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January 13, 2023 07:41 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

–Lao Tzu


36 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. I love your argument that your guy is only half as corrupt as my guy. Now the media is questioning old Joe’s ability to run for another term. Joe Biden makes Richard Nixon look like a Saint.

    No matter how much the First Gold Digger and elderly abuser wants to keep the title of First Lady, it’s not going to happened.

    You might as well start hyping the talents and competence of the Vice President. “It takes all of us”.

    1. Good to hear from you, Knucklehead. You are wrong,as usual, and you are still an idiot with a chronic case of myopia, but that isn't why I responded. It was to remind you that "saint" is not a proper noun…

      No capitalization necessary, unless followed by a name. As in, say, Saint Roger,the Afflicted.

      You're welcome.

    2. I used to think Pear was a bit out there but this is a wonderful example of mainstream Republican communication.

      Here Pear wins an "argument" by telling his argument opponent what they're saying so that he can argue for the win. This is most strategy is most used in arguments about abortion and guns.

      Then there's the juvenile name calling for no good reason which has become a classic strategy thanks to Trump mostly.

      Then this ends with my "favorite" strategy of taking things out of context to simultaneously make whatever point they think they're making and frame their opponent in the worst light possible. This strategy is used most often on social media. It's not meant to persuade. It's only meant to signal to other Republicans that they're one of them and to get replies that say stuff like "UR RITE!" and "F*ck them dumb-o-crats! Let's vandalize government buildings in the name of freedom!"

      All that's really missing is the projection but the day is still young.

    3. No he doesn't make Richard Nixon look like a saint.  Nixon committed egregious obstruction of justice.  And but for Ford's unwise pardon, Nixon would've been indicted and convicted.  Doubtful Biden can get indicted and even more doubtful he'd get convicted for this kerfuffle.  Your guy obstructed justice, lied about the docs, and is likely to find himself indicted in at least one jurisdiction by year's end.  But go on with your delusions

    4. Anyone who considers "the media" to be singular and appropriate for the verb "is" has a fundamental misunderstanding of how public communication functions in the United States of America.

      1. The person you are responding to has a fundamental misunderstanding of how anything functions.  But he likes to play the part of know-nothing know-it-all.

  2. it’s not going to happened.

    Good to know you still can't type for shit, chucklefuck.  Also, I don't think we need to see future predictions from the guy who said TFG would get reelected in 2020.  And, who, despite your bluster now, expected a much better 2022 election for the Repukes.  Your track record is almost as bad as he, who has not been seen here since October.

    So, if Biden makes Nixon look like a saint, what does TFG make Nixon look like?  God?

      1. Now you just need to accept the reality that TFG is more corrupt than every President since FDR.

        Speaking of healing, have you healed from your butthurt from getting Rogered by Mike Coffman?

  3. Move over Freedumb Fries, there’s a new sheriff in town!!  Merika!! (and thank you Biden Administration for disseminating the results of the scientific research.  Now, fully armed with this information, I can make a grown-up decision based on my circumstances.  In my case I don’t have small children in the home except for occasional grandpa visits…I’m planning to keep my gas stove).  

  4. Really??  "my guy and your guy" ……..if they broke the law smoke em. 

    Equivocation not a player in this situation.  As far as party " teams " your guy right now is George Santos ( if thats his real name). 

    Hey Wimpy Pear how does it feel to be in George Santos lead party? 

      1. CBS News said today

        Santos' major backers include a migrant smuggler, an unlikely Trump donor, the cousin of a sanctioned Russian oligarch and a convicted felon. 

        A controversial donor, who along with his apparent domestic partner gave a combined $34,500 to Santos, is Andrew Intrater, the CEO of a company which once had ties to a sanctioned Russian oligarch Intrater is the CEO of Sparrow Capital — an investment firm formerly known as Columbus Nova. Prior to the imposition of sanctions on the oligarch in 2018, it was listed in regulatory filings as an affiliate of Viktor Vekselberg's Renova Group, an aluminum, energy and telecom conglomerate.

        In his May 2020 campaign disclosure filings, he claimed to have no assets and a $55,000 salary from a previous employer. However, in disclosures filed just weeks before election day for his latest campaign, Santos claimed to have earned $750,000 in annual salary for the period between January 2021 and December 2022, as well as millions in dividends from his company, Devolder Organization LLC.

