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April 08, 2023 12:09 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We need a feminist to be at the table when decisions are being made so that the right decisions will be made.”

–Dolores Huerta


20 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

      1. I knew I recognized that name. He's a huge real estate developer. I wonder how well he knows The Screaming Yam? It's all coming together and it looks bad for Thomas and The Former Guy. 

        1. I've met Trammell Crow Jr. He has been a financial supporter for a couple of green conservative groups that I'm aware of. When I last saw him at Earth Day Dallas, maybe in 2015, he seemed to be having early dementia. One never knows, but I don't find this story really believable.

          1. The allegations in the complaint are pretty serious.  Have to see how it shakes out in court, but they are damning.  For example, here are paragraphs 34 and 35 of the Complaint:

            34. Rick [Richard Hubbard] convinced Crow to invest in the Venture, which Crow did. In return, Rick would traffic [Julia] Hubbard and Goedinghaus to Crow, would supply drugs for Crow’s parties, would force Hubbard to have sex with Crow’s then-girlfriend in front of Crow (which Rick and Crow both videotaped and was used both for Crow’s enjoyment and to threaten Hubbard), would force Goedinghaus to have sex in front of Crow (during the course of one Forced Sex Party over the course of several days), and would traffic other victims of the Venture to Crow at the “parties” on dozens of occasions over the course of years.

            35. Crow’s lifestyle meshed well with Rick’s activities, as Crow enjoyed hosting drug-fueled parties, which were attended by many of the Investor Defendants (identified below) and others, including other victims of the Venture that Rick would bring to the parties. Crow particularly enjoyed the use of cocaine, so much (according to Rick) that he had his housekeeping staff fill containers in his home with cocaine, and refill as needed on a daily basis.


            1. "allegations……are pretty serious…….have to see how it shakes out in court, but they are damning."

              Most relevant part of your comment is the part referring to the court. Which reflects my comment: "one never knows."

              1. Agreed.  My only point was to note the seriousness of the allegations and that judgment should be withheld in both directions for now, and I know that you were making that point as well.  The complaint is disturbing to read.  But like all complaints, it's just allegations for now.  One thing is for certain, though, Crow is going to be paying a lot of legal fees on this.  


                1. And with all of that said, plus the required fine-print pro forma caveats and de rigueur disclaimers regarding allegations and legal innocence until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction, I think I personally — and speaking here entirely for myself — just might be slightly inclined towards giving a higher degree of sway as to belief and likely credence to the allegations in a formal indictment than I would in the spot allegation formed from being for some brief momentary time in the past in proximity to said donor of some amount to green conservative causes who must, ergo, be a really swell guy???


                  (Republicans’ mileage may vary.)

                    1. I understood it.

                      Your OPINION of someone you briefly met does not have the gravity of an indictment.

                    2. Replying to myself since the post below doesn't have a reply button.

                      I didn't ask you, Duke, and you could have asked a polite question as to how much I actually know about Crow, Jr. But, in your typical "shoot first, aim later" M.O., you didn't do that.

                    3. Oh…lemme see, CHB. So you did understand him/her but you were just scolding their prose? 

                      I get your point about not being asked…I know you never butt in or offer an opinion without asking first.

                      It seemed to me your response to him/her was just a smart-assed, elitist wisecrack, but I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Sorry…my mistake.

                      BTW. Are you still a Republican?

                    4. Why start paying attention to me, or anything else now, at your advanced age and/or state of political denial??

                      (PS. For the record, and those folks keeping score at home, my earlier reply was to Spaceman.)

                      And like Duke, I could have probably asked a “polite” question, but it’s really neither my style or inclination; especially when dealing with hopeless cases.

                      (But, I do get your larger point about dementia. Given all we’ve had opportunity to learn the last 60-some years, those poor souls who as late as 2015 were still holding out any unfounded hope for “conservative causes” were highly likely to be at, or well beyond, onset.)

      2. "Allegedly, Mitchell sent Richard Hubbard a photograph of him in his police cruiser with a bottle of alcohol and his penis exposed that was reportedly shown to the women as a threat."

        I wonder if Cody Mitchell has ever gone bowling with Jayson Boebert?

  1. Tennessee has established itself as the new definition of conservatism. Look to the Republican state legislatures to lead the philosophical  conversion of "conservatism" to fascism.

    Led by the evangelical Christian Patriarchy, the church of Prosperity Jesus is mounting a full court press on behalf of the UCSA…the United Christian States of America.

    The Orange Destruction has claimed the title of Prosperity Jesus and the Demoncrat Pharisees are crucifying him.

    1. I think you're right. And it's a little difficult to imagine what will stop more of this, in a long list of states like Idaho, Florida, Texas, and many more. They will do ANYTHING for power and control.

  2. Interesting read:

    Lucian Truscott Newsletter

    The first shot in a cold civil war

    They call Republicans anti-democratic, but it's far worse than that

    … In the red states Republicans already control, armed protests have not been necessary.  Republican-controlled legislatures have passed anti-abortion bills at will.  Twenty-six states passed “open carry” gun laws.  Every red state has passed multiple laws imposing restrictions of various kinds on the right to vote…..

    All these moves by gerrymandered Republican-controlled legislatures reflect the new attitude of the Republican Party:  if they can’t win elections, they’re going to strip powers from the people who beat them, or simply run them out of the offices they were elected to.  They don’t need a reason.  The two Black Tennessee representatives didn’t break any laws, the way others who were forced out of the legislature did.  Nor did Janet Protasiewicz, who beat her arch-conservative Republican opponent by 11 points. 

    Republicans with gerrymandered supermajorities in red states, and even toss-up states like Wisconsin, do anti-democratic things simply because they can.

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