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September 27, 2022 10:10 AM UTC

Here Come the Political Ads!

  • by: Colorado Pols

We are six weeks away from Election Day and three weeks from ballots going out in the mail. This means that top-tier campaigns that plan to use television as a significant part of their advertising strategy are hitting the airwaves with gusto.

Click after the jump to see all the latest television ads running in Colorado, nearly all of which are from Democrats (we’re listing ads from campaigns, not dark money or third-party spots). We’re also not ignoring ads for Republican candidates — there just aren’t many of them to even discuss.

If we missed any new ads, please drop them in the comments section…



U.S. Senate

Republican Joe O’Dea hasn’t dropped a new ad since his gross spot earlier this month that featured his daughter as a human shield on the issue of abortion rights.

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet is out with a new spot — his eighth ad thus far — touting his work on bringing solar energy jobs to Colorado. Here’s the ad titled “Stood By Us”:





Republican Hiedi Heidi Ganahl is not on the air, but her campaign did fly a banner over the University of Colorado football game on Saturday! Meanwhile, incumbent Democrat Jared Polis is still running this ad — his second of the cycle — about wildfires and firefighters that went up about a week ago:


Polis also has two 15-second spots in the television rotation: “Keep” and “Simple”:






Attorney General

There’s no word yet on TV ads from Republican John Kellner. Democratic incumbent Phil Weiser, meanwhile, launched his first ad last week:



Secretary of State

The campaign for Republican Pam Anderson is still dark. Incumbent Democrat Jena Griswold dropped her first spot on Monday:




We have yet to see any hint of a television spot from Republican Erik Aadland, but Democrat Brittany Pettersen launched her first television ad this week:




Here’s Democrat Yadira Caraveo’s second spot, titled “No Choice At All”:



As for Republican “Secession” Barb Kirkmeyer, this is the only ad from her campaign as of now:



If we’re missing any new campaign ads, please let us know in the comments below…


10 thoughts on “Here Come the Political Ads!

  1. What political advertising?

    • Texts – reply stop without reading them.
    • Direct mailers – my wife discards them (and all junk mail) into recycle in the garage before bringing the rest of the mail into the house.
    • TV – we have a DVR and so skip all ads.
    • Digital – like most I've trained my eyes to focus on the content and ignore the ads.

    And for those that do watch/read the political ads, it becomes so overwhelming that it's hard for an ad to break out and have an impact. Probably not too bad this year here in Colorado as CD-8 is the only competitive race worthy of heavy spending (state legislative races have a lot less money). But it'll still be a heavy deluge across all the content.

    I don't know what the answer is for a candidate to break through. And having something up on TV is almost certainly of value. But I think a lot of what's done in political marketing is of minimal impact.

    1. TV:
      1. Don't watch live local TV. If you must, use your mute button.
      2. Don't watch live national TV. We do watch MSNBC, but 90% of the ads are fro drugs and I have a mute button.
      3. Watch house porn and food porn. Mostly completely ad free if you pay for the top tier.

      The gods invented adblockers for a reason. I almost zero ads.

  2. Both the CD-8 jobs are preaching to their choir. Caraveo is pointing out she will keep abortion legal. Kirkmeyer is pointing out she is up for drilling everywhere.

    Reminding has value but I don't think these ads are designed to change any minds. I guess it's make sure your base gets of its ass and votes.

    1. I know it's trite, but close elections, like CD-8, will be decided by turnout. I am not a campaign professional, but I assume that means boots on the ground, knocking on doors, including the candidate, not tv ads. 

      1. boots on the ground … and postcards to voters.

        The Women’s Effect Action Fund commissioned a study to see if personal postcards could be used to mobilize women to get out and vote for a family-friendly economy agenda (issues like paid family leave). Postcards4VA writers served as the force behind the 26,000 postcards in this study, and results showed that the postcards increased turnout by 0.4 percent (a typical get-out-the-vote, or GOTV, canvass increases turnout by 0.3 percent) and concluded that the postcards had as good or better effect on voter turnout than going door to door…..

        a small random trial study in the 2017 Alabama Senate race and found that voters who received his letter had a turnout rate 3 points higher than those in his control group. ..

        Postcards to Swing States got its start with a congressional district primary where they ran a randomized control study and found their postcards increased turnout by 1.2%. 



    1. Yeah, he's had ads running on YouTube for at least a few weeks. It's fairly generic rah-rah stuff: husband, father, businessman, combat vet, Colorado should make its own decisions, etc. No mention of his being an election denying whackjob.

  3. Most interesting ad I've seen was a couple days ago on one of the Channel 9, 9News, stations.

    It was an ad asking people to re-elect Rep. Jared Golden (D-Maine). Wonder how that one ended up on a Denver TV station.

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