Poll: Who Will Win The Race For Colorado GOP Chair?

Tomorrow, members of the Colorado Republican Central Committee will vote in Loveland to elect the next party chair succeeding outgoing chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown. The field of candidates running to succeed Brown has been roundly criticized as a pack of incompetents by former GOP chairman Dick Wadhams. Nonetheless, one of these candidates will get the job tomorrow, and it’s time to ask our readers who you think will be the next to take on the toughest and worst job in Colorado politics.

*Remember, as always with our totally non-scientific polls, we want to know what you legitimately THINK will happen — not what you hope will happen or which candidate you support personally. If you had to bet the deed to your house that your prediction would be correct, how would you vote?

Who will be the next Colorado Republican Party chair?

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  1. Chickenheed says:

    How to come up with the most likely result:

    1. Roll 3 d20.

    2. From the result of the roll, subtract the average air speed of an unladen swallow.

    3. Divide that result by the number of hands cut off in all Star Wars movies and shows.

    4. Add the average shoe size of all candidates listed in the poll rounded to the nearest integer.

    5. Divide that result by 8 and take only the remainder.

    Alternate way of voting:

    Just cover your eyes and cringe while pointing at the candidates in the poll. Wherever your finger lands, choose that candidate. This is more likely to be the same strategy used by Colorado Republicans tomorrow cuz they have no direction.

  2. 2Jung2Die says:

    1) Will the ballots be presented in alphabetical order?

    2) If yes, will this be by first name or last name?

    3) If the answer to 1) is "yes," then one of the two people with names starting with Aa will win.

  3. IndependentProgressive says:

    I'm for Tina.

    However, even though the Trumpists are off-the-cliff crazy, I don't know if they have enough guts to actually elect her.

    So, it is probably between Lundberg — who has actually gotten elected to office — or Aadland who sort of comes across with a hint of reasonability.

    They all bad and will contribute to yet another wipe-out for Republicans in 2014 … so … whatever.

  4. NOV GOP meltdown says:

    You'd be better off asking what is the dumbest fucking choice they could possibly make?

    Congratulations Ms. Peters. Excuse me, I mean, inmate # 3257B.

  5. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    There should be an option:  "Who cares"

  6. unnamed says:

    Whoever it is, they're going to try to outdo KBB in fucking things up for the CO GOP even more.

  7. Pam Bennett says:

    Bunch of losers.  They could have had the biggest loser and did not go there.

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