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October 16, 2022 11:17 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”

–Arnold Glasow


29 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. The last 3 Republican presidents tanked the economy.So why do many Americans think the GOP is better for the economy? Because they’re listening to the Republicans who tanked the economy.


      1. So, I had a "Come-to-Jesus" meeting last Friday with my financial advisor about my 401k account.

        He is about 40. And he has this sales pitch which he is apparently delivering to all his nervous clients.

        He starts by telling me that I should not believe what the media says about the economy. wink

        Then he tells me that he sees this economy as being like the late 70's which was followed by the roaring 80's. I pointed out to him that I lived through the 70's and I recall stagflation, double digit interest rates, gas lines, malaise, the whole thing. (He said that he studied it in history.)

        I pointed out that his theory is nice but for the fact that the roaring 80's was the product of massive tax cuts, and I do not see that happening again. He didn't have much of a response.

        Suffice it to say, he's rearranged my portfolio as per my request.

        1. I think you are closer to the probables than he is.

          The economy is in the midst of re-arranging itself. Still coming out of the Covid zig-zag to goods and back to services. Coming to terms with the collapse of Russia. Dealing with the end of the oil dominance and rise of extraordinarily cheap electricity.

          I have faith that business and the stock market will be able to come out on top, as they always do.

    1. People keep trying to sell Joe O’Dea, but it’s not working. Dick Wadhams has the best comment in that article, about all the “election denier conspiracy crap.”

      Bolduc sank his candidacy in New Hampshire when he publicly referenced to two Republican men in the New Hampshire House as being “best suited to guide womens’ reproductive rights (paraphrased).”

      The only reason nut case Blake Masters is competitive in the AZ Senate race is because far right wing, bloated plutocrat, Peter Thiel has poured in millions trying to salvage the campaign.

      So, yes, maybe Colorado is the “best” chance for the MAGAts to pick up a senate seat. And Colorado seldom elects senators to a third term; the last guy who did it has his name on the I-70 tunnels with former president Eisenhower. I see Bennet coming in with at least 51%.


      1. Is Dickwad Hams still around? Who cares?

        Peter Thiel is going galt by seeking citizenship of Malta, which is probably the most corrupt country in the world.

        1. "Is 'Dickwad Hams' still around? Who cares?

          You should, since he's one of the few personalities still around who is at least occasionally a common sense conservative and Republican. Or maybe you'll be satisfied with one party rule in Colorado? 

          1. "Or maybe you'll be satisfied with one party rule in Colorado"

            Like those socialist paradises, Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela?  

          2. Republican Party contains a wide variety of viewpoints from Fascist Bannon-ites, Authoritarian Magats, Billionaire Libertarians, Oil and Coal Industry lobbyists, Christian Nationalist fanatics, Kill-the-Libtard Kill-the-hippiees ideologues, Proud-Boy insurrectionists, Repeal the14th AND the 19th ammendment.

            Democratic Party contains a wide variety of viewpoints from social Democratic, Labor Unions, Environmentalists, Multi-racial coalitions, Multiple Religious, and even a bunch of traditional Biz-Republicans.

            I note the absence of insurrectionists in the Democratic Party, and also the absence of environmentalists in the Republcian Party.

            1. There are Greens in the Republican party. You just haven't looked hard enough.

              Bear in mind also that hunter and angler groups tend to be a bit on the conservative side. 

      2. To quote Ms Lindsay Graham from his past life, “we aren’t producing enough angry white men to keep winning elections”  My bet is on Bennet; there just aren’t enough angry white men in our hinterlands to put horse sushi guy over the top.  Michael will be re-elected to a third term and once he’s completed that term will be known as Colorado’s longest-serving Senator (thanks to the bonus year from his appointment).

  1. Governor Death-sentence of Florida is setting up a psy-ops mercenary operation to run dirty political tricks.

    The key detail is this: Perla Huerta, the woman running the recruitment operation in San Antonio, is an employee of Vertol systems, the military contractor the DeSantis administration hired to run its flights. Huerta was only weeks out of the Army, in which she had served for 20 years. The DeSantis operation was apparently her first assignment working for Vertol. There were several other Vertol employees, most or all retired military, also overseeing the operation in Houston. At Vertol the operation was overseen by top executive Candice Wahowski, an Air Force veteran who had been a military police officer in the Air Force. Wahoswki was also on location in San Antonio. Many of the migrants recruited in San Antonio had met with her.

    Much of the article is based on the story of “Emmanuel”, another Venezuelan migrant Huerta hired to help her recruit. In one of the many telling details, she paid him in cash in what amounted to dead drops – money stashed behind dumpsters which he was to retrieve as his compensation.



    So Ye! is going all-in with his announced acquisition of Parler.  Yet another billionaire in the social media space. But, when you’ve lost Fat Donnie…? 

    It begs the question, how did this fool and his money get together ​​​​​​??

    Parler may have been funded by someone (Rebekah Mercer) who claims to be libertarian. But the user base seems to skew pretty heavily toward racist, anti-Semitic freakshows.

    Does that name sound familiar?

  3. Anyone in rural Colorado / America has a front row seat to this shit show. They’ve managed to turn thoughtful, moderate citizens into wackadoodles with their 24/7 hate-rage machine.  We’ve seen this blueprint before: #BREXIT.  The combination of Russian interference and the assistance of the Mercer’s Cambridge Antalytica (remember when the YumaCo Sheriff got Mercer a badge and the Sheriff got a new, $64,000 pickup truck?)  stoked the hate in the Britain working class just enough to narrowly pass the referendum. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could tie a local personality to a global movement to stoke this kind of rage and irrational thought. 

    Here’s a relevant article worth 10 minutes of your time:   

    “Sooner or later you run out of people to hate” and the BIG LIES about BREXIT and the Mid-terms 

    Let me sum all that up, because it’s a lot. Economically, Brexit made Britain, limiting fiscal space, making it necessary to borrow and cut to maintain living standards, in a desperate last gasp. But that couldn’t go on forever — the bill was going to come due, and the longer it was put off, the more implosive the final reckoning was to be. Meanwhile, because Brexit was made of Big Lies told about scapegoats, the project always had to end in fanatics who ended blaming Brits themselves for being weak, lazy, indolent, not hard-working enough — because sooner or later, you run out of other people to hate.


    1. Welp.  Those political fortunes didn’t last long…

      Britain’s Liz Truss tries to calm markets, save her job with new treasury secretary, budget turn around.

      British Prime Minister Liz Truss, in her first substantive act as Britain's leader, unveiled dramatic tax cuts in a mini-budget released Sept. 23. The markets hated her combination of steep tax cuts and higher spending in a period of high inflation, the British pound fell to a record low against the dollar, government borrowing costs shot up, and Truss' approval rating plummeted into single digits. The Bank of England had to step in to prop up financial markets. 

      "There has to be, in a pretty short time, an apology and a fundamental reset of the government by the prime minister," Conservative lawmaker Robert Halfon saidSunday. "The government has looked like libertarian jihadists and treated the whole country as kind of laboratory mice to carry out ultra, ultra free market experiment."


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