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October 24, 2022 04:15 PM UTC

Mistake Reveals Ganahl Campaign's Disgusting Twitter Account

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: Not long after Ganahl’s campaign claimed to Ernest Luning that it had nothing to do with the “9mm News” account, the account in question Tweeted this:

Which is interesting only because we remember Ganahl’s campaign account Tweeting out basically the same thing back in August:

It’s almost like they’re TRYING to screw up.

Oh, and VICE News noticed Ganahl’s mistake, too.


UPDATE: “We believe you,” said nobody:


If you follow Colorado politics on social media, there’s a decent chance that you may have run across a “parody” Twitter account in the last year called “9mm News.” The account has authored about 3,400 different Tweets just since February 2022, the majority of which fall into a few basic categories (and often a combination) of the following: 1) Direct attacks targeting Colorado media outlets and reporters; 2) Attacks on Democratic candidates and political operatives; and 3) Outright racist, homophobic, or transphobic diatribes.

The “9mm News” account also criticizes anyone who might disagree with Republican gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl, which we now know is because it is directly associated with Ganahl’s campaign. As Kyle Clark of 9News — a frequent target of the account — noticed on Monday morning:

That Tweet — and the evidence of its connection to the Ganahl campaign — did not disappear forever, of course. Here’s a screenshot (the yellow arrow is ours):


We put together a collage of Tweets sent out by “9mm News” in the last several months; you can see that after the jump below. The account is toxic even by the lowest of standards online. It attacks and retweets disgusting criticism of virtually every political reporter in Colorado and most Colorado Democratic politicians. The account also veers off in all sorts of weird directions (including a regular defense of ivermectin, the horse de-worming medication that MAGA Republicans promoted heavily during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic).

It’s not clear if Ganahl herself regularly used this account to anonymously criticize her many detractors, but quite honestly…would anybody be at all surprised if she was directly involved? AT THE VERY LEAST, Ganahl’s campaign should immediately disavow this account and blame it on the always-convenient “rogue staffer,” but we doubt that will happen, either. A majority of the messages that come from “9mm News” are just less-cautious versions of the messages that Ganahl has been repeating herself since she launched her campaign for Governor last September.

We’re still two weeks away from Election Day, but Ganahl has already established herself as both the worst statewide candidate in modern Colorado history and the architect of the most incompetent campaign in memory. She may also be the most generally toxic person in Colorado politics today (though Rep. Lauren Boebert has a pretty firm grip on that title).

For all of us, no matter your political affiliation, Heidi Ganahl just needs to go away.



Via the Twitter account “9mm News”




15 thoughts on “Mistake Reveals Ganahl Campaign’s Disgusting Twitter Account

  1. In no way am I going to miss Hiedi, but I must admit I am going to miss the constant barrage of butt fumbles from her campaign.

    One word…D'oh !

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Heidi is what would happen if a brain worm boomer Facebook meme became a person. This is what happens when someone spends way too much time on the Internet.

    1. Nothing illegal about carrying a firearm and defending oneself from an aggressor who being verbally and physically aggressive.

      Sucks when the 2nd Amendment blows up in your face.

  3. Lost in the attention to other issues with this, is the fact that the OP was an attack on what the Governor chooses to do privately with his own child with respect to masks (plus a paranoid leap into making his into a rant about mask mandates).

    That rather undermines the GOP's pretension that they respect individual choices.  Not to mention the scummy practice of dragging children into their partisan attacks.

    1. It’s not like there is a nasty flu bug going around on top of COVID or anything. I would know because I’m laid up with it right now.

      Why is wearing a mask and trying to stay healthy such an affront to right wing kooks? That’s the real conspiracy theory. Are they pro-sickness? Do the have a viral illness agenda? Why are they so anti-wellness? What’s next a proposed ban on cough syrup and DayQuil?

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