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October 07, 2022 07:02 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The need to be right is the sign of a vulgar mind.”

–Albert Camus


39 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. Brauchler is still talking about litter boxes in schools. His own daughter tried to get him to stop.  This man was actually a District Attorney and could have been Attorney General.  

    The Republican Party gets all this free time and Democrats let them. Are we going to have 40 plus hours a week of littler boxes (I think he giggles a lot) up until election?

  2. With the economy under extreme stress, Joe BiteMe decides to poke Saudí  Arabia in the eye. This clown wreck of an administration makes Jimmy Carter appear an elder statesmen.  

    Nothing like holding yourself hostage for a ransom on one will pay.

      1. Globalization has made us all neighbors. Don’t poison his dog because he barks at night. Close the windows or move. That neighbor may have jumper cables when you car battery is dead and you need to get to work.

        Carter will never be associated with being a damn good president.

          1. Did you see the interview this week of the Alabama Attorney General (a cultured, white southern boy) who, in defending their case at SCOTUS, said (only slightly paraphrased) that if the blacks didn't like being packed into one congressional district they should just move?  

            See…just call Mayflower.  Problem solved! 

            1. You remember when Bob (the Elk Whisperer) Beauprez said the same thing about our native herds of Wapiti. 

              Loosely translated, he said if the Elk were bothered by industrial gas and oil, they could just go to some other place.


    1. Sounds like you haven't learned anything since 1973. Having fought in Iran with Jimmy the CIC it's obvious you know nothing about oil policy nor Carter's actions vs right wing diatribe. 

      Later Prez Reagan paid off our enemies with US European arms stockpiles to fund our special ops in central America.  Yeah thats leadership. 

      Like you complained in another thread here about Ukraine being a "shit hole country" when Trump ensured their 2014 war with your pal Putin went full bore 7 months ago.   Target ID not your strong suit.  Glad you are maybe representative of 34% of the country. Proof text for NOT enabling a minority to set policy or run the country.  

    2. Appear? Jimmy Carter is an elder statesman, Pear. He's our oldest president ever, and he's still sharp as a tack. You should do so well when you're 99 years old.

    3. Pear, global oil production in 2021 was 89.9 million barrels per day. OPEC is proposing a reduction of 2 million barrels per day. I've read that the actual reduction may be about 1.2 million barrels because some OPEC countries can't afford to cut back due to their budget situations.

      So, you're getting your panties all in a wad, and accusing Joe Biden of "poking," over a measly 1.2% of global production? Really?

    4. For Craps' sake, PP, don't you proofread and edit your posts?

      WTF is a clown wreck? …other than a really lame attempt to purposefully mix a couple of metaphors.

      And…most assuredly, Jimmy Carter will never be…personally…himself…plural.

  3. How about we stop meddling in other countries affairs. China needs slave labor so they can make iPhones for Tim Cook so he can donate to the climate fraud. 

    So what if India is a massive polluter, they have lots of people who need jobs in call centers for AT&T, Chase Bank, Comcast etc.

    So what if women are killed in Iran, John Kerry needs a reason to feel loved.

    What does it matter that Venezuela in driving their citizens to flood the US, we need the oil.

      1. What it means is there are evil people and evil countries in the world that hate America and the Biden administration is obvious of the threat, for domestic politics reasons.

        1. Did you mean oblivious? I think they're aware. As example 1 look at the efforts supporting Ukraine.

          A big problem is we can't take on every big problem at once. Bad actors control a lot of the world's oil for one and while we're ok, Europe is toast if oil imports shut down.

          I do think the Biden administration has dropped the ball big time on immigration hoping it'll just go away.

          1. Thanks for the correction, oblivious, yes.

            I would be happy if we stopped making the big problems worse.

            Europe is toast because they bought into the climate change hysteria.

            If you want renewable energy nuclear is the solution but no climate activist will ever ever ever agree on that.

    1. "What does it matter that Venezuela in driving their citizens to flood the US, we need the oil."

      1. Immigrants made America great and can do it again.
      2. VZ's oil production is very low as their entire oil-producing sector is in the crapper due to incompetence.

    1. Thanks for making the point of the out of control crime wave. You think the family of the murder victim or the robbery victim, or the mugging victim gives a shit about a political party? It’s eyewash for 30 second sound bites.

      1. So you'd favor gun control, right?  Nah, you talk a big game but won't give up your wrongly-interpreted 2nd amendment rights to cut down on gun deaths.  


  4. Why Liberals Should Embrace Permitting Reform

    According to Princeton University’s REPEAT Project, the Inflation Reduction Act has the potential to secure two-thirds of the emissions reductions the United States needs to meet our climate goals. But the word potential is key. The same group warns that the IRA’s $370 billion in climate spending may punch well below its weight unless we fix our permitting processes. It found that 80 percent of the IRA’s potential emissions reductions will be lost if we cannot build electricity transmission faster. 

  5. Another day, another set of idiotic right wing reactionary talking points from pitiful pear. You truly are a sad little man. You come in here over and over, vomiting grievances, conspiracy theories and other mental garbage, get slapped down and run away, only to come back with more garbage the next time. You are a stain on humanity, a liar, an idiot, and a prick. 

  6. After seeing the news about the unemployment rate, I flipped over to the Fox and her Two Friends this morning.

    I figured that they would stick to the party line and tell their faithful followers that regardless of what the numbers say, we are already in a recession.

    But I didn't see that. Instead, they were talking about the crime rate in Chicago.

  7. Papa Frank's landmark ecology document comes to life as documentary 'The Letter'puts a human face on climate change.

    Pope Francis' groundbreaking teaching document on ecology, creation and climate change that he addressed to the entire world is coming to a computer, phone or smart TV screen near you.

    "The Letter: A Message for Our Earth" is a new documentary about the pope's 2015 encyclical, or papal letter, "Laudato Si', on Care for Our Common Home." The film, a joint project of Off the Fence Productions (behind the Oscar-winning documentary "My Octopus Teacher") and the Laudato Si' Movement, will hold its premiere at the Vatican Oct. 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology. 

  8. Authoritarians do not govern effectively.

    But when it comes to their plans for actually governing the nation, the natcons’ ideas are simply disasters waiting to happen. Their strongest idea is to cut off immigration, which dovetails with their desire to slow or reverse demographic change. But immigrants are the lifeblood of the American economy, especially of the high-tech industries that keep us a step ahead of rivals like China. Meanwhile, natcons rhetorically attack universities as hotbeds of wokeness, ignoring their crucial role as the drivers of scientific research. And natcons want to defend the suburbs as a way of life, defying the need for greater density and the fiscal unsustainability of the infrastructure that supports sprawl.

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