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October 06, 2006 06:54 PM UTC

Analyzing who the sex scandalizers are

  • by: parsingreality

The spin machine is humming on Heavy Duty cycle as it tries to equate Dems as equally opportunity perps.  I have been poking around the net for a few years looking for information on who the immoral, the hypocrites, and the home breakers are.  Always, hands down, the Family Value Republicans take the prizes home.  Here’s my thinking:

First, can we agree that both party’s members of congress abuse their power and have affairs?  Mostly with the other sex, sometimes the same.  Perhaps part of this is due to the “Type A” personalities, male or female, that is needed to get one there.  Once this is set aside as a given, sex scandals suddenly become a lonely, virtually Republican territory.

Since the Republicans have taken the mantle of “Family Values”, they have to wear it for good or ill.  I take their Family Values definition to mean lifelong marriages and not fooling around on one’s partner, always of the other sex.  So, any MoC espousing Family Values and is divorced or adulterous, is a hypocrite right out of the gate.  You might note, Bible thumpers, that the only thing Jesus never forgave is hypocrisy.  Speaking with a forked tongue for this side of the Atlantic.  One might have a divorce and be adulterous, but if those actions are not held up as absolute behavioral values, one is not a hypocrite.  One could start with the divorced, womanizing while single Ronald Reagan, but that would be criticizing God, wouldn’ it?

Similarly, if one does not thump the gay issues and is found out to be gay, there is no hypocrisy.  On the other hand, we see the fear of homosexuality by those who are gay, and in denial as projected onto those who are and are out.

http://www.humaneven…  has scraped up a list of ten heinous Democratic sexual scandals.  Lesseeeeee……hmmmmmm.  Nope, no Family Values hypocrisy there.  Abuse of power, yes.  An inaccurate description of the events with Barney Frank, and they got the wrong one for Ted Kennedy.  (I would count the Mary Jo Kopechne affair as a scandal, not being a witness in a family member’s court case.)

OK, so we have three Dems walking a border on “under age” or (legal, BTW, in most states) 16 year olds.  Hold that fact.

http://www.dkosopedi… lists dozens and dozens of Republican sex scandals.  Too many for me to bother counting.  Names, dates, facts.  Most of them are either of the hypocrite category or kiddy diddling.  Searching in page, “children” comes up twelve times.  Counting “year” connected to age of victims, , 27 I think, the number got too high for my fingers and toes.  Handily for even numbered math, that’s 9:1 ratio of kid crimes compared to the Human Events page.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is what is called “statistically significant”, far beyond any margin of error. It’s a sick, sick list of raping 8 year olds, possessing porn showing the rape of a 5 year old, daughter rape, etc.  Sick puppies on that side of the aisle!  Where are the Democratic kiddy porn owning, daughter raping, members of Congress?

I understand that you won’t find Dems on a page about Repubs, but I ask readers, seriously, to provide examples of Democratic pedophilia.  Even allegations!

http://www.lavenderl… has it’s list with must more detail and even appropriate Bible verses for those Republican sinners.

Google “Republican Sex Scandals” and the same for Democratic.  There are 62,800 hits for the former, 45 for the latter.  Are left leaning webmasters fixated on the topic?  Are their right leaning compatriots too lazy to dig things up?  Or, is there a dearth of material for the Dems?  I report, you pnder.  Keep in mind that 1,395.555:1 ratio as to try to explain away this one.

There are many other lists via the aforementioned Google searches.  I do remember one that I saved and have apparently lost, that had 33 Reppublican sex scandals and had 9 Dems.  Again, statistically significant.

Let me say it again:  Get me some Democratic “Family Value” failures, or Democratic pedophiles! What I find is so lop-sided that there can only be two answers: Bad, biased research or………


3 thoughts on “Analyzing who the sex scandalizers are

  1.   Most of the right wing nuts have issues over sexuality in general.  Remember Jimmy Swaggart and his unhappy hooker, Jim Bakker and Jessica Hahn.  (But according to Swaggert’s prostitute, he didn’t actually touch her; he just liked to watch!) 
      You hit the nail right on the head with the hypocrisy thing.  The gay/lesbian community will often give a pass to cloested (or even semi-closeted) Republicans who take a civil libertarian position on privacy and sexual orientation issues.  It’s because they aren’t hypocrits.
      I would expand upon your Family Values definition of “marriage” as follows:  “lifelong marriages and not fooling around on one’s partner, always of the other sex, and when there is any physical intimacy, it is solely for the purpose of procreation, only done in one position, and the wife is not supposed to enjoy it” (and generally, she won’t).
      If anyone has any doubt that right wing extremeists have issues with sexuality in general, just remember the Ken Starr report. That $40 million piece of crappy, soft-core porno which we taxpayers paid for.

  2. I think there’s something to be said about the imbalance of blogger numbers and the current media situation towares explaining the google results, but it’s certainly interesting.

    Somebody else on here posted about a doctoral study that suggests that GOP constituancies are more forgiving about financial scandals but become outraged over sex scandals.  The reverse is true for Democrats.  I wonder if that affects general perceptions of the issue as well.

    That being said, they’re wildly hypocritical.  The finger pointing and lack of accountability over the Foley scandal is showing the GOP’s true colors.

  3. Does not include our very own Doug Dean, who chased his girlfriend down the street with a screwdriver. It’s widely known that Dean had one and maybe two girlfriends, both lobbyists, while he served in the Colorado legislature and was still married to wife #1.

    And I was told at the time he wasn’t the only Republican from El Paso County at that time committing adultery. I once heard it referred to as a “gang of four” – all Republicans, all adulterers.

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