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August 31, 2022 02:04 PM UTC

Joe O'Dea Calls Mar-a-Lago Raid a "Political Stunt"

  • by: Colorado Pols
Joe O’Dea has TWICE called the raid on Mar-a-Lago a “political stunt.”

Earlier today, Chase Woodruff of Colorado Newsline pointed out via Twitter that it has been three weeks since Republican Senate candidate Joe O’Dea said this about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago:

“The American people deserve to know what’s going on here. [The] DOJ should put all their cards on the table. If the facts and the law support the action, so be it. If this is about election year politics, that will be equally clear.”

Woodruff was making the point that O’Dea should be asked about this comment in light of all of the new information that has since emerged about former President Donald Trump’s apparent efforts to hide his illegal possession of some of the most sensitive pieces of classified information in the United States. It’s a fair question, to be sure.

But then we saw this clip from Jewish Insider in which O’Dea makes even more outlandish assertions. According to Marc Rod of Jewish Insider, O’Dea made the following statement ON MONDAY:

Despite his criticisms of the former president, O’Dea described the recent FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago as a “political stunt” that is “undermining” Americans’ faith in the federal bureaucracy. But, he continued, if Trump kept documents he “shouldn’t have, that shouldn’t have gone on either.”

“The American people really want to know what’s going on,” O’Dea said. “If it was something wrong, he should be held accountable. If it’s just another political stunt by the Biden administration, which is what it looks like, that should come out as well.” [Pols emphasis]


If you wanted to be very generous, you could call O’Dea’s original comments “unfortunate.” But saying it twice, the second time as recently as Monday, means that THIS IS WHAT JOE O’DEA ACTUALLY BELIEVES.

And that, friends, disqualifies him from elected office.


14 thoughts on “Joe O’Dea Calls Mar-a-Lago Raid a “Political Stunt”

  1. >> O’Dea described the recent FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago as a “political stunt” that is “undermining” Americans’ faith in the federal bureaucracy.

    >> “The American people really want to know what’s going on,” O’Dea said

    Ok… pick one.

    1. No way he can pick one! He's gotta try to make himself somewhat palatable to the whackadoos in the GOP while at the same time distancing himself from the same bugfuck nutjobs.

    1. Lucian K. Truscott IV  has a newsletter:  tonight, he included [my emphasis]:

      Alina Habba, who represents Trump in a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against the Trump Organization, signed a certification that she had searched Mar a Lago (as well as the Trump Tower office and Bedminster) for documents that had been subpoenaed in the lawsuit. Habba signed the certification just days before the DOJ issued a subpoena in May for documents and other material Trump had taken from the White House. On June 3, Trump lawyer Christina Bopp signed a similar certification that she had searched everywhere in Mar a Lago, including the so-called storage room, Trump’s residence, and his office, for the documents sought by the National Archives and subpoenaed by the DOJ.

      Both lawyers certified that they hadn’t found a thing that was responsive to the two subpoenas. It was also reported that another Trump lawyer, Evan Corcoran, had given the DOJ a verbal assurance that Mar a Lago had been searched from top to bottom and no secret documents or any other materials taken from the White House had been found.

      All three Trump lawyers are now facing possible charges for having lied, Habba to a New York State Court, and Corcoran and Bopp to the Department of Justice. Lying to the FBI in an interview or to the DOJ in an official proceeding, carries a penalty of up to five years in federal prison. And if they are not charged, all three are now potential witnesses and therefore can no longer represent Trump due to conflicts of interest.

      I guess that up to 5 years in prison is the mark of a good stunt?

      1. You sign a document specifically stating your client doesn't have certain top-secret material, then the DOJ finds that same top-secret material. You can't get any more completely busted than that.

  2. A “political stunt”??????

    What sort of “stunt” would that be?

    Looking forward to finding out how the courts will respond to “Trump attorney Christina Bobb signed an statement declaring that a “diligent search” showed no such documents remained.”

    NY Times’s subhead was:

    The [Trump] lawyer signed a statement in June that all documents marked as classified and held in boxes in storage at Mar-a-Lago had been given back. The search at the former president’s home on Monday turned up more.

  3. Another "not ready for prime time" statement from O'Dea. He's trying to pull moderate wool over the eyes of the impressionable, but is this really the kind of statement you want from a person who would be voting in an impeachment trial in the Senate?

  4. Where does Joe O’Dea stand on Western water issues? He doesn’t say diddly-squat on his campaign website, that I could see. Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Inquiring minds probably are going to get pablum statements about how the fossil fuel industries are gloriously fighting to preserve water for future fracking jobs.  O'Dea is just another standard MAGA man trying to flimflam his way into power.  You'll get nothing explicit in terms of policy or solutions.

  5. Bennett needs to be all over this.  Clear, concise, and forthright:  we know that (a) mishandling top secret & classified documents is against the law, and (b) Trump was given multiple opportunities to provide documents to the US Gov & did not comply. 

    Is O’Dea saying it’s a political stunt to prevent people from breaking the law? Or does he mean that ex-President’s can break the law? 

    Here in Colorado we like politicians who don’t make excuses for others who fail to abide by the laws of the U.S. government that are in place to protect our Country and the safety of the people who have given oaths to protect it.  Unlike Joe O’Dea, I don’t hear Michael Bennett making excuses for people who fail to respect the laws of the United States.

  6. Docs in a Box. From Emptywheel.

    And then come his lawyers, with news of a guest,
    A visit un-looked for, unwelcome, unblessed.

    “That Bratt-I-Am, that Bratt-I-Am,
    I do not like that Bratt-I-Am.”

    “You must return those stolen docs.
    You must return them, yes, every box.”

    “I do not have a box of docs,
    and they are mine, you lying fox.”

    But then they came and then they found
    docs aplenty, all around . . .

    One doc, two docs
    red docs, blue docs
    Docs with pictures from on high
    Docs with covers, docs with stamps,
    Docs in files marked “terror camps”
    Docs from spies and docs from techs
    Docs ’bout planes on navy decks
    Docs on armies, docs on friends
    Docs on missiles, docs on end!

    “I do not like you, Bratt-I-Am!

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