BREAKING: Trump Liable For $5 Million In Sexual Battery Case

UPDATE #2: We promised earlier today to update with local reactions, but from what we can see none of our local Republican talking heads, including “Ultra-MAGA” GOP chairman Dave Williams and Rep. Lauren Boebert, have said a word as of 7:30PM this evening.

That too is notable.


UPDATE: We hit publish too soon! The total award in this case exceeds $5 million when all the aggravating factors are tallied. CNN originally reported the smaller figure.


Ex-President Donald Trump with Colorado GOP chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams (R).

CNN with another round of horrendous legal news for ex-President Donald Trump, who was found liable in a New York civil court case moments ago for sexual battery and defamation of author E. Jean Carroll and ordered to pay up a cool $2 5 million:

A Manhattan federal jury found that Donald Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll in a luxury department store dressing room in the spring of 1996.

The jury found him liable for battery in Carroll’s civil trial against him, based on that sexual assault claim.

Carroll also sued Trump for defamation related to a 2022 statement he made denying Carroll’s allegations.

Although Trump was found liable for sexual abuse, jurors did make a distinction between that offense and the crime of rape. We admit to not having followed the case closely enough to understand the difference in this case, but sexual battery is certainly bad enough to, well, be very bad. Safe to say, Trump is not a role model for the MAGA youth of America:

What happens next? Most likely years of appeals, denials…and if previous events serve as accurate predictors, Trump’s base will cling to him all the more. Trump famously declared on the campaign trail in 2016 that he could “shoot somebody on 5th Avenue” and not lose political support. So far, after two impeachments, an insurrection, and the first of what could be a host of criminal indictments, that’s proven correct. Each day, we suppose, is a new chance for Republicans to say enough is enough and start cutting into Trump’s prohibitive lead in the 2024 GOP primary polls. But it hasn’t happened yet.

We’ll update with local reactions and coverage when they appear.

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  1. MichaelBowman says:

    Fat Donnie breaks his silence! Witch Hunt!! 

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    The CNN Town Hall tonight should be a hoot. I'll pass. Anyone up to live blog? Pear? Moddy?

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      If CNN is just going to hand such an enormous platform to FDFQ, shouldn't they at least be prepared to call him out when he starts telling lies, which should be about 20 seconds into the program? 

      They seriously need to check him in real time. Where is Barbara Walters when we need her…

      TRUMP: " They said it was a bad idea, now they're saying its great"

      WALTERS " No, they're not!"


      • MichaelBowman says:

        As a now-private citizen would he have to register as a sex offender if his appeal is denied? (asking for a friend). I just heard Alan “I had my underwear on!” Dershowitz just announce there are “several constitutional challenges” available to FDFQ.  Is Rudy tanned, rested and ready to defend the Orange Menace? 

        • No, this is a civil trial. There is no criminal guilty verdict here, only a preponderance of evidence liability.

          • MichaelBowman says:

            Thanks.  As CHB said, he'll keep this alive through appeals for the foreseeable future.  I assume he'll have to post a bond in the meantime equal to the damages awarded?

            • Addressed partially below. I assume he would have to post a bond on the damages, in addition to the cost of the appeal. I don't think he gets years and years of appeals here. This is a Federal case to start, so no state-level appeals; nothing in this case screams Supreme Court worthiness, and anything that did has already been adjudicated. So, one shot at an appeal and done.


            • spaceman2021 says:

              He isn't required to post a bond in order to appeal, only to stay execution of the judgment pending appeal.  But the first step will be post-trial motions in the district court that will ask for a variety of relief (new trial, judgment notwithstanding the verdict, possibly remittitur, etc.).  Once those are ruled on (I think it's a virtual certainty he'll file some such motions), then he (and possibly Carroll, if the judge alters the verdict/judgment) could appeal to the Second Circuit. Whether there are "cert. worthy" issues for SCOTUS remains to be seen, but absent something novel or interesting arising, I tend to agree that SCOTUS would stay out.  But I expect trump to try anyway just to delay paying the judgment as long as possible.  Conceivably, he could settle now, but I don't see him doing this if he thinks he can use this to his advantage for both fundraising and in the nomination campaign.  Gross state of affairs, but here we are. 

              • JohnInDenver says:

                Thanks for the thorough explanation of process.

                This first decision about defamation ought to contribute to the second trial on defamation.  And if he keeps spouting off, I'm thinking E. Jean Carroll may be willing to find attorneys willing to take a flyer on further defamation cases.

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    The Orange Caligula won't pay a penny. He'll just appeal and appeal. That's been his long standing M.O. for decades as he stiffed contractors who did work for the Trump Organization.

    • I think under Federal rules, he may have to post a bond up front covering the potential costs of the appeal.

      Monitarily, the $2.7mil of the award issued for defamation is a figure I believe Carroll's team had suggested as repair costs; only $1.7m of that is repair in the verdict. The $2m assault award is the big and surprising number and IMHO most likely to be reduced on appeal. Frankly, though, he has few grounds for appeal here; the judge was extremely cautious, and the jury pool reportedly diverse.

      • spaceman2021 says:

        He only has to post a bond to stay execution of the judgment, though he likely will.  Typically bonds are for more than the full judgment amount, in order to protect the judgment creditor and cover post-judgment interest.  For example, Colorado state court rules require 125% of the judgment amount.  It’ll be up to the district court judge to determine the appropriate bond amount, but trump will have no problem posting a bond should he want to. 

      • notaskinnycook says:

        Well, there are the appeal grounds right there, Phoenix. A jury of his peers are old, (pretend) rich white guys with the morals of alley cats.

  4. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:


  5. Matt A. Harry says:

    " Trump is not a role model for the MAGA youth of America".   He's their god. 

  6. Washopingmylastpostwouldbemylast says:

    And to think, he could have avoided this verdict . . .

    . . . If only he’d shown up and provided highly credible testimony.

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