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March 06, 2023 11:16 AM UTC

Farewell, Voyageur

  • by: Colorado Pols
Bob Ewegen, aka “Voyageur.”

As some readers of Colorado Pols are aware, we lost an active member of our community recently. Bob Ewegen, who commented here for years under the name “Voyageur,” died on February 21 at the age of 77 after a battle with cancer.

We waited to post something about Bob’s passing until his obituary was made public. Ewegen spent 36 years at The Denver Post; he retired in 2008 after serving as an assistant editorial page editor, where he wrote many of the newspaper’s political endorsements over the years.

Ewegen’s daughter, Misty Ewegen, asked that we pass along this note to the Colorado Pols community:

I am writing to inform your members of the death of my father, Bob Ewegen, who wrote here under the name Voyageur. He greatly enjoyed interacting with the members on this site and I have no way of interacting with them myself.

Thank you for the years of joy ColoradoPols brought my dad. He loved it here.

– Misty

You can read more about Bob at Caring Bridge or

Colorado Pols began as a blog and a source of political news, and while it continues to serve these roles, the website has also become a community for many individuals. The “Pols Meetups” that have been organized from time to time have always been put together entirely by our readers — Bob included — so that they could meet each other in person. This is not something that we would have forseen, but we are proud to have provided a place for these interactions to take place.

We will miss Bob’s thoughtful commentary and wit at Colorado Pols. May he rest in peace.


18 thoughts on “Farewell, Voyageur

  1. Thanks for this article.

    I'm uncertain of whether I will attend a family & friends & public funeral or memorial service for Voyageur.  But what would people think about a Colorado Pols Meetup focused on Voyageur as the site's long-active curmudgeon at a convenient drinking establishment a couple of hours after the services?

    1. Definitely would come to a Denver- area Pols meetup. I could raise a glass to Voyageur's memory. Or perhaps we could do a virtual meetup to include some of our Western slope compadres?

  2. Happy trails and fare thee well. spaceman said it very well when the news first came to light: didn't always agree with V, but I read just about everything he wrote here.

  3. Farewell, Voyageur, and thank you for so eloquently keeping the rural perspective alive and that we are not in any way, shape or form drooling hayseed Boebert fans.

    1. I’m attending the National Farmers Union convention this week and they’ve shared a few historical clips re: Farm Bill history, etc. I kept thinking how much I wanted to share a few of these tidbits with V.  I enjoyed our conversations related to eastern plains/Ogallala Aquifer in particular.  He was the only other polster here that could identify Venango, NE on map! 


      1. I remember discussing the simple joy of eating Olathe sweet corn with him one time (even though that's grown in the Western slope). He loved agriculture, farm life, and the Eastern Plains. All of the good things. Plus, he could write like ten men. Rest in peace Voyageur…

  4. When I was a student at CU Boulder in the '60's I was certainly aware that Bob was editor of The Colorado Daily. Ditto to what ParkHill said. Those of us who still carry that activism of the '60's with us are struggling with so many losses in the world of journalism, particularly robust local print journalism. Much harder to hold white collar criminals accountable. 

  5. I haven't been active on Pols for a while, but fondly remember Bob's welcome contribution to  the political forum Pols allows. Anyone who is active in that contributes to the freedom of speech and opinion that is absolutely essential to a functioning democracy. Farewell Voyager,  mission accomplished.

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