GOP Mouthpiece Concedes: “Governor’s Race Is Over”

With only three days and change remaining in the dreadfully overheated 2022 election season in Colorado, we’ve arrived at what’s known in some regions of the country as “nut-cutting time”–that magic moment when political analysts drop their partisan game faces and start to show some honesty about the expected outcome.

FOX 31 Republican talking head and ubiquitous right-wing political operative Michael Fields, one of the most aggressive local GOP boosters, rejoined the reality-based community while recording that station’s weekly political show Colorado Point of View:

“Heidi Ganahl struggled to raise money enough money to get the message out there and get her name ID up,” FOX31/Channel 2 political analyst and Republican strategist Michael Fields said. “But I also think it’s why you’ve seen Republicans invest so heavily in the state Senate and say, you know, if there’s a Governor Polis, if there is a state house that goes Democratic, how do you stop some of this legislation they don’t like?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard Michael talk about (this race) in the past tense,” FOX31/Channel 2 political analyst and Democratic strategist Andy Boian said. “The race is over. Heidi Ganahl, very favorable as a (University of Colorado) regent and popular among the regents, and a good person, will lose this race on Tuesday.”

There’s not a poll in existence that predicts any other outcome, of course. Much like it’s easy to predict that the Denver Broncos down by 15 at the two-minute warning will lose the game, it shouldn’t be particularly controversial for Fields to admit that Heidi Ganahl is going to lose the governor’s race. By explaining the Republican strategy of focusing on state Senate races instead of Ganahl’s snakebit campaign, Fields is admitting that Republicans have been planning around Ganahl’s weakness this whole time.

Something tells us Ganahl’s dwindling pool of faithful defenders aren’t going to like that.

For the rest of us, the post-mortem analysis of this trainwreck campaign is already starting.

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  1. MichaelBowman says:

    Are you sure there isn’t a Trafalga poll hiding under Pfuit’s sofa cushion that disputes this fact? 

    Congrats to Jared. He serves us well.

  2. ElliotFladen says:

    Regardless of whether you think or don’t think much of Heidi’s campaign, it takes guts to run for higher office. 

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