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March 13, 2023 12:16 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

–Maya Angelou


20 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. I think they made the right call on SVB. If they hadn’t, you would have seen a run on every non TBTF bank as every CEO in the country moved their funds to a TBTF bank.

    In addition, it would have furthered hammered the start-up industry. So far most smaller high-tech companies have been doing OK and there has been a burst of new start-ups. All that was a good balance to the lay-offs in big tech. And holding/losing their reserves would have been incredibly destructive.

    And every one of those destroyed companies would have meant individuals suddenly unemployed. Every one of those harmed companies would have meant reduced new hires. And it would have meant a lot of time invested in setting up fail over systems which is a huge opportunity cost.

    ps – The depositors is not a case of greedy people doing questionable things for a larger return. A company will go to a larger interest rate on their deposits but mostly they’re just looking for a safe place to park their money that can provide the financial services they need.

    1. Banking in the digital age is going to need to work at the speed of tweets and digital transfers. The ability to publish alerts to huge groups of investors, and their ability to transfer funds at the speed of a mouse click means a whole new way of looking at bank runs and building protective measures. 

      Can the Senate rise to the occasion?  Unfortunately we have too many in the upper chamber still trying to master the fax machine in this digital age, and a lower-chamber dominated by nitwits: a string of 5 watt, red Christmas bulbs meant for 100 watt sockets.

      1. " . . . a string of 5 watt, red Christmas bulbs meant for 100 watt sockets."

        I like it.

        Now we need something similar that references the noise coming from the "nitwits."

  2. Brilliant Political Opportunity

    The Democrats need to introduce legislation this week to roll back the gutting of the regulations passed under Trump. And they then need to message the shit out of that legislation with two clear messages. First, that this would not have happened if Trump/GOP had not gutted the regulations. Second, that this was 100% the responsibility of Trump and the GOP and they want to do more of this.

    Yes that responsibility message is a bit unfair as some Democrats supported it. Tough. Politics is not always fair and the blame casting will work.

    And don't do the normal Democratic response of let's take 6 months and craft a bill that is even better and improves on reverting the legislation. A simple revert is a big improvement, it's a very simple political message, and you can run with it now.

  3. Deregulation in America is a combination of fighting the last war and Groundhog's Day (the movie). We rightfully pass legislation based on something bad happening, whether it could've been avoided or not, and then with the passage of time somebody suggests it's OK to roll regulations back. Then something bad happens, whether it could have been avoided or not, and the whole cycle plays out again. Plus, during the movie Bill Murray realized he wouldn't face consequences for anything he did, which probably would not be a perfectly fair comparison to the players involved with SVB but perhaps artistic-license illustrative. 

  4. Late breaking story: Pat Schroeder has died.

    It’s a great loss. She was a towering Colorado politician. 

    Tributes will wait for the cold light of day.


    1. A coalition of pro-choice and some pro-life women worked with Pat to finally get the Family Medical Leave Act into law.  The Democratic Congress passed it three times.  Reagan vetoed it twice and Bush I veteoed it once.  It was the first bill Clintion signed. Thank you Pat Schroeder.  Too soon gone.

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