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September 04, 2012 05:34 PM UTC

New Ad To Deliver Coors Coup de GrГўce?

  • by: Colorado Pols

Our friends at National Journal report:

House Majority PAC is up with another TV ad hitting a Republican challenger this morning. But there’s a bit more behind the new spot, which goes after Republican Joe Coors in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.

The ad…is part of a two-week, $500,000 buy in the Denver media market and criticizes Coors for “supporting and funding” Colorado’s failed personhood initiative. Coors donated $1,000 to the initiative, which would have banned abortion, in 2010, and he said in August that he wouldn’t support another try for the ballot measure. But it’s still a potent attack in Denver’s suburbs, where socially liberal voters have moved toward Democrats in recent years. This ad buy also serves as a neat example of why House Majority PAC exists in the first place.

Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter, the 7th District’s incumbent, doesn’t seem a likely candidate for a tough race after surviving 2010. Perlmutter’s district is more than 40 percent new to him, but it’s only slightly less Democratic-leaning than the old version of his seat. But Coors, from the wealthy brewing family, has already invested over $600,000 of his own money in the race and has run over $700,000 worth of TV ads, with another $1.8 million of TV time reserved between today and Election Day, according to Democratic media tracking.

Here’s the skinny: sources tell us that internal Democratic polls are much better for incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter than a poll distributed by the Joe Coors campaign showing Coors ahead. Especially with the message of Coors’ financial support for the “Personhood” abortion ban initiative properly introduced, Perlmutter moves from an on-paper competitive situation to a commanding position in this race–largely thanks to how that plays with suburban women.

Needless to say, a well-funded spot drilling on Joe Coors’ funding of an initiative to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest is not going to help Coors patch things up with the ladies. And it may just be the beginning: we’ve heard about another, previously unreported donation by Coors in support of “Personhood,” and other unsavory details about Coors support for persons and causes repellent to suburban women voters waiting to be “discovered.”

Despite the big checks Coors is writing to fund his campaign, what we hear from Democrats is they want this race relegated to sideshow status as quickly as possible so they can focus on pickups elsewhere in Colorado–and by making Coors Ken Buckstyle toxic immediately after Labor Day with women voters, they may have a formula for doing just that.


27 thoughts on “New Ad To Deliver Coors Coup de GrГўce?

    1. Don’t you think the thousands of unemployed, higher taxes and general economic distress in JeffCo will have the greatest impact on this election?

      ABCNews/WashPost poll showed 29% Right Direction, 69% Wrong Track.

      The two candidates offer different approaches to turning JeffCo and America back toward a path to prosparity.

      Compare and contrast within your lens of values these candidates, this is what its all about.

      Perlmutter: incumbant, green, voted with Oabma/Pelosi down the line, supports wind/solar subsidies, grocery store guy, wants more gun control, supports higher taxes and believes that without Obamacare the victims of the Aurora massacre would be refused healthcare.

      Coors: Developed and grew CoorsTek manufacturing, believes massive nation debt is a problem, has created jobs as private citizen, believes in smaller government and more local control. Not a beer, but does shop in grocery stores and has seen the impact of Obama’s policies on food prices.

        1. and incomes have fallen under Obama’s leadership.

          Unemployment is at 8.3%, Obama promised us that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. Worse Obama now has 42 consecutive months of employment above 8% under his belt.

          Median incomes have fallen approximately $4,000/year under Obama’s leadership.  Maybe that’s not a lot to you, but it is the difference in going to a charter school instead of a failing public one, putting enough food on the table for the family, and the economic impact is devastating when you look at the multiplier effects on taxes and job destruction.

          Gasoline and diesel prices are driven higher by heavyhanded regulation and restrictions. Gas has more than doubled from $1.85 when Obama took office to $3.83.

          Under President Obama our national debt has increased 50% from $10T to $16T.

              1. The little troll is trying to bait us into a debate on something completely unrelated by spouting off complete fabrications. So often we take his bait (see comments below), thus bringing attention and even some credibility to his fabrications – something I’m sure he enjoys very much.

                He managed to get parsingreality to spend time researching the history of gas prices simply to disprove something the troll already knew was a lie. This is his game. Get us to waste time disproving his lies rather than using that time to expose the truth about his misguided ideology. We fall for it every time.  

          1. Probably don’t even know what that means.

            Got any more total bullshit repetitive devoid of truth facts for us?  A little intertube research shows that the last time America saw $1.85 gasoline, it was 2003.  That was Bush’s first term, in case you are having trouble remembering.

            You are such a fucking factless fool, ‘tard.

  1. . . . sometimes you have to just step back and admire the high level of political discourse in this year’s campaigns.

    How many more days of this shit??

  2. Joe Coors is giving Ed Perlmutter a much tougher fight than anyone expected.  Ed has won every other race by 15+ points but will be lucky to win this one by more than two or three points.  The attack ad by House Majority PAC is kind of lame and hard to follow.  The new Joe Coors ad is also lame.  

    1. And Perlmutter is in so much trouble because?

      A. He has neglected his constituents

      B. Coors is a seasoned politician who knows how to win

      C. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Those who advocate for government control of peoples sex organs are in the minority and anyone who is motivated enough to donate to causes which demand allegiance to nebulous concepts of life beginnings is appealing to a minority of voters.  Women not so much.  Fazier was supposed to be the next great Republican hope to take him out.  Didn’t happen then either.

      1. The House Majority PAC is not spending this money because Ed Perlmutter has a walk off race.

        I am wondering if this race is diverting funds from ads helping Miklosi and Pace?  

        1. Coors only advantages going in are his money and name recognition. But, his name recognition is a double edged sword.  In these parts (the 7th District) Coors (the family) is as well known for their support of right wing politics as for they are for the beer (or the ceramics). It makes sense to spend this money early to reinforce existing views that Joe Coors is extreme. By all accounts Joe is a good guy and an experienced businessman. If you wait and let him define himself, you may be in trouble.

          1. Are they planning to spend any money defining Coffman and Tipton?

            I think CD 3 is going to be decided either way by less than five points.  The Perlmutter hard work and superior ground game probably wins it.  

        2. early so Dems. can focus on pickup opportunities in CD 3 & 6 in the later stages of the election cycle but I’m no more an expert in these matters than you are.  Reinforcing the theme of extremists may help the president in CD 7 too.  An up ticket benefit.

        1. The guy isn’t all that thrifty, after all.

          Hey, my main point in going there was this: follow the money. If Coors is talking about the benefits of alternative energy, I sez to myself, he probably has a financial interest in it, somehow. Case closed.

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