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November 07, 2012 01:58 AM UTC

Colorado Election Night 2012 Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

9:35 p.m.: In CD-6 Mike Coffman leads Joe Miklosi 50-44 with 59% reporting, but Miklosi behind consistently in all three counties (Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas).

8:39 p.m. 9News calls CD-7 for Democrat Ed Perlmutter over Joe Coors, Jr. “Not a Beer” can also add “Not a Congressman” to his list of nicknames.

8:32 p.m.: With 54% reporting, Mike Coffman leads Joe Miklosi 50-44.

8:20 p.m.: 9News calls CD-3 for Republican Scott Tipton.

8:15 p.m.: Republican Scott Tipton has big early cushion over Democrat Sal Pace.

7:54 p.m.: DeGette, Polis, Lamborn all declared winners by 9News.

7:53 p.m.: With 34% reporting, Perlmutter ahead of Coors 53-43.

7:46 p.m.: 9News calls CD-4 for Republican Cory Gardner


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for (almost). Watch this space. Stare closely but keep your eyes relaxed, and you’ll see a sailboat.

Okay, that’s not true. But watch this space anyway. We’ll be watching the results and providing updates to the more interesting state and national contests.


47 thoughts on “Colorado Election Night 2012 Open Thread

  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson

    That must be why we’ve created a tradition of rampant attacks on our politicians. Are they too conservative for you? Too liberal? Too religious? Too atheist? Too gay? Too anti-gay? Too rich? Too dumb? Too smart? Too ethnic? Too philanderous? Curious behavior, given that we elect 88% of Congress every two years.

    A second tradition-in-progress is the expectation that everyone else in our culturally pluralistic land should hold exactly your own outlook, on all issues

    May the post election period bring about a bit less shrill attacks on every disagreement and a bit more where we look for areas we can work together.

  2.   Tonight, we put aside our differences to celebrate our nation and our republican form of government.  With the exception of anarchist-twit Albert J. Nock, every poster here has shown a deep love of country and a commitment to the democratic process.

      Libertad, I salute you tonight for your ability to separate your analysis and predictions from your hopes.

      Arapagop, you were true to your vision and honorable in your approach.

      David, you have consistently brought depth and decency to our discussions.

      Harry Doby, the best of the best, your decency and research enriches our discourse.

       Madco, and DaftPunk, your humor keeps us rooted to reality.

       Pols, you provide us a forum for this community.

       PC, long may you wave!

       As to the rest, I do not wish to slight by omission but let me just salute you all.


    1. I can’t help but think of those that have for various reasons, left the site.  

      For example, if I could post like SSG_Dan, I’d really be dangerous!

    1. Unless Dems retake the House (and I haven’t heard anyone predict that), or get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, I fully expect the disloyal opposition, treacherous fuckers that they are, to double down. I just hope that Obama finally takes the kid gloves off and makes a nationally televised address whenever they obstruct things. Taking it straight to the people is seldom a bad strategy.

      1. then GOP will lose, overwhelmingly, in 2014

        I don’t think they have the balls to do that even if they thought President Obama was in the wrong. The paycheck and prestige mean to much to them

        1. The GOP obstructionism was apparent in the first half of Obama’s first term, but they never pointed it out and allowed the GOP to play it off as Obama’s fault, thus handing them over the House. I’m not at all optimistic that the public will see through it if Obama doesn’t do a better job on the bully pulpit.

  3. I voted for Gary Johnson but on second thought I should have voted for Romany just to see the riots after Obama loses, not to mention all of the CPolsters heads spontaneously exploding…

        1. Which is a testament to your foul nature as a human being as well as your utter idiocy as a thinker. No one applying objective analysis to the polls has predicted an Obama victory, and so far the counts are not going Romney’s way either.

    1. He didn’t get his butt to the Western Slope near enough and was nearly invisible when he did. His campaign didn’t buy a whole lot of radio, which is the top way to go over here. Tipton just rode the heavy Republican waves on the Western Slope and did pretty well in Pueblo.

      Makes me wonder what Pace was doing at all.

      1. Boom, bitches. Party over at the Republican party at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

        Neat idea holding it where Obama accepted the nomination in 2008. Even neater idea to hold your victory party there to really rub it in Democrats faces in 2012. Awesome idea; shit execution considering even if the Post is wrong, Obama is going to win tonight. Sucks to be Ryan Call.

  4. Not as big as they would have liked, with the US House remaining stubbornly in GOP control…

    But we have a net pickup of Senate seats, and an upgrade of several others, including:

    * Brown -> Warren (huge win for the common man)

    * Lugar -> Donnelly (esp. considering it’s via Mourdock)

    * Snowe -> King (who will caucus with the party in favor of filibuster reform and allowing him more independence – i.e. Democrats)

    * Lieberman -> Murphy (no more friendly fire from Joe)

    * Webb -> Kaine (minor upgrade, but still…)

    Marijuana legalization is doing decently across the country.

    Marriage equality did very well tonight (won in Maine and Maryland, winning in Washington, and repelled an anti-equality measure in Minnesota).

    Attempts to pass several “conservative” measures in Florida failed. (Making Obamacare illegal and setting anti-abortion standards into the state Constitution are among them…)

    We didn’t pick up many House seats, but the map was considered R+3 vs. last election due to redistricting. We’ll wind up at D+1-4, so we did get a couple of pickups. Better news at the House level: Joe Walsh, Allan West, and perhaps Michele Bachmann are OUT!


    We had a net loss of governor’s seats.

    We didn’t do as well in the House as we wanted to.

    1. He noted Tuesday night to HuffPost that his turnaround is the biggest on record in the history of House. No other candidate had lost by 18 points in one year, only to turn around and win the next cycle by 25 — a 43-point swing.

      1. Said how interesting it would be to have Alan Grayson and Allen West both in the House together.

        I’m happy only one of those came true. Grayson can be a bit over-the-top and occasionally off the rails, but the flip side to that is that he’s an unapologetic advocate for progressive issues. It was good having him in the House to counter all of the whacky stuff coming from the extreme right wing.

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