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November 30, 2022 09:32 AM UTC

At Least He's Not Your Loser Senate Candidate

  • by: Colorado Pols
Mehmet Oz, Joe O’Dea.

As the Philly Voice’s Michael Tanenbaum reports, defeated Pennsylvania GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mehmet Oz is finding his once-bankable star power has faded after Oz’s nasty and unsuccessful bid to hold Pat Toomey’s seat:

“I can’t imagine ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ being rebooted at this point,” Robert Thompson, professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University, told The Wrap on Monday.

The tabloid RadarOnline quoted an unnamed insider who said Oz is now being confronted with the stark reality of having entered politics, which inherently makes him more of a divisive figure than he was previously.

“He can’t even get a word with his former producers,” the unnamed source said. “Dr. Oz is a social creature who likes to hear himself talk, and it’s beginning to dawn on him that he’s just not wanted in Hollywood circles anymore.”

Another unnamed source described Oz as desperate to get his show back…

In Dr. Oz’s case, the problem may not solely be political baggage. We’re not sure if Oz was ever what you’d call a credible source of medical knowledge, but in the last few years his show witnessed a descent into wholesale quackery that punched large holes in Oz’s credibility even before he became Donald Trump’s anointed candidate to run for the Senate in Pennsylvania. It’s a much greater problem than for example Colorado’s U.S. Senate loser Joe O’Dea faces, since Democrats will still need O’Dea to pour concrete on the public projects that always made up the bulk of O’Dea’s business.

But in the same way we can’t imagine Heidi Ganahl’s motivational slogan business having the same appeal after Ganahl’s disastrous campaign spent courting Colorado’s hateful political fringe, it will be even harder for at least half the country to believe anything Dr. Oz says now. It’s probably time for Oz to hang up broadcast TV and join the conservative speaking tour circuit, which won’t be as lucrative as Oz’s Oprah-blessed former career.

It’s reasonable to speculate that O’Dea regrets running. Before the end, Dr. Oz may regret it much more.


10 thoughts on “At Least He’s Not Your Loser Senate Candidate

  1. Everything and everyone that Trump touches turns into shit. Oz should have seen that coming. Maybe he can move back to Turkey and reinvent himself.

    1. Teevee show or not, there's still billions to be make in the online quackery promotion biz. Twitter is reportedly anti-vax and COVID-crankery friendly again, for instance, and all those smoothbrains who watched ol' Mehmet's show on a regular basis didn't just disappear. Oz will be just fine.

    2. Dr. Oz won't miss meals …. his fortunate marriage into a rich family assures a prosperous future.

      By many accounts, Dr. Oz is a competent physician — he could go practice and probably eke out a living.  He might not be able to go back into cutting-edge cardiothoracic surgery (he retired, and out of practice (and aging) hands are not as dextrous as they once were.  But SURELY he could find an insurance company to hire him to review claims. 

      If he wants to stay in the entertainment business, perhaps he could get a bargain by purchasing the assets of Alex Jones.

    1. I thought Ganahl had totally sold Camp Bow Wow, so she wasn’t managing (or profiting from) further operations. 

      And assuming clarity and disclosure — the “conflict of interest” in spousal relationship seems pretty far-fetched to me.  One of nine Regents to the President of the system, to Chancellor of the campus, to Athletic Director, to some variety of operations officer who may actually be involved in negotiating and initial approval.

      And it can’t be much of a contract. As one CU professor with a long-time interest in athletics.points out:

      Folsom Field sits unused almost all of the time and is one of the university’s least-exploited resources. It hosts a half-dozen football games per year, the finish line of the Bolder Boulder 10k race every Memorial Day, July 4th fireworks and maybe a concert or two (though not in the past few years). The other 355 days of the year it sits completely empty.

      U of Colorado has a bunch of issues to address — Ganahls’ conflict of influence is WAY down the list.

      1. According to this glowing bio piece, Ganahl still “franchises”, although VCA acquired it. I think that meansthat she still makes $$ from the business. 

        As far as hubs’ various  BBQ joints, my main point was that the Ganahls won’t be hurting for cash any time soon. Secondarily, CU regents should avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. I’d love to hear what our new CU regent-elect, and Polster, Wanda James, thinks about it. 

  2. It’s kind of amusing how many of these dirtbags were living rich and easy before they decided they also needed to run for office, which then shed a light on all of their problems, flaws, and corruption. Dr. Oz could still be selling his snake oil, Hershel Walker would still be just another rich former football player without the knowledge of all the kids he’s denied and his history of violence. Plenty of them, like O’Dea, wouldn’t have wasted tens of millions of their own dollars just to get publicly humiliated.

    It’s like they go double or nothing with their personal lives just to try to get in the Senate.

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