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November 07, 2022 11:20 PM UTC

2022 Midterm Election Day Open Thread #1

  • by: Colorado Pols

You won’t believe what happens next.


52 thoughts on “2022 Midterm Election Day Open Thread #1

  1. So much for that grand coalition of young voters, women and people of color uniting with white liberals …

    GOP Gaining Support Among Black and Latino Voters, WSJ Poll Finds – WSJ

    Did it ever occur to anyone that those who went through the process and arrived legally in this country might resent those who entered the country otherwise?

    Did it ever occur to anyone that promoting democratic socialism might freak out those immigrating from places like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela? 

    Did it ever occur to anyone that the student loan debt forgiveness program would piss off those who paid their debts while doing nothing to get loyalty from the ungrateful program beneficiaries?

    Did it ever occur to anyone that some of those newly registered women voters are actually anti-choice and pro-birth women?

    Did it ever occur to anyone that some of those pro-choice women voters are also concerned about prices going up and are not single-issue voters?

    I guess the "good news" for my lefty friends is that with the loss of a lot of swing districts represented by DINOs, the screwballs in the Squad will have a louder voice come January. 

    1. You thought about these issues because you have common sense. Your party leaders are singly focused on climate change and gender fluidity, they cannot discern the problems relevant to working people.

      Climate change is a fraud. The world will not end in 12, 24, or 100 years because of oil and gas. As long as you allow the loudest and angriest voices of people like the Squad to be unchallenged you will continue to lose.

      1. Lacking critical thinking here, Pear.

        Global warming is a real and immediate threat to millions of people's lives and livelihoods and international markets. The science is solid and credible.

        On the other hand, transgenderism, gender-identity, gender fluidity is not scientifically based … this is a social/political phenomenon.

        The problem for knee-jerk right-wingers is the same for knee-jerk lefties, this my tribe or war mentality.

      2. It’s hilarious to watch you spout transparent and pathetic reducto ad absurdum arguments and weak Boeberistic ad hominem insults while also clearly believing your self to be both the most intelligent person in the room AND the arbiter of “common sense”. 

        Here’s a clue, son: No part of climate science says that climate change will “end the world”. That’s not how science works, at all, no matter what Joe Rogan and/or Mark Levine told you. Again, you mistake your own grade-school level received anti-knowledge for valid argument.  

        And this is Colorado, dude: there is no “Squad” here: that’s just AOC, tapdancing in your fevered imagination from halfway across the country. But that makes sense, too: you know very well that Ganahl and O’Dea are going to lose bigly tonight, so there’s fine motivation for you to focus on other races so that you can maintain your weird little bubble of fallacious logic and your illusion of Republican ascension. 


      3. If climate change is a fraud, why does the Pentagon take it so seriously?  Climate change is a fact and you either understand it or you don't.  And clearly you don't.  Phoenix is likely to be uninhabitable in the summer in 50 years.  The science is settled even though it doesn't fit your preferred narrative.  The world will not end in 100 years, but a whole lot of people are going to die because of climate change.  It's an existential threat to the human species, though the earth would probably be better off without humans on balance. 


      4. The Southwest is suffering its worst drought in 1200 years..  The Mississippi is so depleted barges can't move.  And Pear thinks it's all a liberal hoax.

        Boy are you dumb.

        1. Some of the biggest success I had at my company came from our looking at why we failed on something, truly understanding where we went wrong, and making the changes required, no matter how hard.

          It's not pessimism, it's understanding why we failed and addressing it. My worry is that to avoid hurt feelings we don't make the changes we need.

            1. Sorry, Pear. But too many in the far right quadrant of the GOP put the interests of Vladimir Putin first. Exhibit A this year being that star of Russian State TV, Tucker Carlson.

              After all, Trump would do almost anything to get his Trump Tower Moscow built.

            2. This is the problem with your "thinking", Pear: you mistake the broad generalizations and cliches provided to you by your propaganda outlets for actual analysis. 

              "Putting America First" could mean many different things: trying, convicting and incarcerating every moron who stormed the US Capitol, for example. And yes, you gormless loser (how ya feeling this morning, son?) , it also means protecting the USA from the devastating effects of climate change.

              You think it means "putting America first" means screaming at gender-transitioning children and complaining about science that you are nowhere near intelligent or properly educated to interpret or understand.

              It is not difficult to understand those differences, Mensa member. Keep trying: I know you will get there eventually. 

          1. If you posted this tomorrow after the ass-handing happens, then it's learning lessons. Posting it today is pessimism. Your cart is a full day ahead of your horse.

            I'm unsure how to message better. Saying "Things are ok but they can be better if we work together" will never be as motivating as screaming "EVERYTHING IS BAD AND ONLY I CAN FIX IT"

            1. DT's the guy who posted about splitting tickets earlier this cycle, and who nuzzled up to O'Dea's campaign messaging right here on Pols. Nothing he writes to scold Ds, many of whom worked their tails off, is worth the electricity cost to read it.

      1. I’m not going to play the defeatist game today – if we need armchair quarterbacking tomorrow then so be it.  30 years as a Republican and 10 as a Democrat gives me a slightly different, personal perspective on the landscape.. Decades of RushBo, Hannity, now Trumpism has made an indelible mark. If we lose the House and Senate in January we still have a firewall at 1600 Pennsylvania. If we keep the Senate we continue confirming judges. In either case the lower chamber will be a shit show of epic proportions.

