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January 23, 2023 07:53 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.”

–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


37 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. I am comforted that President Joe Biden takes classified documents so seriously that he has decided he has a greater ability to secure stolen documents in his office and garage, than the Federal government.

    But take his word to the bank, “ there is no there, there”, because the there, there, is not there any longer, they are there with the national archives or the FBI or the DOJ………pal, come on man!

    1. I saw a good editorial cartoon recently comparing Biden and Trump with their classified documents. Biden was carrying a folder and saying sorry for the oversight. Trump had many boxes and crying they're all mine!

      1. That is the difference. Biden is telling the investigators to keep looking and providing guidance as to where to try. Yammie-pie is throwing his considerable girth in front of doors, shouting, “There’s nothing to see in here!”

  2. If only we had a full body X-ray of Gavin Newsom as he stood behind Biden at the presser last week, we would have seen all the knives hidden on his body. Biden will not run for re-election, or if he does Newsom will be there to crush him.

    Do any of you doubt that Democrat insiders are working against Uncle Joe?

      1. I think I liked Pear and his nut case peers more when they were fixated on Hillary Clinton.

        They can’t stew in their misogyny with old Uncle Joe.

      2. What hobby could better and more interesting than making fun of a bunch of people who believe that their politicians and media tell the truth and the government is really working for them and in their best interest.

        1. Maybe making fun of someone who believes that someone who never paid the people that worked for him and bankrupted his own businesses would be a good world leader.  Or making fun of someone who votes for the people who do their level best to make sure government doesn't work while complaining about government not working.  

          Or making fun of someone who virtue signals their religion while showing that they have no principles.

          Or making fun of someone who is still butthurt at the guy that Rogered the shit out of him in  a primary about 5 years ago.

        2. "who believe that their politicians and media tell the truth and the government is really working for them and in their best interest."

          Compared to the crap that emanates from Orange Jesus' cake hole, our politicians and the media are relatively truthful. I have yet to see a Dem pol or anyone on MSNBC claim that drinking bleach cures COVID-19, that a Jewish space laser started the California fires, or that a cabal of kiddie diddlers is operating out of a pizza restaurant in DC.


  3. Will Ruben Gallego be the Ralph Nader of Arizona in 2024?

    A caveat:  I like Ruben Gallego and I dislike Kirsten Sinema. If Gallego were running in a Democratic primary against Sinema, I'd be rooting for him. Unfortunately, he isn't.

    The Arizona Dems have a decision to make. Like her or not, the center/left party may be stuck with her much as the Dems are stuck with Angus King in Maine and Bernie Sanders in Vermont. Sinema is obviously much more like King than Sanders but my point is that Dems in both Maine and Vermont give King and Sanders a pass.

    If it ends up being Gallego, Sinema, and a nut case to be determined later in a GOP primary, the nut case wins. There are simply not enough center/left voters in Arizona to allow either Gallego or Sinema to win if both are competing against one another.

    The only good news is that Arizona is not going to make or break a Dem majority in the Senate in 2025. We are probably going to lose West Virginia and Montana with no pickups of any Republican Senate seats regardless of what happens in Arizona.

    So, the Dems end up retaking the House making Hakeem Jeffries speaker while losing the Senate and making Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz majority leader.


    1. Honestly, I think if anybody becomes the Nader in this race, it will be Sinema.  She doesn't have a base.  The Dems, historically, would have been her natural base, but she has been alienating them for a long time, before she went indie.  Her approval numbers are lowest with Dems.  Republicans are not going to vote for her.  She could peel off some indies from Gallego.  Odds are she wouldn't pull from the Repugs.  At least not as much.  Some interesting tidbits:

      Gallego himself also publicized an internal from Public Policy Polling soon afterwards arguing that, while a Sinema campaign could make his task more difficult, she’d hardly ensure an automatic Republican pickup. The survey found Republican Kari Lake, an election conspiracy theorist who is still waging a court battle to overturn her defeat in last year’s race for governor, edging out Gallego 41-40 in a hypothetical contest, with Sinema grabbing 13%; when the incumbent was left out, however, Gallego led Lake 48-47.

      The Democratic firm Blueprint Polling, which did not poll for a client, also found Lake leading Gallego 36-32 as Sinema took 14%, but it did not release numbers testing a matchup without the senator.

      1. Sinema already is the Nader in this race. The questions in ftont of us are whether or not she even runs, and if Gallego can improve his statewide name recognition enough to further erode Sinema's support. The Republican choice of candidate is also a factor.

    2. Don’t rule out Jon Tester in Montana.

      Family members who live in that state maintain that the voters have an independent streak in them. Look at last November where Worthless Ryan Zinke got elected again. But Montanans supported womens’ reproductive rights.

      Also don’t rule out Joe Manchin. I know you Pols progressives don’t like him. But would you rather have him and maybe keep a Senate majority?

      1. I think Tester could make it again.  He, very much, is a western, small 'l' libertarian Democrat who represents Montana well.

        As for Manchin, I would be surprised if he makes it again.  The only reason why is because WV is moving away from Dems, and Manchin's numbers have been bad.  

      2. To be honest, I don't see a plausible path for the Dems to maintain a majority after 2024. They should start thinking about how to be an effective minority. The first step on that road is to get rid of the idiotic 60% rule. If it only takes 1 or 2 GOP Senators to go along with common sense legislation, they might be able to get something accomplished. If they get rid of the rule now, they even could get quite a bit done before Jan. 2025 rolls around.

      3. I would be okay with keeping Manchin. He is as left wing as anyone will get out of WV. He gave us Ketanji Brown Jackson, the infrastructure bill and the inflation reduction act. Oh, and Manchin contributed to getting to 60 votes on the partial codification of Obergefell. 

  4. Please stop responding to the troll. No one is listening to anyone else on those discussions and it pollutes the thread. (And in my case I see the torrent of verbal diarrhea and avoid the comments section for a week or two.)

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