Democrats are Very Good AND Republicans are Very Bad

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The tide keeps turning…


Governor Jared Polis

In the aftermath of the 2022 election, there was a question that kept coming up among political observers — particularly in Colorado — that went something like this: Are Democrats really good at campaigning and governing, or is it just that Republicans are SO BAD at both? 

Nearly four months later, the answer seems pretty clear.

While Republicans remain hamstrung by MAGA extremists, Democrats are focusing on governing and proving to future voters that they are more than capable of being the adults in the room.

As The Colorado Sun reports today via its “Unaffiliated” newsletter, new polling numbers from a noted Republican pollster show that Coloradans are pretty happy with their Democratic leaders:

The poll, commissioned by the conservative education group Ready Colorado, revealed that 61% of participants view Governor Jared Polis favorably, compared with 35% who said they view him unfavorably, 3% who had no opinion and 1% who said they had never heard of him. It’s notable that so few participants didn’t know or have an opinion of the governor.

Additionally, 53% said they think “things in Colorado” — that’s how the question was worded — are headed in the right direction, while 41% said they think the state is on the wrong track and 6% said they were unsure.

That’s a solid majority of Coloradans who both approve of Gov. Jared Polis and believe that Colorado is headed in the right direction. 

Polling numbers aren’t as favorable for President Joe Biden, but that might be more of a casualty of the partisan/tribal nature of a post-Trump era of Presidential politics.

Via Bulwark (2/21/23)

As Jonathan V. Last writes today for Bulwark, the Biden administration is deftly handling perhaps the three most significant governing issues of the day:

Inflation is coming under control and we may be headed for a soft landing; which would be a tremendous achievement.

Biden’s response to Ukraine is the most deft handling of foreign policy by an American president since Reagan and H.W. Bush’s handling of the Cold War endgame.

And immigration?

Here’s the headline from CATO’s Alex Nowrasteh: “Biden’s New Border Plan Slashes Illegal Immigration.”

Writes Nowrasteh:

The total number of encounters along the southwest (SW) border with Mexico dropped by 37.9 percent in the month following President Biden’s new immigration and border plan.

Over the weekend, Biden made a surprise and unprecedented visit to Ukraine to reaffirm American support for its war against Russia. With air-raid sirens blaring in the background, Biden walked the streets of Kiev with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. As images of leadership go, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with something more powerful than this:

President Biden in Kiev, Ukraine


And how did Republicans respond? With the only note they know how to play: Blindly criticizing Biden. Former President Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the GOP’s nomination in 2024, even praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Via Rolling Stone (2/20/23)

There is no arguing that 2022 was a devastating cycle for Colorado Republicans. The top of the GOP ticket saw candidates for Governor (Heidi Ganahl) and U.S. Senate (Joe O’Dea) get hammered by double-digit margins. Elsewhere, Republicans spent more than $13 million to lose two seats in the State Senate and now holds the ignominy of the smallest legislative minority in state history (only 31 of 100 seats are held by the GOP).

On a national scale, Republicans fumbled a favorable Senate map by nominating nutball candidates, which allowed Democrats to actually gain a Senate seat and avoid having to rely on Vice President Kamala Harris as a tie-breaking vote. Republicans avoided a complete disaster by managing to eke out a smaller-than-expected five-seat majority in the House of Representatives. Just how unexpected was this squeaker? Eight months earlier, then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy confidently predicted, “We’re going to win the majority, and it’s not going to be a five-seat majority.”

“We’re going to win the majority, and it’s not going to be a five-seat majority.”

 — Kevin McCarthy in March 2022

McCarthy would end up being part of history in January…though not in a good way. McCarthy needed 15 different roll call votes to secure his role as Speaker of the House — something that hadn’t been seen in Congress since before the Civil freaking War.

Republicans are locked in a “Circle of Strife” here in Colorado as they look ahead to an increasingly-crowded field of candidates vying to lead the State GOP into 2024. Things aren’t much better elsewhere; Republicans chose an “election-denying demon hunter” as GOP Chair in Michigan and an ally of Donald Trump to be the new State Republican Party leader in Florida.

Over the weekend in Montana, former two-term Republican governor and onetime chairman of the Republican National Committee Marc Racicot was informed by the Montana Republican Party that a resolution had been approved in which it was declared that Racicot “would no longer be considered a Republican.” Racicot apparently had no idea that such a resolution was even being discussed.

The Republican Party is making national headlines for mostly bad reasons. At the same time, a Democratic President is racking up one policy win after another (and leaving plenty of oxygen in the room for other Democrats to claim their own victories), and elected Democrats in Colorado are proving voters correct for trusting them to govern the state effectively.

So, we ask again: Are Democrats really good at campaigning and governing, or is it just that Republicans are SO BAD at both? 

The answer is simple: “Yes.”

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    “Republicans are very bad…..” What still strikes me, still, is two of the best Rs in the State Senate bailing out last fall; Kevin Priola became a Dem and Bob Rankin, fed up, just resigned. 

    The MAGAs just aren’t smart enough to see what they’re doing. As long as the Ds play it cool, and Governor Polis will help in that, they’ll be in control for some time to come.

  2. ParkHill says:

    Democrats are very bad at brand management. To be fair they don't have multiple propaganda networks owned by billionaires.

    Republicans are very good at brand management. You could even say that's ALL they have. That works in rural areas and rural states, which gives them out-sized political power at the national level. Being tied to the MAGA brand is not very successful in states that aren't dominated by rural areas like Colorado.

    • Duke Cox says:

      That is a very astute comment. One of the major information battlegrounds in this culture war is defined by the dominance of a narrative controlled by a network of large, corporate, church related companies. The saturation of the MAGA message is stunning.

      From coast to coast, trust is betrayed daily by the likes of Geoge Santos, Kevin McCarthy, and the members of the Putin’s War Benevolent Society.

       The Republican party has become a den of thieves and liars…and traitors.

  3. coloradosane says:

    Democrats aren't trying to overthrow the constitution. 

    Whats left of GOP either sits on hands, says nothing or leaves party, or joins Boobert and gang in doing the bidding of confederates everywhere.  Secession is now constitutional and overthrowing government based on a lie is OK.  

    Luckily MAGA is a minority still.  

    Sadly if one is really a conservative there is NO VOICE for NON SEDITIONIST conservatives currently.  

    • Duke Cox says:


      We have a couple of moderately reasonable Polsters who continue to rearrange deck chairs on the rapidly sinking S.S.GOP.

      Until their recently depleted ranks can be somehow be miraculously replenished (I'm looking at you, Jesus!), they don't have enough voters to follow the leader they don't have to a re-taking of their party.

      The Army of the Lord is still behind the Demon of Mar-a-Lago.


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