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December 16, 2022 10:14 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“There’s nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow stripe and dead armadillos.”

–Jim Hightower


22 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

      1. I have not used cash in the USA for the last 3 years. Not once.
        Only used €150 in cash during our recent 3.5 week trip to Italia. Only used a physical credit card twice. The remainder of the trip was ApplePay.

    1. I hardly ever use cash for anything anymore. The only time I have any on me is when I am selling books at a festival so I can make change as needed. Even then I price everything in multiple of 5 so I don't need $1 bills or any coins.

      I don't even mail gift cards. I send them electronically to the kids/grandkids who all live far away now.

  1. Go Orediggers.  Mines is the only football team in the state playing for a trophy.  I think their transformation into a fossil fuel football factory started when the extraction industries had them change their eligibility rules so the players could take Quantum Mechanics instead of Theoretical Physics.  Now the athletes can graduate with civil engineering degrees.  Oh those diabolical extraction industry supporters.

    1. Mines may have a post-season play-off.  But Air Force Academy got to one of its goals:

      Air Force clinched the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy outright with a 13-7 win in the 2022 Commander's Classic against Army in Arlington, Texas. The victory gives the Falcons a series-best 21 victories in the 51 years of the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy competition, but it's the program's first outright win since 2016.

      They will have one more chance to play, going against Baylor U. on Thursday, Dec. 22, 7:30 p.m. ET at Amon G. Carter Stadium, Fort Worth, Texas in the relatively meaningless Armed Forces Bowl.

  2. The most disappointing Colorado story I read this morning. CPR on the Aldrich 2021 accusations.

    Club Q: Judge warned of LGBTQ bar attacker’s shootout plans in 2021

    The 2021 charges against Aldrich — who had stockpiled explosives and allegedly spoke of plans to become the “next mass killer” before engaging in an armed standoff with SWAT teams — were thrown out during a four-minute hearing this past July at which the prosecution didn’t even argue to keep the case active.

    [Judge Robin] Chittum, who received a letter last year from relatives of the grandparents warning that Aldrich was “certain” to commit murder if freed, granted defense attorneys’ motion to dismiss the case because a deadline was looming to bring it to trial.

    Hope this can be vividly remembered if the current DA runs for ANY office again. 

    1. Yes that story is in DP today too.  It is confusing to me – evidently the gparents sang a different tune also when it got to hearing and declined to testify.  The DA certainly looks bad but the family denial contributed.  And the judge couldn't find a work-around.  As I read it, sounds like there may have been multiple contributing circumstances to this tragedy.  I think we are not to the end of this story.

      Then on the same page the Post reports on FBI apprehending some young guy wacko in Minn who was stockpiling weapons to prepare for a mass murder/ambush/suicide with law enforcement.

      So you figure – 1 out of every 100K or 1M (or whatever) 18-25 yr old guys out there is twisted to some extent.  Surround them with hateful disinformation on the internet and provide easy access to military weapons.  Red flag laws are entirely worthy and certainly help (if they are used, ugh) but this shit is just going to keep happening until we change the underlying drivers.  We see the problem but we have political stasis to do anything — because imo a sizeable fraction of Repubs are terrified that they need their guns to defend themselves from brown people, vaccination police, etc. It's going to take time and effort to change that dynamic.



    2. This was so obviously going to turn into a disaster. They had multiple avenues to stop it, the red flag law or just prosecuting him on the crimes he committed. And they didn't do any of it.

      The people who didn't do their job here should be fired. The elected ones should be recalled. They failed on the basic fundamental job of keeping people safe from a clear threat.

      1. Not a disorder, just an homage to his hero, Adolf Hitler. All nouns in German are capitalized. Of course, Darth Tweeter doesn't know the difference between a noun and an adjective.

        1. Same thought I had. And if you use your imagination, you might think #Trump is Hitler reincarnated – just born into a very dysfunctional, wealthy family this time. . . .

    1. Trump learned his lessons well …. he never says the "dealt with" action has to be violent, so he stays within the "Free Speech" area of discourse.  

      Here's hoping the object lessons of the J6 offenders, Michigan Militia, and some of the other RWNJ MAGA-nates are beginning to be repetitive enough to sink in.  Hearing and then acting on the stochastic terrorism discourse brings real consequences: potential injury or death when law enforcement reacts, arrests and being held in jail until the court processes can handle the case, loss of income, expenses for a criminal defense attorney, prison sentences after pleading or being found guilty, loss of Second Amendment rights, and long-term stigma from the criminal charges.

      This past week, I found it humorous to read of some in the midst of their consequences make statements about suffering for an NFT salesman. 

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