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October 03, 2022 11:12 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We have a hope of succeeding if we learn from our past mistakes and pull together to make the hard choices.”

–Carl Levin


46 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

    1. I'm waiting for Heidi to reveal her detailed plan from her smart economists on how she can get rid of income taxes and halve the gas tax and still have a functioning public service sector.  Maybe we should start a pool on which day it happens.  If I get to go 1st, I'd take never.

  1. Race Neutral My Ass. KBJ Rocks! Via TPM.

    The entire point of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments is precisely NOT race neutral. So, if you read the Constitution literally, in the context of the framers' intention, (ahem) "Originalism"…

    Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson brings a devastating “originalist” reading to the Civil War-era constitutional amendments during the ongoing oral arguments over Alabama’s redistricting plan. 

    "Why are you saying it's a neutral plan, counsel?" – Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who then goes on a concise, biting summary of why we're here. She's really incredible, right from the start of her time here. Unlike any new justice that I've seen in my lifetime.

    Justice Jackson talks about the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments being adopted "in a race conscious way." Talking about the reports surrounding the 14th Amendment, she concludes, "That's not a race-neutral, or a race-blind" idea.


    1. A Breath of Fresh Air, From Josh Marshall at TPM.

      It is such a breath of fresh air, seeing Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson say from the bench what the 14th Amendment actually says. “It’s not a race-blind remedy,” she says, in something of an understatement. But we can actually go well beyond this since so much of modern jurisprudence, mostly but not only from the right, is based not only on ignoring the context and plain text of the 14th Amendment but pretending that the real Constitution — albeit with some additions and fresh paint jobs — is the one finalized in the first Congress as the first ten amendments. The Civil War amendments are not only not race-blind. They reflect a larger realization and aim: that the whole state thing just hadn’t worked out.

      The 14th Amendment creates something called citizenship of the United States with various rights or “privileges and immunities” that states cannot violate. It reaffirms that states are subordinate jurisdictions and implicitly that their function had been far more to create mischief than progress.

      This is all gauzed over today with the political and judicial edifice we call “federalism,” largely though not entirely the work of the late-20th century conservative legal movement. It proposes a set of principles and historical claims under which the federal and state governments are designed to exist in a kind of balancing equipoise. But mostly this isn’t true. “Federalism” is to a great degree the product of a long and mostly reactionary clawing back of the power by the state governments. Not entirely. But mostly.

    1. You hate America, don’t you.

      It’s not the insult to Biden, it’s your insult to all of us. That’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans will tear down the country to gain power.

      One of Fascisms enduring characteristics is its fascination if not fetishization of violence – physical or sexual violence. You see it in the psychology of the Russian army as well. 

      1. Very true. Rape culture exists in all political persuasions, but Republicans are actually proud of it, and fantasize about "punching the hippie", "beating up the black /  latino  / homeless guy", as well. That's framed as "supporting the police". in point: The 26 accusations of sexual assault against Donald Trump were seen as a feature, not a bug.

        1. Please go back and read PPs' comment. What non-personal approach do you suggest? 

          I'm afraid "you hate America" is pretty thin as a personal attack. I am pretty sure PP would say the same about us, if he has not already done so. Could it be said your defense of him makes you no better than he? Debatable, but a valid question.

          No. I think this has more to do with your inevitable, knee- jerk reaction to any dispersion cast upon someone you consider a real Republican.

          Perhaps I am incorrect in my evaluation, and I am sure you are going to point out my many mistakes. Please try to do it without getting personal…Okey Dokey?

        2. PP is a troll, throwing insults, and he deserves no less. The purpose of a troll is to shut down conversation.

          Normally, I insult writer's opinions, but not their person. In PP's case, I break that rule.

          1. How has Pear ever shut down conversation on this website? As if anyone is capable of doing that? If you want to consider him as a troll, fine. But why do you keep feeding the troll, trying to answer “insult with insult?”

            At least you could have some fun with it, like a few years ago when I changed his name for a while from Powerful Pear to Passionate Prune.

            There also are better targets to go after, like the orange haired fat guy from Queens.

      2. Biden is deserving of insults and disdain. His policies are an anathema to freedom and liberty. Jane Fonda, Joe Biden to me they are the same, not to be trusted with the well being of those who wear the uniform or the security of the United States.

        How old are you anyway? If you are insulted that’s on you.

        1. Such a crotchety old fart.  You think Biden is anathema to freedom but you are OK with Trump trying to overthrow a duly elected government.  You are out of your mind with your adoration of this deeply corrupt man.  Maybe Biden should take lessons from Trump on being an evil old man.

        2. "Biden is deserving of insults and disdain"

          Why? Because exposed your Orange Jesus for the narcissistic, sociopathic con artist that he was?

          1. That's the same vacuous numbnuts who predicted Biden would have us in a shooting war with China over Taiwan no later than the beginning of this year. All those failed attempts at latching onto the public teat have clearly taken a toll. Sad.

        3. Pear … your think "Joe Biden to me they are the same, not to be trusted with the well being of those who wear the uniform or the security of the United States." Biden backed his son Beau in the military,

          President Biden is the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to have a child deployed to a combat zone. His late son Beau earned a Bronze Star in Iraq for “meritorious service in a combat zone.” Maj. Beau Biden dedicated his life to the rule of law and upholding the United States as a nation of laws both within and without our borders.

