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November 02, 2022 02:52 PM UTC

CU Poll: Dems Owning 2022, GOP MIGHT Accept Results

  • by: Colorado Pols
Michael Bennet, Joe O’Dea.

Adding to a growing consensus of polling in recent weeks, the University of Colorado’s American Politics Research Lab released their latest Colorado Political Climate Survey, with numbers in line with other recent polls showing Gov. Jared Polis rapidly pulling away in the Colorado governor’s race, incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet prevailing over Republican challenger Joe O’Dea by a healthy twelve points, and Secretary of State Jena Griswold, considered the most vulnerable of the three downballot statewide offices, solidly beating Republican Pam Anderson by a ten-point margin.

Less encouraging for what comes after November 8th, the survey found once again a disturbingly wide partisan gap in trust in the integrity of Colorado’s elections, which until Donald Trump began his campaign to overturn the results of an election he lost enjoyed overwhelming bipartisan confidence:

We asked Coloradans about whether they felt elections both 1) across the country and 2) in Colorado would be conducted fairly and accurately. Overall, 54% of Coloradans agreed they would be conducted fairly nationally (with 20% saying they weren’t sure), while 71% agreed they would be fairly in Colorado. In a pattern often repeated, we see substantial differences by partisanship – 73% of Democrats agreed elections would be fair and accurate when asked about the country as a whole, while only 41% of Republicans said the same. When asked about Colorado’s elections, 92% of Democrats expressed agreement with a statement, but only 57% of Republicans agreed (Independents posted 53% agreement). Most Coloradans agreed (75%) that in Colorado all citizens who want to vote in the elections will be able to do so.

We also asked about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, and the need for electoral reforms in the wake of the 2020 elections (both “across the states” and in Colorado in particular). 63% of Coloradans agree that Biden legitimately won enough votes to be elected President (though this number is polarized by partisanship, with 95% of Democrats agreeing, and only 34% of Republicans agreeing).

What happens when Republicans don’t accept election results.

The whole report is worth reading, which you can find here along with links to past year’s surveys.

Although concerning, these numbers do indicate some recovery in popular confidence in American elections from the prior year’s survey, when only 32% of Republicans believed the upcoming election would be fair and accurate compared to 42% today. The persistently more favorable opinion Colorado Republicans have of Colorado’s election system, even though it features most of the accessibility attributes that Trump attacked in 2020 as avenues for election fraud, is another hopeful sign that local Republican officials will accept the result in the event of the defeat this and every other poll now clearly forecasts.

That’s still way too many Republicans who won’t, and we’ll have to wait and see how they respond.


18 thoughts on “CU Poll: Dems Owning 2022, GOP MIGHT Accept Results

    1. If all of the idiots in all of the villages left their villages and formed their own village of idiots, in that village she would still be the village idiot. 

    2. I wish I could find some recent polling on CD3. All the big firms have written it off, but I'm not so sure, especially after racking up nearly every newspaper endorsement in the district for Frisch, and some bigger-name GOPers are endorsing and campaigning for him.

      1. Here’s what 538 has on CD-3: 
        Sabato’s Chrystal Ball-likely Republican                                     


        1. Right, but they basing this off of demographics and historical voting, not any polling, as far as I know. I think she BoBo has so embarrassed herself and her district, there are lot of people who voted for her 2 years ago (yes, she been there ONLY two years!) who won't make that mistake twice.

          Well, we'll know on Tuesday!

        1. I am not a big fan of Mr. Frisch, but he is the first candidate for the Dems that has had any kind of chance in CD3.

          He is a white man who talks like a Republican. Right or wrong, he is the best hope for the Dems in many years.

    3. Of course, CHB.

      Do you know why? Can you prove she wouldn't have won by a bigger number but for the fact that all those "illegal aliens" and the "underaged furries" voted for Adam Frisch.

      Trust the plan!

  1. JohnNorthofDenver says:

    October 18, 2022 at 12:15 PM MDT

    Republicans are going to contest this election. I don't mean it's going to be close I'm saying Hiedi will lose by 20 points and still will say she won. Joe Pam the other guys they all are going to line up and claim fraud. 

    Think I'm crazy: the furries, big tech… how many times do you have to read the playbook to know what next.

    I also invested in personal security 

    1. Hugo Chavez, the bamboo ballots and the Italian satellite. You've got it figured out JohnNorthOfDenver.

      Where they go one, they go all.

  2. Speaking of CU, Hiedi! Heidi! bff Eastman is back in the news cycle today:

    Trump lawyers pinned hopes of overturning election on appeal to Thomas: emails

    “We want to frame things so that Thomas could be the one to issue some sort of stay or other circuit justice opinion saying Georgia is in legitimate doubt,” Chesebro wrote. “Realistically, our only chance to get a favorable judicial opinion by Jan. 6, which might hold up the Georgia count in Congress, is from Thomas — do you agree, Prof. Eastman?”

      1. What did they know?  What did Ginnie whisper to them? 

        our only chance to get a favorable judicial opinion by Jan. 6, which might hold up the Georgia count in Congress, is from Thomas 

        Let’s hope John Robert’s sphincter is tighter than usual this morning.  

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