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November 23, 2022 10:43 PM UTC

Thanksgiving Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols


30 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend Open Thread

  1. Something to be thankful for: Mary Peltola beat Sarah Palin in the Alaska at-large House District ranked-choice election. Huzzah! Let the Grizz Mom fade into merciful obscurity. Peltola will be the first Native person to represent Alaska in the House.

    1. And let us be thankful that Mary Peltola increased her percentage margin. 

      Special election –

      Primary – June 11, 2022 – 10.1% (4th place),

      General – August 16, 2022 – 40.2% (1st), 51.5% (won)

      General election –

      Primary, August 16, 2022 — 36.8% (1st place)

      General, November 8, 2022 — 48.6% (1st), 49.2% (1st), third 54.9% (won)

  2. I am thankful to have escaped my libertarian blindness to reality.  Warm greetings from the San de Cristos on Thanksgiving Day. We almost got boobert and in 24 months the long painful wasteful time with her will be over. 

  3. Happy turkey day from the East Coast.  Still a Colorado gal and remembering all the great Thanksgiving Days back there.  Including standing in a couple feet of snow smoking ducks, geese, and turkeys for T'Day.

  4. CREW mentions Boebert's rank among the Trumpers.

    Since January 20, 2021, members of Congress, state government officials and candidates for office have visited Mar-a-Lago and Trump’s other properties more than 500 times—putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in Trump’s pocket in an effort to curry favor with the Republican kingmaker….

    After the violent insurrection at the Capitol some Republicans in Congress signaled their intention to stand up to Trump. Since then, 67 senators and representatives have visited Trump properties 187 times. Among them are some of the biggest devotees to Trump and the Big Lie. Matt Gaetz has made the most visits (13), followed by Lindsey Graham (12), Madison Cawthorn (10), Lauren Boebert (9), and Marjorie Taylor Green (8)….

    For every photo posted or dollar spent at a Trump property, these visitors are reinforcing Trump’s vast importance on the right. Whether or not Trump’s run for president in 2024 is successful, it’s clear that his corruption is here to stay.

    Hope someone is able to take the time to go through the Boebert FEC filings to demonstrate Boebert's ROI from the trips to see Trump.

  5. Narcissim Radicalism Maelstrom. Elon Musk has opened twitter up to all the far-right fraudsters.

    There is an excellent explanation about Musk from Josh Marshall. He explains a lot of the coded language that I didn't understand. 

    Let’s start with the simple observation that it’s not ideal to have the owner of one of the world’s largest and most influential communication platforms operating in a social and political milieu of white nationalists and international outlaws. What captures my attention, though, is the process, the trajectory. It’s what we might call a narcissism/radicalization maelstrom and it’s at least somewhat similar to what you could observe with Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016.

    It’s clear that Donald Trump had dark political impulses and beliefs going back decades. He put his cards on the table pretty clearly when he announced his presidential campaign with denunciations of Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. But the politics wasn’t as fleshed out ideologically or as clearly articulated as it would soon become. You could watch in his online interactions how his ego followed the praise and fawning. His narcissism pulled him toward the people who became his most loyal online devotees and they were routinely and unsurprisingly the most ardent white nationalists and far-right agitators. They showed up increasingly in his Twitter timeline. He started engaging with them and promoting them. The point isn’t that Trump was some kind of naif pulled into a radicalization spiral. He had all the building blocks. I doubt very much that in mid-2015 he had any real familiarity with the arcana of racist and radical right groups, their keywords or ideological touch-points. But they knew he was one of them, perhaps even more than he did. They pledged their undying devotion and his narcissism did the rest.

    We’re seeing something similar with Elon Musk. There are various theories purporting to explain Musk’s hard right turn: a childhood in apartheid South Africa, his connection with Peter Thiel, disappointments in his personal life. Whatever the truth of the matter, whatever right-leaning tendencies he may have had before a couple years ago appear to have been latent or unformed. Now the transformation is almost complete. He’s done with general “free speech” grievance and springing for alternative viewpoints. He’s routinely pushing all the far right storylines from woke groomers to great replacement.

