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March 02, 2023 12:14 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The great act of faith is when a man decides he is not God.”

–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


17 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. With all due respect, Justice Holmes was a big proponent of eugenics, which seems like man playing god.  Buck v. Bell, which he authored, was a big stain on his legacy.  

    1. Is that the case in which he said, "Three generations of imbeciles is enough!" in response to the challenge to OK's forced sterilization law?


    This Tennessee anti-drag bill story has me thinking about how so many Americans in general, and Republicans specifically, consider so many things to be sexual when those things are not sexual at all.

    Some things that are not actually sexual:

    * Gender

    * Having genitals

    * Going to the bathroom

    * Dressing in drag

    * Any physical touch

    * Any nudity

    * Any dancing

    It's embarrassing really.

    1. The "anti-drag" bill is a prime messaging legislation.  It would lead government "to limit “adult cabaret performances” on public property so as to shield them from the view of children, threatening violators with a misdemeanor and repeat offenders with a felony."

      When would there have been such a performance on public property to include exposure to children? 

      If the law is crafted to stop any performance by a cross-dressing person, such as those in a library or school where people in drag read children's books to children and their parents, it should be slapped down by clear First Amendment precedents.  If it would stop theaters from presenting plays with cross-dressing characters, it would be banning some very popular Shakespeare productions.

      I saw this immediately after reading a Washington Post article (gift article link, no paywall)

      A ‘real man’ in a dress:  A small-town widow drives across Wyoming with a playwright to share the story of the Cowboy State’s most beloved cross-dresser: her deceased husband

      I continue to shake my head at why anyone would care if a guy wears plaid trousers, a plaid kilt, or a plaid skirt.

      1. "When would there have been such a performance on public property to include exposure to children?"

        These laws are targeted specifically at any gay pride celebration which typically include drag queens on public property (streets and/or parks). Never mind that they could be construed to include all sorts of other events that have nothing to do with gay pride (Jonathan Winters dressed as a grandma comes to mind). Also no high schools would be permitted to perform plays like Hairspray whose character Edna is traditionally planned by a man. And let's not even get into Kinky Boots (my legs are to fat to anyway!)

    2. Of course, Republicans consider going to the bathroom to be sexual. After all, their leader, Orange Jesus, was reportedly into water sports.

  3. Ken Witt continues to be bad at working with school districts. He should stop being put in charge of school districts in any way. He's like the Casper Stockham of school districts except Witt actually gets the job before failing.

    The district announced Wednesday it will move sixth grade from middle schools to the already existing three pre-K through fifth-grade elementary schools. The district said the new configuration is a better use of space for Woodland Park Middle School and a public charter school, Merit Academy.

    Teachers and staff members are upset because interim superintendent Ken Witt notified them of the changes on Tuesday. The move took place without consulting or collaborating with building administrators, students or parents, according to a group called Support Woodland Park Schools.


    1. The middle school concept is intended to corral young adolescents until they adjust to their rapidly changing minds and bodies. Why do they want to mess with that?  

      1. Even the back woods school I went to in Ohio grasped this concept. When I was in school we had a 4-4-4 system. K-4th was in an elementary school in one the 4 corners of our district (it was a huge rural district – lots of land mass, but very few people), then 5th-8th was in the Middle School and even there they segregated grades 5-6 in one part of the building and 7-8 in another. Then 9-12 was in the High School. Middle and High Schools were across the street from one another.

        Costs have forced the school district to consolidate all K-12 into one campus (newly built on the previous site of the Middle school), but even then they are segregated by building.

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