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October 02, 2006 10:05 PM UTC

Beauprez Camp Talking Up Tuesday Debate

  • by: Colorado Pols

Supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez are calling major Republican donors who have been critical of Beauprez’s campaign. The message is that the donors should be sure to tune in to tomorrow’s debate with Bill Ritter on Channel 7, hosted by George Snufalupagus, because Beauprez will unveil some “surprises.”

Tomorrow’s debate will likely be the biggest of the gubernatorial race, and the Beauprez camp is banking on a strong showing from their man to help raise money and jump-start an otherwise lagging campaign.


22 thoughts on “Beauprez Camp Talking Up Tuesday Debate

  1.   There was a fluff piece in the Denver Post yesterday. They tried to make her look relatively tame.  She said that she regretted her beastiality rant to the extent that it offended or hurt anyone’s feelings, but she didn’t regret what she said. 
      Sounds to me like she’s trying to give a non-contrite apology, which would be very Both Ways of her.
      Is she supposed to debate Barbara O’Brien?  THAT’S the debate I want to see…..

  2. When are you going to post some GOOD news for Republicans you lousy bunch of lefty do-gooding tree-hugging bleeding hearts???

    Oh, wait… Just read this post… well, that’s better, but watch out pols, the wing nuts have their eye on you!

  3. They’ve already lost three of the major newspaper endorsements.  The fourth will come this week, as well.  This “bomb” is likely too little, too late, and will no doubt come off as being a desperate attempt to shore up republicans. 

  4. … avoid the taint from Foleygate, especially with Stephanopolous lobbing the questions? I’ve looked around but haven’t found BB’s stand on whether Hastert, Boehner or Reynolds still have his support.

    ROD can at least say “time for a change” — does BB saying “time to get out before the House implodes” carry the same credibility?

      1. at about 3:20 pm (Colorado time) I called Beauprez’ office and posted his press sec’s response in the Foleygate thread — she said Beauprez was disgusted, wants fair trial, fair prosecution — and then, after a bit of pressing, said Beauprez supports Speaker Hastert and the Republican House leadership.

        Now that the Washington Times tonight is calling on the speaker to resign, we’ll see how long before that support erodes.

    1. Page’s were warned to stay away, or at least from being caught alone with “creepy Rep. Mark Foley,”..but wait…only Republican page’s were warned! Republicans left minors to be preyed upon by a sexual predator due to partisan politics.

      This is not about partisanship, but the allowance of the Republican Leadership under Dennis Hasster, Tom DeLay and now Boehner of a Pedophile in the grasp of young boys who admired their leaders. 

      Where does Bob Beauprez stand on that? Well, is he for or against the Republican leadership?  Didn’t Hasstert just make a trip out to stump for Beauprez?

  5. I bet they’re gonna slap some sort of legal action on Bill – just like they did with Zakhem in that race – during the debate.  Or maybe just before.  But it will be something like that.  Lawsuit. Frivolous complaints.  Requests for investigations.  FOIA’ing his emails.  You get the picture. Ritter – have your campaign attorney close by for this one.

      1. Should the response be “Bob, how do you explain being anti-judicial activism when all you do is sick your campaign attorney on all of your political opponents?  Have you ever run against someone you DIDN’t file some suit against?”

    1. the “Establishment Boyz” inside the beltway.  The Capitol Hill Club is rife with story after story of both Dems and Repubs covering each others arses.

      In the district they rant and rave about how much they dislke the person, back in the beltway they hold lovefests with each other.

      Happened with Mr. Hefley and Patsy Schroeder, and so the saga continues. 

      However, this time the neo-cons and hard-line conservatives are asking for Mr. Moderate Dennis Hastert to resign his position.  If the man knew, and did nothing then batton down the hatches betsy, a firestorm is brewing.

      Remember Folks:  Just as Mr. Crank found out, “It is not only that which we do, but also, that which we do not do for which we are accountable.” – Moliere

  6. This is Beauprez’s last shot at jump starting his campaign.  If it doesn’t work, look for the RNC to start pulling out in a hurry with support.  They are just hoping Beauprez doesn’t drag down O’Donnell.

    I expect to see something real desperate from Beauprez, something like accusing Ritter of letting Foley go on a noise complaint or something.

  7. Chances are, since Beauprez has pretty much telegraphed his intention to attack as hard as he can, Ritter is going to be ready.  He’s a capable debater, and I’m sure they’ve worked out on every scenario that Beauprez could try to spin into something.

    Bob is pretty mush-mouthed at the podium, especially if he gets knocked off the script a little, so I wouldn’t be suprised if Ritter decided to be aggressive as well.  If he can fend off Bob’s big “suprises” (kinda doubt they will be much of that, as the Beauprez campaign has already had significant problems living up to their own hype this year), as well as come back hard and throw Bob for a loop, that would be pretty near a killing blow for BWB. 

    It’s an opportunity for Ritter just as much as Beauprez.  Let’s see, who’s been the more compitent campaigner so far . . . yeah I’d say big money on Ritter as being labeled the decisive victor, suprises and all.

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