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October 13, 2022 12:22 PM UTC

Jan. 6 Committee Drops Bombshells, Votes to Subpoena Trump

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: In a unanimous vote, the committee voted to subpoena Trump himself. From The New York Times:

“He is required to answer for his actions,” said Representative Bennie Thompson, Democrat of Mississippi and the chairman of the committee, at the end of what was possibly the panel’s final public session. “He is required to answer to those police officers who put their lives and bodies on the line to defend our democracy.”



The final pre-election hearing of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection is taking place as we type this sentence, and it looks like they may be close to reeling in the biggest fish of them all.

As The Washington Post reports:

The House committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, is planning to vote during Thursday’s hearing to subpoena former president Donald Trump, according to three individuals with knowledge of the vote.

The individuals did not say whether they are seeking the former president’s direct testimony or more documents beyond those the committee has already received.

The chances of Donald Trump actually heeding a subpoena are probably not good, but this is still a major step in the investigation of Trump’s coup attempt.

Today’s hearing is also revealing some startling new information about Trump’s direct involvement in the insurrection. The Jan. 6 committee said today that Trump directly participated in an effort to use fake electors to overturn the election. Again, from the Post:

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel told the committee that Trump’s attorney, John Eastman, called her asking her to arrange for the fake electors to meet and rehearse the process of casting their fake votes.

“I don’t remember the exact date it was,” she said. “It was from the White House switchboard, and it was President Trump, who in turn contacted and he introduced me to a gentleman named John Eastman.” 

“And then essentially, he turned the call over to Mr. Eastman, who then proceeded to talk about the importance of the RNC helping the campaign gather these contingent electors,” McDaniel added. [Pols emphasis]

The House committee also presented evidence that the Secret Service KNEW that armed Trump supporters were going to show up to the U.S. Capitol.

We’ll update this post with more information as it becomes available.


14 thoughts on “Jan. 6 Committee Drops Bombshells, Votes to Subpoena Trump

  1. So, this should keep the process going until January 3, 2023, when the committee turns into a pumpkin and Speaker Jordan appoints the 1/3/23 committee, chaired by Empty G, to investigate the 1/6 committee.

    Dogs bark but the parade marches on.

      1. True, but will the DOJ do anything with this evidence before 1/20/25? Remember, it took a year and half to go from asking Trump for return of documents to search warrant.

          1. I wish I could share that optimism Michael.

            The Senate is going to be close, but R’s will certainly take over the House. There will be yahoos in charge, they will obstruct anything meaningful, hold up anything for any little outrage temper tantrum; and they have no interest in actually governing. Some of the most batshit crazy members like Gaetz have openly said as  much already. The legitimacy and standing of our country will suffer as a result.

            Lots of time and money will be wasted on Benghazi style bullshit investigations. They will be pointless, but a nice side show for Empty G, Gaetz, Bobo, etc. to score cheap points, which is the only thing they’re after anyway.

            To boot, they will stop at nothing to defend TFG. Nothing is sacred. They don’t care about America, or the constitution, or the rule of law, all they care about is power. They will certainly try to defund any agency standing in their way. The craziest, most ineffective, and vocal members will bully any sane Republicans to come along for the ride or suffer banishment.

            Trump is pretty much gone but Trumpism isn’t. It isn’t over. And It’s going to suck.


            1. I'm not nearly as certain of the outcome. 

    's forecast for Democratic control of the House has moved from 14% to 31%. 

              According to Real Clear Politics, Generic Congressional Ballot now favors Republicans by 0.6% among ALL polls,  Increasingly, those are "likely voter" polls, which have been favoring the Republicans consistently.  Looking at just the "registered voter" polls, Ds continue to have an advantage.  when I grabbed all of the post-Dobbs polls near the start of October and looked at the RV polls alone, D's were up about 2.1%.

              Special elections show Ds over-performing by ~5%.  If that continues into the election for all 435 seats, Ds would likely increase their majority.  If RCP calculation is right and there is a 4% over performance, it is a breakeven or slight D advantage.  If my "registered voter" calculation is right and there is a 4% over performance, Ds would pick up 10-20 seats. 

              I guess we'll find out in 26 days.

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