          Biden lost Beau to cancer …

          The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers” — whose fourth chapter was titled “Major Biden.”

          Biden has kept Trump's promise to withdraw from Afghanistan.  He has avoided committing troops in Ukraine. He has worked with NATO allies to improve their commitment and support of the overall strength of the alliance.

          And Biden has backed the military's moves to shore up the military's funding for personnel pay, for lowering costs at base exchanges, and improving housing.

          Meanwhile, Trump – who I've not seen you say one word about his commitment to "well being of those who wear the uniform" or discuss his approach to "security of the United States"  —

           * avoided enlistment and arguably evaded conscription in the military.

           * has had NO member of his family serve in the military:  grandfather, father, siblings, children. 

           * has expressed disdain for those who served: "Americans Who Died in War Are 'Losers' and 'Suckers'."

           * exercised no care for classified information — even BEFORE the current Mar a Lago storage illustration

           * "He used troops — and senior officers — in clearly political events, at times referring to "my generals.""

           * "Trump wanted to use the military to seize voting machines — and that he refused to call out the National Guard to quell the riot — prompted a number of retired military officers to publicly declare that he was derelict in his duty."

           * and most egregiously, "U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday pardoned two Army officers accused of war crimes in Afghanistan and restored the rank of a Navy SEAL platoon commander who was demoted for actions in Iraq, a move critics have said would undermine military justice and send a message that battlefield atrocities will be tolerated."


          1. Trump's brother, Fred Trump Jr., was a pilot in the Air National Guard.  Fat Donnie and his Daddy made fun of Junior so much for his choice to be a pilot that he drank himself to death.

            PP probably pops a woodie at such examples of courage in the Trump family


            1. Really …. The one and only member of that family who understood and did something amounting to public service. And they laughed at him.

              I can see why Mary Trump has such contempt for her uncle.

              BTW, there was a report that as a teenager, Donnie, Jr. had expressed some interest in military service. The Donald and Ivana threatened to cut him off finally if he ever went through with it.


            2. I forgot about Fred Jr. … college ROTC and Air National Guard in the late 50s/early 60s.  As best I know after checking what his daughter, Mary, said, he entered and left the Guard as a 2nd lieutenant.

              Trump also had a "military adjacent" uncle who did Radar research in WWII.

          2. well said John…and to add FDFQ's grandfather was kicked out of Germany for not serving in the military-the whole reason America ended up with the Trumps in the first place. They're a shameful lot… 

            1. And then at one, when FDFQ's grandma was homesick for the Fatherland, grandpa wrote a sycophantic letter to the kaiser beginning to be allowed to return to Germany only to be told to pound sand.

              How different US and world history over the last six years would have been had Wilhelm II allowed Fredrich Drumpf and his wife to return to Germany.

            2. "not serving in the military…." Might want to be careful with that. My paternal great-grandfather left Galicia (southern Poland) in the 1870s because he didn't want to serve in the Hapsburg army. 

        4. Pfruit is just solidifying the truism that historically (and generally speaking), *ucking shit up and offering advice when nobody asked is what white males are known for. Pence can’t even help himself today. Why is it that the very Republicans responsible for imploding the economy over and over are always the first ones to offer advice?


    2. @PP 

      And what difference will it make if they do cut production?

      Might want to start paying attention to the shale output that has all but stopped the import of oil from any country/area. In fact, the only reason any oil is imported these days is to help out the big refineries keep costs down in the conversion of those refineries to the sweet crude that is being pumped out in the Baaken and other shale areas. 

      And that is also the driving force behind the Canadian pipeline from Alberta to Texas — that heavy sour would be  cheaper if it got pumped to Texas for those outdated plants there. 


  2. So, Hershel Walker was just on the news saying the abortion story is a distraction from "the two issues in this campaign: inflation, crime, and the border."

  3. Legislature race question:

    I know they redrew all the district lines and that scrambled a lot of legislators. But wasn't Tammy Story in her first term in the state senate after taking down Pa Neville? Why is she running for the state house against Colin Larson?

  4. Furries for Fetterman!


    Oz is a puppy killer. No, really. 
    That’s it. He’s toast. Was it Romney whose candidacy was derailed by his driving cross country with his dog in a crate on the car’s roof? 
    People who couldn’t give a shit about kids living in poverty are outraged by mistreatment of pets. 

    And Fetterman’s “ show me your dog pics” Twitter thread is priceless. 

    1. So, we have gone from Steve Van Zandt to crudité to CRIPS gang signs to kicking "the Man" in the cojones to Mehmet Oz being a Puppy Killer.

      And there are still five weeks to go.

  5. 'Twas indeed Romney who exiled a dog to the luggage carrier.  Don't know that the candidacy was derailed … he continued to run.  And it certainly didn't mean defeat in his later Senate run.

    I was taken with 2 elements of the story

    — Oz was the chief investigator, and the lab was penalized for research violations. 

    — the whistleblower says the investigation was flawed and the punishment diminished because of the bias of the investigators & decision makers, that things actually were even worse than the final report and Columbia's acceptance of the punishment (a fine) indicated.


  6. "and the lab was penalized for research violations"

    When has that ever stopped an ambitious GOP pol? Look at that douche bag Rick Scott whose health care company was found guilty of fraud.

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