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December 08, 2022 01:11 PM UTC

Post-Election Media Bashing: Conservative Radio Is 'Only Way We Got Our Voice Out,' Says Ganahl

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Preach only to the choir? — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

“What really was frustrating to me is that the public, the people of Colorado, didn’t get to hear my heart. They didn’t get to hear who I am, or how I wanted to solve problems for them because [the news media] were so jaded and cynical, cynical and selective,” Heidi Ganahl told KOA radio host Mandy Connell last week.

“I would have a conversation with a reporter for an hour and talk all about policy and what I wanted to do. And the headline would be — what do you think?”


“Furries! Furries!” responded Connell.

“Or election deniers or you know. …” said Ganahl.

Ganahl said the situation with the media is “not fair to the people of Colorado.”

“Look at what’s happening with Twitter right now,” she told Connell on Dec. 5. “That’s not fair to the Americans who could have made a different decision about what they were going to vote if they knew what happened with the Hunter Biden story or pick your pleasure, whichever story they covered up. But in a smaller scale that happened in Colorado because we could never get our message out.”

In the end, Ganahl is left thinking that “conservative radio in Colorado is the only way we got our voice out.”

Ganahl is not the only failed conservative candidate in Colorado who’s said that conservatives should avoid media environments where challenging questions might pop up — and instead focus on their own platforms.

In the runup to his loss in 2020, former Sen. Cory Gardner, a Republican, said that to win, conservatives should skirt the media’s “pre-approved filter” and speak directly with constituents in order “to get our message around the people who want to twist or turn it or ignore it.” Gardner once told a right-wing talk radio host that the media is biased against “people like us.”

Asked by Connell if she regretted not accepting an offer during the campaign to debate on 9News, Ganahl said, “No, Mandy, I don’t. I just, I have no respect for [9News anchor] Kyle Clark. He does not treat women well. And I’ve spent the last couple of decades of my life working on helping women, lifting them up, and teaching them how to be strong and bold and speak up for themselves. And at the end of the day, we tried to negotiate something with 9News where he had a woman with him instead of Marshall. Nothing against [9News political reporter] Marshall [Zellinger]. We just to make a point, said, ‘You need a woman’s perspective up there to counteract his attitude towards especially conservative women.’ And they wouldn’t do it. And so at that point, it was like, ‘Fine, then never mind, I am going to put my money where my mouth is and stand up like I tell other women to do and say no, even if it will cost me, you know, some name recognition.’ But I also, you know, we had four other debates that were really good that people could watch online.”

On the other hand, Ganahl praised CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd’s coverage of the furry story, which first appeared in the Colorado Times Recorder, but she lamented that “nobody paid attention” to it because it came out late.

Meanwhile, with respect to her Democratic opponent, Gov. Jared Polis, Ganahl told Connell, “The media covered up for him and let him do his thing.”


16 thoughts on “Post-Election Media Bashing: Conservative Radio Is ‘Only Way We Got Our Voice Out,’ Says Ganahl

  1. Amazing, Ganahl complains the media covered "furies" and "election deniers" instead of her "message." But Heidi you did say there were "furies" in our schools using litter boxes as bathrooms and you did nominate an "election denier" for lieutenant governor. Don't blame the media for covering the wacko things you said and did. And by the way, when you take ridiculous positions ("furies"), still unsupported by evidence even though you said you had it and was going to release it which you never did, and nominate and "election denier," who unequivocally is one, you cannot blame the news media for informing the public. Lesson No. 1 in politics:  If you say it or do it – you own it. 

  2. Ganahl needs to do a fast, very fast, disappearance from the political scene. The longer she stays around, the more she resembles a clueless fool. And I say that still being a registered Republican.

  3. So. you choose not to speak to all the media and then get mad that all the media didn't cover your race or your heart? OK, noted, now let's move on. She no longer needs to worry about the media covering her, there is nothing to cover her for.

    On another note…. Prime Time!

  4. I don't understand why this woman hasn't simply gone away. Do we ever hear from Walker Stapleton anymore? Or Bob Beauprez? Or Dan Maes? 

    Nobody was buying what she was offering in November. Why is she still hawking the same crap?

    Get a life, Heidi!

    1. Pols has a thing for her.  They can't stop publishing stories of her buffoonery.  I'm thinking they need some therapy to break their obsession with her.

  5. You cannot win elections by preaching only to your own choir. Ganahl et al. seem to think that they have enough Republican votes in Colorado to win without trying to sway any Democrats or unaffiliated voters to their side. But the Republican Party has the fewest registered voters of the three groups. That strategy is doomed to fail every single time.

    Politics is about coalition-building. It's about forging compromises in the interest of expanding the number of voters who support your party and your candidates.

    This state's Republican Party, and increasingly the national Republican Party, has abandoned that basic precept in favor of moving ever more right in order never to be accused of any sort of moderation.

    Yes, for now, the GOP holds the U.S. House of Representatives. That's thanks to a ridiculous boundary drawing effort in New York, outright gerrymandering and voter suppression in several southern states and in Wisconsin, and a virtual lock on the rural midwest. But as population continues to grow in the "blue" states, they will get more seats in the House overall and eat away at that edge. 

    I doubt the Republican House majority in DC will survive the 2024 election, though of course they may mount a comeback down the road sometime. 

    Meanwhile, in this state you'd have to be either completely uninformed or wholly trusting of "news" sources like FOX, talk radio, and various Facebook mouthpieces for Christian fascists and Russia to support the array of fools that dominate this state's GOP.

    1. I keep wondering what sort of information she was making decision on. 

      Does ANYONE think that Ganahl insisting on having a woman as a part of a political "debate" panel was making a statement about representation of women? 

  6. One of the four conservative/talk radio stations in Denver has 46 hours a week of LOCAL Republican talking points and CANDIDATES.  The rest of the hours are taken up with national talk radio, so-called Conservative and Vote Republican talk show hosts.  During Drive time, you cannot get a local weather report or traffic report on am radio without listening to Republican babble.  With the exceptin of sports talk on KOA….which is so much "fun" now to hear.

    I think the Republicans lost the state because they had TOO much local radio/media coverage.  FOX News does broadcast on TV in the state.  People really had to listen to the garble  goop coming from the candidates, with the possible exception, sometimes, of O'Dea.

    A word about Heidi and the "Furries".  It is outrageous and unconscionable that anyone, let alone a candidate, would target children and their teachers in schools, right now.   Her rant was unsubstantiated.  I hope nobody believed it.  Heidi diesappear?  I wish she should go straight to…..

  7. For fucks sake. Ganahl refused to talk to most local media then when she did SHE is the one who brought up furries and that's the fault of local media?!

    Getthefuckouttahere with this!

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