Nasty Mailers Hit SD-8 GOP Primary

With a hat tip to Lynn Bartels of the Denver paper, here is the mailer attacking SD-8 incumbent Republican Sen. Jean White, in a tough primary battle against fellow Republican Rep. Randy Baumgardner–we were also forwarded a copy of these yesterday. Hide your eyes, Junior:

As Bartels reports, this is primarily an attack on Sen. White’s support this year, as well as during last year’s legislative session, for civil unions legislation–with the visual of two men kissing intended to viscerally shock conservative SD-8 primary voters. The fact is, some of those conservatives will probably object more to this “suggestive” material appearing in their mailbox at all, since Sen. White’s position on civil unions is hardly a secret. So there’s that.

But what’s particularly interesting in this mailer is the second accusation, that Sen. White voted “yes to give taxpayer funds to abortion-on-demand provider Planned Parenthood.” This basis for this claim, noted at the bottom of the mailer, is

That is, the same Long Bill budget that Rep. Randy Baumgardner, and every member of the GOP-controlled Colorado House except Rep. Chris Holbert voted for! The same budget House Republicans are trumpeting as their shining 2012 achievement! That takes chutzpah, folks.

But before we get all factual, note that the intended audience won’t read past the guys kissing.

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  1. Half Glass Full says:

    It still works. Way to go Baumbardner you lying scumbag POS.

  2. Pita says:

    That’s the new GO(T)P.  I hope Jean White has one hell of a GOTV campaign and cleans Baumgardner’s clock because the crazies in SD-8 will be out in force.

  3. rathmone says:

    “…note that the intended audience won’t read.”

  4. Craig says:

    She had already innoculated herself with a piece to voters which explained her position.  That portion of the state is the most libertarian portion of the state.  It’s why they elect people like Al White and Dave Wattenberg.  They don’t want government in anybody’s face and they don’t care what other people do.

    When I was NARAL chair, we polled every Republican in the district.  You know what?  Over 60% of Republicans were willing to admit being pro-choice.

    I hope Sen. White survives, but these days, who knows.

    • Libertad 2.0 says:

      change the district significantly? This isn’t the same one that Wattenberg and Al White ran in.

      • The realist says:

        It’s clearly a competitive District so don’t assume it’s going to go to the Republican regardless.

        • Libertad 2.0 says:

          on it being clearly competitive. Stapleton won by 9 points and Bosley won by 12.5 points. Bennet didn’t even carry the district.

          I’ve met the candidate that the Dems have put up, and she’s a fine candidate, but it would take a 2008-type wave year for her to take out either Baumgardner or White. It’s certainly more competitive than some others, and I wouldn’t rule anything out with it, but I wouldn’t say it’s clearly competitive.

          • Sage Sam says:

            SD 8 is a Republican stronghold and if anything, redistricting made it more so.  No chance of anything resembling competition.

            On a side note and as was noted above, the district is libertarian conservative and social conservatives are not the party leaders or decision makers.

            Jean White can win it IF outside money doesn’t overly influence the primary.  We’ll see what the next few weeks have in store.  

            • droll says:

              Do you think that the district has become more or less of the White type thinkers? I’d love to see more of an analysis in that area, if you have the time and desire.

  5. Willard Smitten says:

    Before I was against it.  I do love that fella’s moustache, though.  A real Coloradan.  From Indiana, I believe.  And by ‘love’ I mean ‘like strongly’ am ‘fond of’ but only in a manly sort of way.  Like “I sure would love to wipe the beer foam off of that!”  

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