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September 25, 2012 05:05 PM UTC

DCCC Swings Into Action Against Coffman

  • by: Colorado Pols

Democratic CD-6 candidate Joe Miklosi gets some much-needed air support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), in a new ad hitting back squarely at Rep. Mike Coffman’s message of being “the congressman for the middle class.” The ad touches on Coffman’s prior support for the “Personhood” abortion ban ballot initiatives, and the 2011 GOP budget proposal from Rep. Paul Ryan that Coffman voted for–note we’re talking about the 2011 “Ryan Plan,” the one that did fully replace Medicare with a voucher-type privatized system (note to fact-checkers). This ad is much better produced than Miklosi’s own TV spot, and the DCCC’s big pockets mean the ad will presumably be in solid rotation.

Not to mention, as we said in the inverse about the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) anti-Miklosi attack ad yesterday, these national players, and national dollars, are not brought to bear in noncompetitive races.

We’ll update with more information on the size of the buy, etc. once available.


13 thoughts on “DCCC Swings Into Action Against Coffman

    1. I think it was mentioned here, commissioned by the DCCC showing Miklosi down 39-42 to Coffman, with 71% still not having heard about Miklosi.

      It shows pretty well that neither Miklosi nor Coffman have done a whole lot to get the ball rolling to ensure a victory; Coffman hasn’t gone out to spread Miklosi’s name, and Miklosi hasn’t managed it, either.

      1. Nobody has ever heard of the Dem candidate.  

        Encouraging that we’re finally getting some money for TV, something recent candidates never got, but with such a huge name recognition imbalance it’s going to take a whole lot of TV ads to ever make a Miklosi type candidate truly competitive even in the newly drawn district. The ideal for a fresh start with the new district would be a very high name rec Dem star candidate combined with serious money from both the party and outside groups.

          1. I just don’t know if it’s going to be enough of an investment.  If so and we get Miklosi, great.  if not but, between the D-trip attention and the new boundaries, we don’t win but bust way past the usual 2 to 1 loss and make it a lot closer, great for next time.  That would get some high profile candidates interested in running as long as it makes D-Trip willing to commit to serious targeting.

            And I do think we have a great crack at a really significantly better showing, win or lose, with win still the more remote possibility. Wish I could be more positive than that and hope those of you who are prove me wrong. I’d much rather be pleasantly surprised than right. Maybe I should make that “correct” instead of “right” for clarity.  

            1. And it is much better than the last. Pretty excited about it.

              For many of us who endured Tancredo and Coffman for many years (twins from different mothers), it’s hard to believe CD6 finally has a truly competitive race, but the DCCC and lots of other national and statewide sources think this is very doable. Coffman’s pissed a lot of people off when he dissed the POTUS. Now, we just need locals to start sending more money to It’s not enough to complain about what a loser Coffman is, we need to help buy signs and ads.

        1. Getting national dollars will elevate Miklosi’s name recognition pretty quickly. Coffman’s ad might even play “well” (i.e. not in the way the NRCC meant) to otherwise discouraged left-leaning voters, giving them someone to vote for.

          The D-trip is doing some relatively late-season moves, adding Red-to-Blue candidates to their lists in the past week and perhaps more still through the remainder of the cycle. They smell the potential for a wave based on Republican forwardness on their real goals and Obama’s new-found openness against GOP obstruction. They want to get the gavel back so that we can get past the obstruction.

  1. Do what Nancy says.  Whatever happens it will be well worth it and will move us closer to taking CD6 out of the safe R category for the fist time in our history. Trust me, it won’t feel like flushing your money down the toilet as our campaigns have to date. This is a great op to finally get somewhere. Maybe all the way. Stranger things have happened. Worth the big push, regardless.  

  2. Coffman signed Grover Norquist’s “No New Taxes” pledge.  Coffman supports the complete repeal of the estate tax.

    I think most Americans are beginning to realize that these positions are protecting millionaires, not the middle class.  And the resulting gridlock is why Congress has an approval rating below used car salesmen.

    A Miklosi ad should be run that focuses on Coffman’s support for millionaires.

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