Joe Miklosi Last of Challengers to Hit Airwaves

Democrat Joe Miklosi will put his first ad on television tomorrow, making him the last of the major congressional challengers in Colorado to make it to your living room (metaphorically, of course). This doesn’t mean anything necessarily — Miklosi may simply be choosing to go heavier later in the month than others.

We’re not as impressed with this ad as those of, say, Sal Pace, largely because Miklosi seems to be trying to fit too many message points into one 30-second piece. And this isn’t a knock on Miklosi but on all candidates who use this language — we’re sick of the “Bring Common Sense Colorado to Washington” message. It’s played out.

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  1. Gadfly says:

    Sal does have the better of the two ads. The camera work in Joe’s ad is horrible and they could have had a more diverse group of extras.  His voice did not seem to be always in sync with his lips.  

  2. nancycronk says:

    but I also think Gadfly made some accurate points, too. Pace’s ads are like Bennet’s “little daughters in their bedroom” ad — sincere, realistic, and memborable. They give you a warm, fuzzy feeling that a lot of my friends would take right to the voting booth. Sal Pace is extremely charming in a down-to-Earth kind of way in real life, and he doesn’t seem to be affected at all by the cameras (just like little Anne Bennet wasn’t). Good for him!

    Joe’s a little more formal when he has attention on him, but one-on-one, his personality is very much like that of Pace — friendly, down-to-Earth and relaxed. Joe is also very funny and very thoughtful. I’d like to see this ad done at a micro-brewery (not a hoity-toity one) after Joe’s had a beer. Work sleeves should be rolled up and he should have a reason to laugh. I’d also like to see him listening to constituents a little. That would be the real Joe. Relaxed, caring, good listener.

    I like that Miklosi’s ads used real constituents from Arapahoe County. (Look closely. You may know some of them.) It was not a made in DC or Hollywood ad like Coffman’s ad appears to be.

  3. caroman says:

    I like the fact that he tied Coffman to the radical right agenda, and he does it in his own voice (not some deep bass announcer).

    Now he needs to keep up the pressure and tie Coffman even more to the Party of No.

  4. caroman says:

    I like that he tied Coffman to the radical right-wing agenda, and that he did it in his own, likeable voice (not some deep bass announcer).

    Now, he needs to keep up the pressure and continue to tie Coffman even more to the Party of No.

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