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June 10, 2012 01:08 PM UTC

[Diary embargoed until 27 June]

  • by: Barron X


Dateline: Colorado Springs…


Christian Pastor, who is the candidate of an explicitly Christian Major Political Party, acts in a manner consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

Film at 11.  



Please do not open or read this Diary until after the Primary Election, which ends 26 June.

ColoradoPols, as reflected in the BIG LINE, denies the existence of the 3rd Major Political Party in Colorado.  

In the CD-5 race, they even list a ? write-in ? candidate, but not the ACP candidate.  

Perhaps Alva or one of the other dead Govs will check out the SOS website after the primary, and discover that voters in El Paso will have a choice besides “greater evil” and “the lesser of 2 evils,” up and down the ballot.    


27 thoughts on “[Diary embargoed until 27 June]

    1. .

      In fact, I believe our government has already crossed that line, to our mutual detriment, and want to reverse that insidious development.  Frankly, if my religion was tacitly sanctioned as the official church, I might not even notice.  But the religion that has pervaded our government at the national level, causing this harm, isn’t my religion, it’s another religion.  


      I’ve been reading your posts for about 5 years, if not more.  I have been able to come to understand, in part, your deepest values and meanings by which you live.  I live in much the same cultural milieu in which your values have been formed.  I have seen glimpses of the philosophical and ideological beliefs underpinning your comprehensive world view, revealing much of the fundamental cognitive orientation by which you order and interpret your knowledge and point of view.  

      Your set of values is dominant in US politics today, not mine.  I would love to see your religion forced from its controlling positions in Congress and the White House.  Ain’t gonna happen.  

      At my age, I can remember believing that the Democratic Party stood for Christian values.  Today, I understand the wellspring of Party values to be the religion of Humanism.  

      ….. Do you remember arguing that there was no harm in a 13-year-old girl being sexually active, so long as … and then you listed some nebulous limits.  

      ….. Or arguing that your belief in homosexual marriage was somehow supported by “Science,” which you believe to be at the root of your religious beliefs ?  

      If I was smarter, I could map out a hundred points of disagreement between us concerning personal behavior and responsibility, but alas.  

      Humanist values concerning social values often mimic Christian values, so its harder to make fun of your religion in those areas where our two religions overlap.  

      So, Dave,

      We already have a religious party.  In fact, I would argue that the GOP is even more of a religious party than the Dems, and it certainly is not a Christian party, not with its focus on hate and mammon.  

      I seek more of a level playing field, where my religious  minority can play politically, if not on an equal footing with your religion, then on a less unequal footing.  


      1. Who will legislate to advance those beliefs.

        Barron, what differentiates that from the Taliban? Seriously. Imagine for just a moment that you were Jewish with centuries of Christian persecution behind you. Or imagine that you’re Muslim, with a former president who declared a war on (radical) Islam.

        In my opinion, most Christians talking of forgiveness and redemption are just mouthing the words.

        1. .

          So do the candidates of your Humanist religion.  President Obama, our 2 Senators, and most of the Colorado delegation in the House elevate Humanist beliefs above Christian.

          How else to explain the Obamacare mandate that Catholic hospitals repudiate Christian values and embrace yours ?  

          In both of our religions, we believe that our values and beliefs are the right ones.  


          1. 1. You think I’m going to hell. I think there’s room for all of us.

            2. On this issue, nobody is being forced to buy or use hormone treatments that prevent pregnancy (among other medicinal uses).

            3. Before you start you start attacking our president and senators, you might check where this policy is already in place (e.g., Georgia) or the fact that our conservative Supreme Court has upheld this policy.

            4. Unlike you, I recognize the existence of many beliefs and faiths. I don’t elevate any of them. I don’t see that as the role of government.

            And let’s be clear…I intentionally didn’t let on my religious beliefs. You automatically assume that you know mine because I disagree with you, but you’re wrong.

      2. So I don’t think you can claim my (lack of) religion is running anything – I’m in a very small minority.

        With that said, yes as a society we do enshrine our value system into law. Making gambling, drugs and prostitution illegal are moral decisions. But there’s a giant difference between what you want and what this country was founded on.

