Denial: It’s More Than a River in Africa, Frank McNulty

Former Speaker of the Colorado House Frank McNulty, as you know, did not even attempt a run for House leadership in caucus elections held a little over a week ago. The reason is pretty simple: McNulty presided over a disastrous and sweeping loss of the GOP’s House majority, ensuring through his ham-fisted bungling of reapportionment, and his thuggish mishandling of civil unions legislation that enjoyed majority support, a shriveled GOP minority with greatly diminished hope of recapturing a majority for years to come.

But as the Highlands Ranch Herald reported last week, there’s a different story McNulty tells himself–presumably out of denial, because we don’t know anybody who would buy it.

McNulty, who has served in the state House since 2006, was elected as speaker in 2010. And despite easily defeating Democratic challenger Gary Semro 63-37 in the election, the decision was made afterward that the Highlands Ranch incumbent would not seek a leadership role within his party this time around.

McNulty said that “maintaining and growing a majority is a much different proposition” than maintaining continuous leadership, and he pointed to the fact that he is term-limited as one reason he chose not run for the role of minority leader in 2013. Mark Waller of Colorado Springs, one of 10 Republicans who were elected without Democratic opposition, will fill that role…

“Regardless of the agenda that the Democrats push, our goal will be to work in a strong bipartisan manner,” McNulty said. “The people of Colorado don’t like gridlock, they are tired of gridlock and over the past two years we showed that we don’t have to have gridlock and that Republicans and Democrats can work together. Hopefully that will continue now even that the Democrats have the majority.” [Pols emphasis]

Got that, folks? “Maintaining and growing a majority” is more important than having the same leadership! So naturally, McNulty didn’t see the need to stick around.

Now is not the time to point out that McNulty neither maintained nor grew his majority.

Because, you see, Republicans will “work in a strong bipartisan manner.” Because “the people of Colorado don’t like gridlock” and “over the past two years we showed that we don’t have to have gridlock!” Hopefully this Golden Age won’t end now that the Democrats are back in charge.

As long as you don’t let reality intrude on this wholly fictional version of history, it sounds really great for Republicans. No need for introspection, or to change strategy or message. In fact, reading Frank McNulty’s recap, you might not realize that Republicans lost at all!

Alternatively, we understand modern psychiatry has a pill for this condition.


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  1. Lurker19 says:

    Not to say McNulty shouldn’t seek treatment, just that it’s gonna require effort.

  2. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    I hope McNulty’s pharma lobbyist wife can handle the fall from the pinnacle of power.

  3. BlueCat says:

    were just shameless liars. I think many of them are but I also think that many actually do delude themselves into believing the things they say.  How else do you explain anyone being shocked at Romney’s near universally predicted loss, for instance, and clearly many were genuinely shocked? How else can you explain this truly bizarre statement by McNulty? Civil unions legislation was an example of bipartisanship until McNulty  personally crushed it.  You have to have a majority to maintain and grow it. Yet,  I think McNulty really believes that he is making sense.

    I guess this is how Rs manage to believe that, while their greatest strongholds are the poorest southern states loaded with white male voters who don’t make enough to pay federal income tax, they lose only because of people who don’t pay federal income tax. It’s why when Obama lowered people’s taxes, lower income Rs thought they were paying more. It’s why the most Republican anti-federal government, anti-tax, cut spending to the bone advocating states are the ones who get back the most per capita federal money in proportion to what they pay in. It’s why they can simultaneously believe that only lazy poor people who want stuff vote Dem because Dems promise them gifts and that Dems are a bunch of latte loving, tree hugging, limousine liberal elitists who look down on the masses.  

    I have come to believe that many of them do manage to believe all these things at once. The GOP has spent so many years listening to the likes of Karl Rove, it collectively can no longer recognize any difference between facts and spin.

    Of course some of them can.  Newt Gingrich is only trying to fool other people, not himself. His cynicism is pure as the driven snow. But McNulty appears to be truly lost in alternate reality land.  

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