            1. It isn't toast until there is a single alternative that can get a presiding officer and a majority to vote for that ONE alternative.  Democrats couldn't even agree on another "carve out" for voting rights.  Republicans really have some traditionalist/institutionalist members who have consistently opposed total elimination and others who are unwilling to do anything EXCEPT eliminate it. 

      2. Hmm.  What did you (or he) mean by this statement?

        We proposed extremally liberal and passed very liberal laws telling the voters that saving Democracy was not important enough to dial back the progressive legislation.

        Try as I might, I cannot think of a single piece of proposed legislation by the Dems that fits this…description.  Also, you (he) wrote:

        Fourth, we had this wonderful opportunity with inflation1. We could have used it to break up the monopolies we have in just about every part of our economy and to pass significant windfall profit taxes. 

        How could Dems have done this?  What are the "monopolies in just about every part of our economy" that should be broken up?  And, didn't Carter try the windfall profit tax in the 80s, subsequently judged a poor tool for the goal?


    2. Can’t we at least wait for the patient to die befor e beginning the autopsy? And if, as you believe, tonight marks the conquest of the house and senate by militant fascism, then consider what two years of Boebert’s America means for 2024.  Endless attempts to destroy social security and medicare, avid support for Putin’s imperialism and $10 gas.  And a 2024 backlash where Democrats sweep the board.


      1. I am not youthful, nor inexperienced. I am on the side of folks like OpenSpace.

        You "conservative" loudmouths deal in lies, willful ignorance, and astounding cruelty and selfishness. It doesn't take a grizzled old geezer like myself to recognize bullshit. And to identify people who care nothing about the least of our brethren….which includes Mother Earth.


      2. Again, your response here is really funny because it is clearly YOU who has emotional insecurity issues, dude, and those issues seem to pair closely with your cognitive shortcomings. I’ll bet you have tiny hands, too. 

        You have more psychological projection going on in these posts than the entire AMC theatre chain, dude.

      3. With Detective Lindell (he'd be more believable if he was sporting Herschel's badge) patrolling on the side of freedom and liberty today what could possibly go wrong? 

  2. I am more nervous about election results today than I feel I should need to be.

    If there weren't so many Republicans who's sole motivation is to "own teh libz" I wouldn't be as nervous.

    If there were more Americans who felt like voting and participating in our government made a difference I wouldn't be as nervous.

    Our country is too mired in cynicism, spite and indifference. It feels like the only thing holding our union together is the sheer momentum of history and laziness to really do anything else.

    Anyway, happy election day! yes

    1. I like Jennifer Rubin's take on Elon and Twitter

      A strike by Twitter users may be in order. The key is to pick a date for a Twitter walkout/logoff. Let Twitter traffic plummet; let advertisers see how unreliable the platform is for generating the audience they want to reach. Perhaps Musk would get the hint that he needs the users more than they need him.

      And if a day without Twitter feels liberating, a week or a month without Twitter might seem suddenly alluring. A break from “doom scrolling” may remind us how destructive Twitter has become — shortening tempers and attention spans, distorting our understanding of the electorate and convincing millions to seize upon discrete events as signs of a political apocalypse.

      Maybe Musk is bent on wrecking Twitter, but that, ironically, may prove to be a positive, if accidental, contribution to national decorum and sanity. A world without Twitter sounds awfully attractive.

    1. Wonder what Pear will say about this? After all, weren't Trump's new sanctions on Iran supposed to bring the mullahs to their collective knees?

  3. My predictions for Colorado tonight:

    Polis wins by 15%

    Bennet wins by 5%

    House delegation ends up being 4 Republicans (CD 3, 4, 5, 8) to 4 Democrats (CD 1, 2, 6, 7)

    Dems win the three under ticket offices by between 5% and 10%

    Dems hold state House (although they may shed a seat or two)

    GOP takes state Senate by a sliver (18 to 17)

  4. My predictions for the rest of the country tonight:

    GOP takes the House:  235 to 200

    GOP takes the Senate:  51 to 48 with Georgia going into overtime

    GOP takes Nevada, hold Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin

    Dems keep New Hampshire, Arizona, Washington State, and Colorado

    The Big Surprise:  Lee Zeldin wins NY governorship


    1. I think the Dems will hold Nevada and take Pennsylvania. Georgia overtime leading to Warnock winning.


      North Carolina hasn’t sent a Democrat to the Senate in more than a decade, and most thought this year, with its tough climate for Democrats, would go the same way. But the race to replace retiring Sen. Richard Burr is actually competitive, with FiveThirtyEight’s tracking poll showing Republican Rep. Ted Budd with a less than 2 percentage point lead over Beasley, former chief justice of the state supreme court. 

  5. The Democrats had control of the House, Senate, and Executive branch along with the old media. You fucked over the American people with open borders, energy policy, defunding the police, mask mandates, Afghanistan, systemic racism claims, corrupt FBI and DOJ, perverted gender issues, inflation, school indoctrination, and hug-a-thug crime policy.

    Nobody likes you.

    1. Pear, your Trumpist Republicans had control of the House, Senate, Presidency, in 2017 and 2018. Never did get the replacement passed for ObamaCare. Never did get the infrastructure bill passed. Never did get that wall built except for the sections that have been climbed over, tunneled under, sawn through with cheap saws, and the portion out by San Diego that blew over in a high wind. Never did get Mexico to pay for the wall. Never did get North Korea to give up its nukes. Never got Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions despite more Trump sanctions.

      Oh, and that dude down in Castle Rock is headed for Trial #2 on grounds of defrauding the public with the fundraisers to build Trump’s wall.

      Moral of the story for you: people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 

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