        That money is believed to have allowed him to loan $700,000 to his campaign. There is limited information on the company, no visible website to speak of and apparently nothing publicly known about the source of its earnings, and its ability to gather that amount of revenue in a just two years' time. Santos has claimed that some of his business profits arose from the connections he made at his previous employer, Harbor City Capital Corporation. Harbor City has been accused in an SEC complaint as being a "classic Ponzi scheme."

      2. Today's news adds Ponzi scheme profits to the list of money sources. Apparently Santos worked for an "investment" firm that was actually a Ponzi scheme, and knew it. Conveniently, a goodly amount of money came his way by various routes from the company's treasury just as investigators were cloding in.

    1. It's amazing watching the Party of Reagan, Robertson & Falwell (the elder Falwell, not the cuckhold with the pool boy doing his wife) now fawning over a pathological liar and practicing sodomite like George Santos. 

      At least he claims to be a homosexual. We may need to get Frau Neuschwangler to assess whether that, too, is fake. After all, Danielle can sniff out fake gays.

  5. While Rome burns…

    Congress has had the power under the Clean Air Act to end the blending of aromatics into our liquid gasoline supply for decades now. Additives that knowingly cost this country hundred of billions of dollars in direct and indirect health costs annually.  BTX (benzene, toluene, xylene) constitutes about 30% (by volume) of our liquid supply.  It could be replaced by advance biofuels, provided by America’s heartland from agricultural waste.  Yet, we sit here and watch a real public health disaster and lost economic opportunity in real time. 

    The problem? Getting past the API lobbying groups: the Blackwater of Capitol Hill (now headed by Joe Manchin’s ex-COS)

    That, and the complicity of ExxonMobil in this Freedumb charade:

     But fuck yeah…gas stoves.  Sigh.

    1. I am trying to follow the story on this "Burnergate" deal, but I am not sure where the lines are drawn.

      I suspect that, given time, the "invisible hand"  will make cooking (and so many other tasks requiring heat) with electricity so much cheaper than gas, that gas appliances of all kinds will fall out of favor and become expensive. The future is not in question, but the OilyBoyz will always resist.

      I am curious where the issue about gas stoves gained such momentum…among other things..

      But I am enjoying a delicious grilled cheese sandwich cooked on a propane fueled range…so…later.

    1. Nope … they hope to replicate the work of the 1830s Democrats, who were able to see the Whig censure of President Andrew Jackson and when they regained a majority, they voted to “expunge” the record. The Senate webpage at says

      a titanic struggle in the Senate of the 1830s between allies of Democratic president Andrew Jackson and the forces of Whig senator Henry Clay. Its most striking visual feature is a rectangular box, formed of thin black lines, which encloses 34 words. Inscribed by the secretary of the Senate on March 28, 1834, they read as follows: “Resolved that the President in the late Executive proceedings in relation to the public revenue, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws, but in derogation of both.”

      This message was placed in the Journal following the Senate’s vote to censure Jackson for actions related to his plan to remove government funds from the Bank of the United States. This censure, without explicit constitutional authorization, united the Senate’s “Great Triumvirate” of Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun against Jackson and his Senate ally, Missouri’s Thomas Hart Benton.

      For the next three years, Benton worked tirelessly to remove this blot from Jackson’s record and from the Senate’s official Journal. Early in 1837, with less than two months remaining in the president’s final term, and with majority control back in Democratic hands, Benton called for a vote. By a five-vote margin, the Senate agreed to reverse its earlier censure. On January 16, 1837, the secretary of the Senate carried the 1834 Journal into the Chamber, drew careful lines around its text, and wrote, “Expunged by order of the Senate.”

    2. I’m only surprised that it took them a week to get around to this. I figured this would have been Item # 1 on their agenda once My Kevin was elected speaker.

      By the way, have they rescinded the contempt citations against Bannon and Navarro? And if so, what does that do to the criminal prosecutions?

      1. Once handed over to the DoJ, the House has nothing to say in the matter.  At least, that's the way it is SUPPOSED to work. 

        Now that the House has revived the ability to target individual government employees by cutting the money supporting them, it could be different.

    1. There's a few of these this year, including one by a Democrat. Real vote fraud is rare, usually caught, and rarely sufficient to affect the outcome of a race. The NC-08 Congressional race fraud a few years back is the biggest I can remember.

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