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April 14, 2023 09:54 AM UTC

Join The Elbert County Militia! No Or All Skills Required

  • by: Colorado Pols
U.S. Gravy Seals Meal Team Six.

We were forwarded this strange advertisement recruiting members for something called “Elbert County Community Response,” being organized to “withstand any challenge that may come” the county’s way–as long as they’re challenges you can address with guns:

The Neighborhood Reliance Network (NRN) is about building strong self-reliant Elbert County neighborhoods. It’s about people – and their friends, families and neighbors – working together to withstand any challenge that may come our way. At the core of many neighborhoods are our faith-based organizations, and they will play a big tole [sic-Pols].

If you’re one of the 27,000 who call wannabe exurban Elbert County home (sorry, but you’ll never be as swanky as DougCo), you should know that the standards for joining the Elbert County Community Response are extremely high. But apprenticeships are available!

Elbert County Community Response (ECCR)

Join no matter your skill level and help protect your community

The ECCR addresses Elbert County safety and security issues. The group is highly trained and competent, and they support and work with all law enforcement agencies. The ECCR group is divided into three tiers:

  • Tier 1: Anyone can join; no basic training requirements.

  • Tier 2: Additional skills and knowledge are a prerequisite.

  • Tier 3: Excellent skills required. This group is highly trained: excellent firearms skills, probable military experience, solid knowledge of the law and good relationships with our county sheriff and law enforcment [sic-Pols].

Obviously, this arrangement gives rise to some questions. Do “Tier 1” militiamen get to carry a gun along with the guys with “excellent firearms skills,” or are they more the coffee-fetching bullet-stopping intern variety of militiaman? And if the whole team is “highly trained and competent,” why does the “Tier 1” rank exist at all? Again, we have to assume it’s about menial errands and, in the unhappy event, cannon fodder.

As for “good relationships” with law enforcement, we’ll just have to see how that holds up when Joe Oltmann’s hanging party comes to town or Rep. Matt Soper starts the second civil war. It’s not a coincidence that the faction of American politics that professes to be the most worried about “civil war” is the only side actually preparing for one.

Or at least dressing the part on the way to get coffee.


13 thoughts on “Join The Elbert County Militia! No Or All Skills Required

  1. What a nice and welcoming community group. Let's take a look at their upcoming events…

    Saturday they're meeting with the Elbert School District Superintendent. That's cool.

    Then TBD is an on demand video titled "The Great Satanic Reset: What to Know and How to Prepare. Keynote Speaker: DrJ. B. Hixson, Pastor of Plum Creek Chapel in Sedalia, CO." WTF?!

    Nothing says "nice and welcoming community group" like heavily armed Christians who are encouraged to kill the rest of us because we might be Satan!

    Fuck these folks.

  2. Even if Tier 1 folks are at the level of Paul Blart, Mall Cop, having a bunch of them would make for a larger group picture, probably impressive to some. Low-level psyops.

  3. Timing might not be ideal … Even in Elbert County, recruitment may be influenced by awareness of other stories of people assembling into groups..

     * young, charismatic gun enthusiast who shared highly classified documents with a group of far-flung acquaintances searching for companionship amid the isolation of the pandemic. United by their mutual love of guns, military gear and God, the group of roughly two dozenmostly men and boys — formed an invitation-only clubhouse in 2020 on Discord, an online platform popular with gamersI'm not certain if any will be charged for accessing classified information and not reporting 

     * "As the almost three-month trial draws to a close for five leaders of the Proud Boys fascists, accused of seditious conspiracy in connection with former President Donald Trump’s failed coup, new evidence has emerged showing the intimate connections between the right-wing militia group and local and federal police prior to the attack."


  4. The gaming and cybersphere world ove-ruled the USAF( ANG) training and clearances of a 21 YO who knew better. At age 21 I had been engaged in combat for 2- 6 month tours. This ‘child” obviously does not understand/grasp the reality of kinetic cause and affect.

    Why did this child of a military family decide to turn against his training and family, country?  He’s the definition of a INCEL. The radical MAGA right is doing better than moderate to left not to mention true conservatives in our online world.. WHY is that?

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