 thoughts on “Dave Williams’ War on Lamborn Doing Nonpartisan Damage

  1. Dave "Hold my Beer" Williams is apparently hellbent on making sure Colorado Springs loses more vestiges of being the religious right wing mecca of the West.  

    "Republicans haven't lost enough ground in Colorado Springs" says Chairman "Hold My Beer".

    Colorado Pols, November, 2022:  "It can't possibly get worse for Colorado Republicans".  

    Dave Williams, April, 2023 – onward: "HOLD MY BEER!!!!"

  2. A comment you’ll never see written from these Republicans to a Republican politician:

    ” . . . the Colorado Republican Party, and its leaders, implore you to ensure that the decision to [whatever] be made solely on merit, rather than being entangled with the issue of abortion access,”

  3. Perhaps Williams and the Republican Party of Colorado would be happier if the Air Force Academy were moved to Alabama due to their more restrictive abortion laws?

    Someone should ask him/them.

  4. Apparently, there are military memos pointing out the difficulty of finding preferred personnel (military & civilian) willing to go to states with extreme abortion limits. 

    Why does Dave Williams want to limit the American military's competence?

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