  6. Colorado is the basis for a “REPUBLICANS ‘R’ REVOLTING” column in the WAPO.

    You already know the content — Republicans lost bigly and Boebert barely squeaked through. 

    But the headline, the writer, and the conclusion of the WAPO column struck me as interesting:

    For evidence that GOP ‘angertainment’ isn’t working, take a look at Colorado

    By Jim Geraghty, the senior political correspondent of National Review

    During the Trump presidency and into 2022, a lot of Republican candidates believed that what appeals to the Fox News audience would appeal to enough people in the entire electorate, districtwide or statewide, to win a race. The midterms showed how mistaken that is; Boebert hanging on to her seat by her fingernails suggests that the outlandish, in-your-face, larger-than-life social-media viral personas that attract Trump and perhaps the network’s bookers is just barely enough to get you to 50 percent in a Republican-leaning district.

    Colorado Republicans need some new ideas and new approaches for 2024. They’re in a mountain of trouble.

    1. "new ideas and new approaches for 2024"

      One way to find out quickly if this might indeed happen is to check introduced bills at the Legislature in 2023. If there is yet another "ban abortion, pro-life" bill introduced, then those "new ideas" and "new approaches" likely won't happen. Same if there's another bill to expand gun rights.

    2. Fat Donnie from Queens has a Ye problem…(pot, meet kettle)

      Donald Trump Calls Kanye West a ‘Seriously Troubled Man’ After Mar-a-Lago Dinner

      In a video posted after the Mar-a-Lago dinner — which reportedly got heated after West, who is planning his own presidential run in 2024, suggested to Trump that the former president be  hisrunning mate — West claimed that Trump was “really impressed with Nick Fuentes.” Trump previously wrote on Truth Social that he “didn’t know” Fuentes.

    3. Colorado Republicans have a new idea or new approach?

      To paraphrase Churchill, if they tripped across either one they'd pick themselves up and carry on as though nothing had happened.



      1. I like this Speaker scenario, which I may have mentioned before. Looks like the Rs will have a 222-213 edge. McCarthy doesn't have the votes.

        Next best option to Greasy Mac is 6-7 common sense Rs nominate somebody like Rep Don Bacon (R-NE) or Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) as Speaker, with all the Dems voting yes. 

    1. In this election, the country's voters were closely divided.  But as Michael McDonald of the US Election Project has it,

      Preliminary Turnout: 112,143,104 voters

      Voting-Eligible Population: 239,470,150 people

      Preliminary Turnout Rate:  46.8%

      So, our country is divided something more like == 23.5%,  23.3%,  53.2%

      Feeling a bit better about Colorado, at 58.5% (6th place).  But Tennessee: 31.6%.  West Virginia: 35.7%.  Mississippi 37.1%.  Alabama  37.7%. 


  7. Pols, here’s a new feature udea dor slow news days:

    Who said the dumbest thing today?

    Here!s Herschel Walker’sentry:

    And our own local genius, not to be bested in the dumbdown sweeps:



    1. Numbers I've seen suggest the "wrongfully silenced" were a fraction of the estimated "number of monetized monthly active users of 237.8 million." And we'll get some estimate of the changes next month —

      I liked the description of RealClear Media Fellow Kalev Leetaru, who says "The Data Show Twitter Is Far From Dying."  After pointing to remarkable stability of observable statistics, he describes the forum this way:

      Twitter is increasingly an echo chamber for elite voices. Of 400 million tweets sent each day, more than half are merely retweets. Nearly 80% mention another user, but just over 20% are in the form of replies to another user. In essence, the Twitter that Elon Musk purchased is an echo chamber of a small group of elites to whom hundreds of millions of non-elites listen, amplify, and shout at into the void in the vain hope that they, too, will achieve viral fame.


    2. 1990, huh? One of my nephews was born that year. He’s the most politically aware and engaged of them all, and never misses an election. His wife is a Brit, and when she gains her American citizenship, she’ll be right there with him.

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