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October 02, 2006 10:44 PM UTC

Ken Gordon's Special Interest and PAC money

  • by: Krazy Ken

From ToTheRight:

I don’t accept special interest PAC contributions. — Ken Gordon

That Ken Gordon fellow sure is very insistent he has never taken any money from PACs and other special interests. But information made known to reveals not only is his claim patently false, but Gordon and his friends employ all manner of shady bookkeeping to hide special-interest contributions to him. In the end, in spite of his boasting otherwise, Gordon is beholden to left-wing environmentalists, unions, NOW and 527s.

PAC Donation From Ralph Nader-Linked Lobbying Group

Despite Gordon’s claim of never taking PAC contributions, on Oct. 23, 1992, his state House campaign accepted a contribution of $1,058.58 from Clean Water Action. Although it has a rather innocuous name, Clean Water Action is a liberal environmentalist group with extensive ties to ulta-liberal Ralph Nader. The organization was incorporated in 1971 in Washington, D.C., as a PAC and lobbying group.

NOW and CAPE: It’s Different If We Just Force Our Members To Give Directly — Really It Is

In 1998, the National Organization of Women PAC figured out a clever loophole in Gordon’s “pledge”: They could just have their members give directly to Gordon. The Colorado Association Of Public Employees also caught on to this technique, directing CAPE union members to give directly to Gordon’s campaign. Like most reasonable people, we fail to see the distinction between having a union give directly from its coffers and a union coercing its members to hand over checks.

527s, 527s and more 527s: 2006 Campaign Cashing In

The 527 group known as the Secretary of State Project has sent $7,733 Gordon’s way, according to the group’s Web site. Another 527 group, Heartland PAC, is diverting large sums of money to Gordon’s campaign and has its representatives holding fundraisers on his behalf. By passing the funds directly to Gordon from their national fundraising bases and sending representatives to fundraise on his behalf, they enable him to keep insisting his hands are clean.

Stay tuned for much, much more on Ken Gordon in the coming days…


9 thoughts on “Ken Gordon’s Special Interest and PAC money

  1. Didn’t you get your left-wing talking points sheet?

    Wacko environmental groups, Dem political machines, and labor unions aren’t “special interests.” Only evil capitalists and Republicans are “special interests.”

  2. Imagine – just imagine – that individuals donate to Ken Gordon’s campaign because the cause they support happens to endorse Ken.  It’s unheard-of.  It’s ghastly.  It’s… the most completely idiotic campaign finance attack I’ve heard against ANYONE.

  3. then you better back it up. I can certainly see it as being unethical for unions (or any other group, like churches) to even suggest that their members give money to any campaign, but I see no evidence of it given here. If it’s coercion, you better show someone from that union explaining what happened in detail. (Hint: links to reputable news websites that have articles about it are good.)

    Besides, I thought Nader was the Republican’s best friend. They sure tried to help out his campaign in 2004.

  4. If that’s the best dirt you could find Sen. Gordon’s got nothing to worry about.  NEWS flash in 92 the group clean water action was not a PAC.  Individuals are free to give as they like.  Nothing you said here proves that Sen. Gordon has taken a PAC.

    Mike Coffman on the other hand has taken tens of thousands of PAC dollars over his lackluster career.  I think if you ask the average voter who they’d rather have in office a guy who took a thousand dollars from an enviormental group 15 years ago or a guy who takes thousands of dollars from pharmicutical companies today Gordon would win in a landslide!!!!

  5. In 1992, Clean Water canvassed for Ken as volunteers but yet another partisan, Republican Secretary of State (Vicky Buckley) ruled that their work had to be reported as an in-kind contribution. So Ken promptly amended his report and wrote Clean Water Action a check for the value of their canvassing, to ensure that he had *not* accepted a contribution from a PAC.

    If the Republicans really want to discuss PAC money in this race, they have made a serious tactical error. In 1992, 65% of all the money contributed to Republican Mike Coffman’s campaign came from special interest PACs.


    Talk about beholden to special interests. What were those PACs buying? And get this–of those PAC contributions, about one out of every three dollars came from either a pharmaceutical PAC or an oil and gas group.

    Mike “65%-of-my-money-is-from-PACs” Coffman vs. Ken “not-a-single-penny” Gordon?

    I think Ken will be happy to let the voters decide.

  6. yep, just read the initial post again.

    it smacks of desperation.

    Union members donating their own money, writing individual checks to a candidate? God forbid!

    national groups encouraging individual citizens to write individual checks! oh, what could be worse than that?

    is this the best you’ve got?

    maybe the coffman camp has done some polling that shows he’s in trouble–in a year when republican incumbent insiders with ties to big special interest money are, shall we say, less than popular.

  7. Ken is honest, principled, and–if one takes a fair-minded look at things–has never taken a special interest PAC contribution. I’ve watched Ken work in the legislature, and he has truly been an independent voice for what is right, not one party over the other.

    Ken Gordon is a true statesman and will make a fine, fair, and independent Secretary of State.

  8. that was volunteer time. When the SoS at the time decided that was an in-kind donation, Ken wrote a check for $1,058.58 and gave it right back to them. Ken’s opponent in that race certainly took his share of special interest money, and as it turns out, his current opponent is drinking the Kool Aid too. Ken is squeaky clean. ToTheRight, you should fire the 6th grader who does your fact-checking.

    1. they just like to sling mud!  If this was true it would have come in Ken’s earlier campaigns its only coming out now cause Coffman is desperate.  I hear he just canceled his TV buy because he doesn’t have enough money.

      Nah Nah Nah ha ha good bye!!!

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