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August 01, 2012 07:18 AM UTC

President Obama appearing in GJ

  • by: ClubTwitty

UPDATED: Pres. Obama in Grand Junction next Wednesday, August 8.  Massachusetts Governor and Vulture Venture Capitalist ‘Private Equity Executive’ Mitt Romney will be in Basalt tomorrow

The Grand Junction Sentinel is reporting

Source: Obama coming to GJ

The Grand Junction Sentinel updated story indicates the President will be in GJ next Wednesday, August 8.  

The Western Slope will be the center of presidential politics for two weeks with President Barack Obama visiting Grand Junction on Aug. 8 and his likely Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, visiting Basalt on Thursday.

Obama will make his third visit to Grand Junction next week, just a month after a third visit to the Western Slope by Romney in a conference of Republican governors at Basalt High School on Thursday. Doors open for the event at 2 p.m.

No details about the president’s Aug. 8 visit were announced, but it will be the second of Obama’s presidency.

The facts around Mr. Romney’s visit in Basalt tomorrow are scrambled in the Gary Harmon story…tomorrow, next week, a month ago, it is not clear from the word salad that somehow made it past an editor, but a separate story in the Aspen Daily News states that former Massachusetts Governor (and then pro-choice, pro-healthcare-mandate Mr. Romney) will be in the Roaring Fork valley tomorrow.  

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be in the Roaring Fork Valley later this week, with a public appearance scheduled at Basalt High School.

Romney will join other Republican governors at the event on Thursday. Doors open at 2 p.m. and it is a free event open to the public. Romney is scheduled to speak beginning at 3:50 p.m.

GOP governors Chris Christie (R-NJ), Nikki Haley (R-SC), Bobby Jindal (R-La.), Bob McDonnell (R-Va.) and Scott Walker (R-Wisc.) are scheduled to speak at the Aspen Institute this evening. It’s unknown if all or some of them will join Romney on Thursday, and whether Romney will arrive in Aspen today.

My guess is that a lot of folks in the Thompson Divide area want to find out which side he is on: does he support local initiatives, area ranchers and Colorado communities or will he side with a billionaire-owned privately held oil company from Texas? I would not be surprised to see a welcoming party…  


10 thoughts on “President Obama appearing in GJ

  1. in the local Rag, says Obama will be in GJ and Denver on the 8th and the Springs and Pueblo on the 9th. He had announce earlier that Obama would be in Pueblo on the 10th. We’ll see.

    1. if we didn’t have a partisan sec’y of state who is jockeying to disenfranchise voters.

      Anyone know when is the latest date for him to issue rules that affect this election?

    1. “unemployed”?

      References to Romney as a venture capitalist rather than a private-equity executive are “really annoying,” said Larry Lenihan, managing partner at FirstMark Capital, whose investments include online bulletin board Pinterest. “I can’t stand the laziness of the broader press not to differentiate between the two.”

      Kate Mitchell of Scale Venture Partners agrees. “It does more than make me gnash my teeth and roll my eyes,” she said, adding that she is often in Washington talking to lawmakers or engaging with the media to educate them about the difference between PE and VC. Scale’s investments include cloud-storage company Box.

      The NVCA says its staffers have reached out to reporters about a dozen times this year to clarify media reports that labeled Romney’s private equity activities as venture capital.

        1. The Republican White House hopeful was head of Bain Capital LLC, which does the bulk of its work in private equity and not venture capital, the NVCA would clarify.  Venture capital backs companies from their earliest days, and some go on to create thousands of jobs; private equity typically comes in at later stages to turn around underperforming companies, sometimes via job cuts and other unpopular cost-savings moves.

          . . . venture capital that is about investing in start-ups who are seen to have a promising future (and eventual returns to those investors) from Private Equity which is about taking ownership of a existing under-performing companies with equity, and turning them around, or failing that, disassembling them and cashing in on that equity.

          The difference appears to be between building businesses, and salvaging or profitably liquidating businesses.

  2. The stunning Texas victory of Ted Cruz, a young Tea Party-backed Republican over an establishment candidate vying for a Senate seat, has already so emboldened the insurgent conservative movement that activists are warning Mitt Romney he had better get on board.

    “These guys [newly elected Tea Party candidates]” are going to force Romney to the right,” said Andrea Shell, a spokeswoman for Tea Party group Freedom Works. “That is our entire mission.”

    Because Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado are exactly like Texas.    

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