Neguse, Crow Top List of Most Effective Members of Congress

Rep. Joe Neguse (D-Boulderish)

We wrote last week about answering one of the bigger questions from the 2022 election cycle: Are Democrats in Colorado really a lot better than Republicans when it comes to both governing and campaigning, or are Republicans just THAT BAD? The answer, as we discussed, is simple: “Yes.”

Colorado Public Radio reports on another proof point in this regard:

Out of 435 U.S. House members, Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse came in top of the class for the 117th congress, at least when it came to getting bills signed into law, according to the website

The Boulder Democrat had 13 bills passed into law, either as stand-alone legislation or incorporated into larger packages, a record he said is reflective of a Colorado ethos of “rolling up our sleeves, finding ways to build bridges and work with people who might have a different worldview than your own to get things done.”

Neguse added he’s made it a priority to deliver results for the communities he represents, “so that means to me finding ways to get bills across the finish line, onto the president’s desk, [and] to pass laws that ultimately are going to have an impact on people’s lives here at home.”

Colorado Democrats are working hard on governing. Colorado Republicans are…doing other things. Congressman Joe Neguse (D-Boulderish) was responsible for the most success in enacting legislation, but Rep. Jason Crow (D-Aurora) was not far behind.

Here’s how Colorado’s Congressional delegation stacked up in the 117th Congress (2021-22) in terms of “legislation enacted” via

Legislation signed into law by sponsor for 117th Congress (2021-22).


There are a lot of other interesting numbers in the analysis…


Missed Votes

This is a good marker of the degree in which a Member of Congress is living up to the bare minimum of their job responsibilities. Colorado Republicans missed the majority of votes among the state’s Congressional delegation, topped by Rep. Ken Buck (R-Greeley); Buck ranked #29 for the largest percentage of votes missed in the 117th Congress (5.5%). Congressperson Lauren Boebert (R-ifle) ranked #102 (2.4%), and Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado Springs) checked in at #126 (2.0%).

None of the Democratic members of Colorado’s delegation missed even 1% of the total votes in the 117th Congress. Neguse led the way on that metric by missing just 0.1% of all votes.


Bills Introduced

Rep. Lauren Boebert is (probably) #1 in Tweets and near the top in Angertainment, but otherwise proved fairly useless in the last Congress.

Both Neguse (#3, 99 bills) and Crow (#24, 54 bills) ranked in the top quarter of all Members of Congress in terms of number of bills introduced. Boebert checked in at #62 with 41 bills introduced, many of which were silly resolutions attacking President Biden for one thing or another.

The rest of Colorado’s delegation rounds out thusly: Buck (#194, 25 bills); Rep. Ed Perlmutter (274, 18 bills); Rep. Diana DeGette (#303, 16 bills); and at his typical position in the rear, Lamborn (#350, 12 bills).


Bills Passed Out of Commitee

Neguse leads the way here (#5, 20 bills), followed by Crow (#23, 11 bills); Perlmutter (#75, 6 bills); and Lamborn (#93, 5 bills). DeGette and Buck tied at #183, with 3 bills each making it out of committee. Boebert tied for #379 by failing to see a single piece of legislation advance out of a committee hearing. 


Click here to check out the complete report card for the 117th Congress.

10 Community Comments, Facebook Comments

  1. davebarnes says:

    Which one will be our next Senator?

  2. Schrodingers Dog says:

    . Boebert tied for #379 by failing to see a single piece of legislation advance out of a committee hearing.

      cvThis contains an image of:

         And then there’s our Qbert….Making us proud.  (As usual)

  3. NOV GOP meltdown says:

    What, the "I'm Mad at Joe Biden Act" didn't pass???

  4. Early Worm says:

    At the risk of sounding ageist, these data points seem to suggest that if you want to get something done legislatively, you might want to elect someone who doesn't yet qualify for Medicare, with Boebert being the notable exception that proves the rule. 

  5. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Once again, Ken Buck is the star in the Colorado GOP Congressional delegation. 

    But it's a low bar to clear.


  6. DavidThi808 says:

    Are people here upset Boebert is ineffective???

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      Not upset that she's ineffective, upset that tax dollars are paying a salary for such a complete nincompoop. 

    • Washopingmylastpostwouldbemylast says:

      The question is non sequitur.  What anyone here wants or is upset by, or not, is completely independent of what Boebo has herself selected as her agenda and chosen as actions, and the negative and non-outcomes those produce. She is the agent of her ineffectiveness.

      Whether you or I root for the Broncos or their opponents does not affect in the slightest the score, and is immaterial to the outcome of any game.

    • Schrodingers Dog says:

        Not that she's ineffective, that's a good thing, bless her heart.  It's the guilty by association that bothers me. People could be inclined to think she's symbolic of west slope people/thought/ folkways, etc.  It's a "Defamation of Character" kinda thing. 

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