Ron Hanks: Vote for Brian Peotter, Not Joe O’Dea

Ron Hanks takes one last, uh, shot at Joe O’Dea.

We did not expect that during the first week of October the biggest story in Colorado politics would be about a thing that is not happening: Republican gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl’s obsession with “furries” in schools.

We also did not expect that during the first week of October, former Republican Senate candidate Ron Hanksthe man who won topline on the Primary ballot at the State Republican Party Assembly — would be endorsing anyone other than the official GOP nominee for U.S. Senate.

But that is what happened today. Hanks released this two page letter endorsing Libertarian candidate Brian Peotter for U.S. Senate instead of Republican candidate Joe O’Dea.

Hanks is apparently still pretty salty about losing the Republican nomination to O’Dea in June. He writes:

Next month, I will vote for Libertarian Brian Peotter for US Senate, and I encourage all Colorado Conservatives to do the same.

The reasons are clear: Brian Peotter is the only conservative on the ballot for US Senate. The COGOP’s candidate in the race has no grounding in conservative positions, nor any proven interest in supporting them.

Foremost among conservative principles is protecting the unborn. Libertarian Brian Peotter is Pro-Life. The COGOP’s candidate, Joe O’Dea, pretends to be, but he supports murderous abortion before 20 weeks of gestation. To O’Dea, apparently, some murders in the womb are acceptable, depending on the calendar. [Pols emphasis]

Libertarian Brian Peotter is a fiscal conservative. He believes the Biden Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Bill are inflationary. The COGOP’s candidate O’Dea has no such clarity: He has declared one inflationary, but not the other. Such cloudy logic becomes clearer when we learn he and his core supporters have become wealthy from government contracts.

“For U.S. Senate in 2022, Libertarian Brian Peotter is and ought to be the choice of all Colorado Conservatives.”

Ron Hanks, 10/5/22


Hanks also has some specific bones to pick with O’Dea that go back to last Spring’s Primary battle:

On abortion and other issues, Libertarian Brian Peotter is vastly more conservative than this “pay-to-play” fake Republican who bought his way on to the ballot, skipping the traditional caucus and assembly process, avoiding Republican voters by paying for petition signatures.

Avoiding the state assembly was not merely political cowardice. It was a deliberate strategy to hide his true political views from Republican voters. When O’Dea’s liberal positions were revealed, many in the so-called conservative media were surprised, and some have since declared him unsupportable. [Pols emphasis]

Hanks says that O’Dea has a “near-zero chance of being elected” and adds, “Only his campaign has declared the race close – a cynical effort to attract donations and reduce the personal costs of losing big.” On this, at least, we agree.

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  1. spaceman2021 says:

    A pro-life libertarian.  Contradiction in terms. But then most libertarians are

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Pro "government intrusion" on ordinary peoples lives and personal decisions libertarian.  Talk about a knife in O'Dea's back by Hanks.  Idiots eating their own over purity positions.  Who knew.

  2. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    What? Was there no American Constitution Party candidate in the running?

    All this after George W. Bush was kind enough to put down his paint brushes and host a fundraiser for Every Which Way O’Dea.

    Perhaps instead of wasting his money on O’Dea, the Old Crow should spend it trying to prop up the Puppy Killer from New Jersey running for the Senate from PA.

  3. Genghis says:

    Attaboy, Loren. Yes, all real conservatives should definitely vote for whatshisname. You betcha.

  4. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Perhaps he will endorse Frau Neu Schwangler in the governor's race.

  5. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Vote for Brian Peotter if you believe that the US should be a "pro-life" theocracy.

    Wonder if Brian has any "pro-life baggage," like anti-abortion, no exceptions Herschel Walker in Georgia who paid for a girl friend's abortion in years past?

  6. JohnInDenver says:

    One more instance that convinces me of the wisdom of adapting Mel Brooks:

    Count de Monet: I’ve come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the people are revolting.

    King Louis XVI: You said it! They stink on ice!


  7. dwyer says:

    This is crazy, Hanks wants to split the vote for Bennet, not O'Dea.  That is one way O'Dea wins.  Third candidates are spoilers. Witness Bill Clinton's win in


    • Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

      Or what Ralph Nader did to Al Gore in Fl in 2000.

      Or what what's-her-name did to Hillary Clinton in WI, MI, and PA in '16.

      I've expressed my displeasure when candidates on the far left leave us with screwball right-wing winners by peeling off votes from less-than-far left nominees, but I down right enjoy watching it happen on the other team.

      Loren, now go out and endorse Danielle New Schwangler.

    • Colorado Pols says:

      Then you're not familiar with Ron Hanks. This is not strategery — this is Hanks being angry. 

  8. The realist says:

    Isn't ANYONE just a little bit curious if Loren was following the directions of Oathkeepers when he "attended" the Jan 6th assault on the US Capitol? In recorded interviews he has said things like (paraphrased) "we were told to go around to the back of the Capitol." To my knowledge, no media person has EVER asked him "Who told you? Whose directions were you following?" 

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