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May 10, 2023 09:22 AM UTC

Colorado GOP Chair Blames '22 Election Losses on Dems 'Taking Advantage' of Illegal Voting

  • by: Erik Maulbetsch

(Big Lie forever — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado GOP Chair Dave Williams is no stranger to blaming Republican election losses on voter fraud without any evidence. An unapologetic 2020 election denier, Williams now claims that his party’s historic losses in last year’s election are also due in part to Democrats intentionally changing rules in order to allow illegal votes.

In an interview with KNUS radio host Peter Boyles last week, Williams said the following:

“The reason why Democrats are finding success is because I think they’re taking advantage of the boundaries and some of the systematic advantages that they’ve put into elections such as ballot harvesting, such as taking advantage of a lack of enforcement of voter rolls being cleaned up, or even signature verification type stuff.”

Williams was speaking about state legislative races. His mention of “boundaries” is a reference to the newly redrawn state House and Senate districts lines, following 2021’s redistricting via independent commission, a process which was generally seen as having been somewhat favorable to Republicans.

Williams’ shift from claiming outright fraud (as he still says about 2020) to saying Democrats “took advantage” of dirty voter rolls and “signature-verification type stuff,” marks a rhetorical move from the extremist fringe to only slightly subtler dog-whistle language of more mainstream conservatives. None of the claims have ever been substantiated, but vague allegations of inaccurate voter rolls or insufficiently strict signature verification processes leave enough wiggle room to avoid sounding conspiratorial while still hitting the main talking points to satisfy most of the deniers — and undermine confidence in Colorado’s election process.

Host Boyles stands apart from many of his fellow Colorado conservative talk show hosts in that he’s frequently called out Republicans, including Williams, who have engaged in election denialism. Yet he didn’t object in the least during this May 3 interview. Neither Williams nor Boyles responded to email requests for comment. This article will be updated with any responses received.

Williams’ comments contradicted his statement from just minutes earlier, when Williams ascribed the Republicans’ Statehouse losses primarily to poor messaging, with his unsubstantiated election meddling claims as a secondary reason.

“I think our challenge is that we need to start appealing to folks on the issues they care about,” said Williams. “What you saw in 2022 was the ‘Commitment to Colorado’ that was about an 11-point plan about so many different issues and it ultimately boiled down to three things: crime, inflation/cost of living, and educational choice.

“I think the tough pill to swallow for Republicans is that that didn’t resonate with the voters. The voters for whatever reason said ‘okay thank you for sharing that information but we’re going to go ahead and vote for the Democrats based off their messaging,’ among other things. I mean there’s also the systematic election advantages they have like ballot harvesting and what have you, but ultimately their brand, their messaging beat out our brand and our messaging.”

Williams acknowledged that Republicans won’t retake any legislative majorities next year.

“Our priority for the next election cycle is mainly the state Legislature,” said Williams. “I’m not going to promise the moon to anyone. I’m not going to say that we’re going to get back into the majority because we’re not. This is going to be a multi-election effort in order for us to get back to par… We’re going to focus on gains that we can make in the legislature and we’re going to help supplement the efforts of protecting Congressional District Three and then taking CD8. Those are meaningful gains. They’re reasonable gains and it’s not over-promising and quite frankly we can’t expect to take everything back overnight.”

Boyles also asked Williams about his plan for recruiting candidates. The GOP chair didn’t offer specifics but replied that over the next four years, he expects people will turn up.

“I guarantee you,” promised Williams, “there are people who are going to line up in 2024 and even 2026 that we’re not even aware of, yeah, but they could very well be the Great White Hope, if you will.”


7 thoughts on “Colorado GOP Chair Blames ’22 Election Losses on Dems ‘Taking Advantage’ of Illegal Voting

  1. I continue to marvel:  a Republican Party Chair hinting there will be "the Great White Hope" in future elections seems like an off-color joke.

    And it shows an amazing lack of understanding of the phrase.  On the whole, I might agree that various Republicans who could be candidates may well become a "Great White Hope" — and go on to a similar end.   A full account of the phrase in context can be found at


    1. After Jack Johnson’s boxing victory, Hitler also had a “Great White Hope” to beat America’s all-star runners at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalfe left Hitler’s hopes in the dust of the race track.

      David Williams should be aware that the phrase “Great White Hope” means, “I’m betting on a probable loser because of the color of his skin”. However, I expect that self-awareness is not a quality Williams cultivates.

  2. Good for Dave, setting the bar low for his job performance for Colorado GOP. Oh, and then spouting election lies to reinforce the low bar.

    More of the same. 

    Not that I’ll ever consider being an R, our democracy does benefit from having a healthy two party system. Right now, the R side is close to death. 

  3. "If Democrats and Independents would just stop voting, Republicans could win! This is so unfair!" -Williams (paraphrase).

    Also using the phrase "Great White Hope" entirely unprovoked is an excellent foot-gun dog-whistle. What an absolute dumbass.

  4. What do you call it when somebody is "forward projecting?" In other words, accusing the other guys of doing something that they aren't doing,  but making sure the message gets out that if elected, you will be doing those things.

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