        You want your one true religion to be the final arbitrator. I want the decision to be made by the individual voters through their legislators. Even in your case, I don’t want your “vote” to be for whatever your religion states, I want it to be for what Barron himself thinks.

        ps – I don’t recall saying there is no harm in a 13 year old girl being sexually active.  

        1. .

          U got beliefs and values.  U share them with most of the folks on this site, and most people in your party.  Your “small minority” is far bigger than mine.  

          From my understanding of what constitutes a “religion,” there’s no need to believe in a supernatural creator.  Buddhism, for example, qualifies as a religion in my book.  

          You disagree, but I believe that you have a religion, as Wikipedia presents the concept.  

          I’m a committed Catholic.  I am also somewhat agnostic.  Luckily, I am surrounded by people of much greater faith.  I choose to embrace the Christian value system, and the many difficult challenges entailed by logical consistency with that system.  

          You are free to choose another system.  

          You, and most folks here, pontificate a lot, doing apologetics for your religion, which I call Humanism, but you are free to call “Freethinking” or “Reason” or something else.  

          or nothing at all.  You are free to deny that your religion is a religion at all.  

          You have foundational beliefs that I do not accept, beliefs that lead to concluding, for example, that homosexuality is not disordered.  

          You can prove your stance with science to the same degree that I can prove mine, that is, not at all.  

          Those foundational beliefs are your religious beliefs.  Mine are different than yours.  

          The Humanists here at CoPols, which includes almost everyone, happen to believe that theirs are the correct foundational beliefs, and that mine are inferior.  

          Hey, I feel the same way.  

          Difference is, your religious beliefs are being translated into legislation and executive branch regulations, and mine aren’t.  Your religion isn’t by any stretch the final arbitrator, but the process of creating law wanted by voters through their legislators is favoring your religion right now.  It used to favor mine, but the message Jesus gave is a hard one, and many folks don’t like discipline or sacrifice.

          There are lots of reasons for quitting or abandoning Jesus’ calling, and evil done by the Church is a pretty compelling one.  

          But the call persists, as does the promise.

          “there’s a giant difference between what you want and what this country was founded on.”

          I don’t agree.  

          Peace.  Salaam.  

            1. .

              To those who already believe, they feel like evidence or proof or corroboration.  

              To those who don’t, it is less persuasive.  

              For my religion, a leap is required.  You (I) can’t get there otherwise.  I can’t say how that squares with Catholic doctrine.  

              1. … yeah, that’s about right. If you “already believe,” then a preacher’s homily “feels like” “evidence or corroboration” despite having nothing to do with the actual definitions of “evidence” or “corroboration.” Truthiness!

              1. I used to date a girl named Faith.  Her sister’s name was Hope.  I’m not certain what might have happened if I confused the two . . . I suspect I would have come to some harm (Faith never was the forgiving type) but I could have been wrong about that, too.  

          1. everyone loses and religion wins. This kind of law requires atheists, agnostics and apathist to pay more than is legit, wastes land and keeps folks out of Bronco stadium  

  1. There isn’t an ACP candidate registered with the FEC (which is where federal candidates would have to register. The SOS is for state candidates).

    1. .

      still, U have my permission to check out the SOS website, including the official primary candidate list.

      A candidate under the $ threshold doesn’t have to register with the FEC, but can still be on the ballot, and can still win.    


  2. (Seeings how I’ve still got at least 14 days before anyone reads this diary)

    Sadly, no candidate who advocates or condones, “consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ,” that rich men should lie up treasure in heaven by selling all their worldly possessions and giving that money to the poor will ever be taken seriously anywhere on this earth — but most especially in Christian Republican El Paso County.

    It isn’t only Alva who’s ignoring the candidate . . . or the message and teachings, brother.

  3. I’ll be caught up.

    In school I always knew what would be required reading for English the next year and could read it during the summer. Then when school resumed I could spend valuable time looking at the unattainable females  

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